Laura + Jon :: Indianapolis Mavris Vintage Peacock Wedding


I have waiting all of my photography career to photograph at The Mavris. It's where I wanted to be married but with our rushed wedding date they weren't available. (Insert sad face here!) I had waited so long and it was all I hoped and dreamed it would be. Even in the winter.

When Laura + I met for the first time it was love at first sight. Well, love for Yorkies. Her and Jon have 2 Yorkies and I have my little monster Buddy. We met at a Panera and over a smoothie and Mountain Dew we discussed her super fun day, our love for Yorkies, and general good times. We knew our partnership was destined to be. 

This is one of my favorite photos of the two of them together. The purple lighting was so cool and although I know it leaves a weird affect on their skin, I kind of like it. I felt like it told the story of their day. 

Arnold BG SP-15 WEB


Laura had the biggest dress I've ever come into contact with. It was a beautiful blush color with lots of tulle, layers, and textures. The big flower on the side was my favorite part.

Arnold Details SP-38 WEB

I always love it when ladies decide to do their "something blue" in their shoes. It's a clever, discreet way to have it included in your wedding day. Granted, Laura's colors included blue, usually it's a good way to add blue in without it clashing with your entire color scheme.

Let's also talk about this cake. Ombre layers of blue. Incredible. Exquisit execution by Classic Cakes. Loved it.

Arnold Details SP-40 WEB

 Not to mention this adorable little cake topper. A horse groom and a tiger bride. Jon being a big Colts fan and Laura being a huuuuge Bengals fan it only made sense to have a cake topper that reflected both of their beloved teams. Not to mention it was the cutest thing I'd ever seen.

Arnold Details SP-34 WEB

Laura looked beautiful before all of her hair and makeup but after the job her stylist did, she was breathtaking. Not to metion Jon was a cool as a cucumber in the groom's suite. Lookin' good putting on that bow tie Jon.

Arnold BGPrep SP-20 WEB

Arnold BGPrep SP-22 WEB

Loooooove this dress.

Arnold BGPrep SP-26 WEB

These gentlemen were too cool for school. Love this silhouette of them. Super rad.

Arnold BP SP-4 WEB

Laura bought these super cute earmuffs for all of her bridesmaids to take a photo in. They were too cute. They were freezing but they were troopers!

Arnold BP SP-5 WEB

Loved taking photos on the roof of The Mavris. The city in the background with the light air of winter. It was incredible. They were pretty incredible too!

Arnold BG SP-11 WEB

Their flower girl was not only the cutest thing on the planet but she was a big time trooper outside in the cold. Loved her purple and blue tutu dress. It was amazing.

Arnold Ceremony HL-42 WEB

Laura + her dad very clearly had a special relationship. Witnessing their bond throughout the day was a beautiful sight to see.

Arnold Ceremony HL-55 WEB

Watching them throughout their ceremony. Their expressions and clear excitement and love. Swoon.

Arnold Ceremony HL-12 WEB

Laura had a signature drink at the wedding called an "Oliver Twist." Named after her beloved Yorkie, Oliver. 

Arnold CocktailHr-31 WEB

Their reception was a mix of touching moments shared by all and a rockin' good time that didn't shut down 'til the reception did! They partied until the bar closed and apparently went out afterwards to an after party! This was also the same night we got the big blizzard of Snowpocalypse 2014. They didn't let the snow scare them! They continued celebrating until they couldn't anymore!

Arnold Reception HL-20 WEB

Arnold Reception HL-73 WEB





Current City | Indianapolis, IN

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Ceremony + Reception | The Mavris Arts + Events Center

Hair + Makeup | 

Flowers | DIY

Catering | The Mavris Catering

Cake | Classic Cakes

Dress + Shoes | 

Bridesmaids Dresses + Shoes | 

Groom's Tux |

Groomsmen Tuxes + Shoes |


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