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So I'm sitting here blogging and giving my mom the best Mother's Day present ever.

That is of course sleeping in with my snuggly little dog. Best. Gift. Ever. Daughter of the year award right here!

So I'm thinking about Mother's Day and becoming a mom and what kind of crazy crap I put my mom through and I thought to myself, "Do I really want to do this?"

I mean, seriously! Do I really want to deal with all of the crazy I'm about to be subjected to? Do I really want to wipe up poopy diaper butt? Clean toys that aren't mine? Make dinner for a small mouth every night? Do homework? Get yelled at for not being able to go out that night? All of the crazy?

I'll bet you're thinking the next thing I'm going to say is, "Of course I do!"


One of the few photos I have of myself and my step-son. It's hard when usually I'm on the other side of the camera. :)

Well then you're wrong! Of course I DON'T! I mean who REALLY wants to deal with that crap? No one! Not one single mom would say they signed on the dotted line for motherhood for poopy diapers and teenage attitude! The fact is they just didn't! But all the other stuff they get along the way is totally worth dealing with the stupid junk you have to deal with when you become a mom, or really a parent for that matter.

Ladies, listen to me, don't be disillusioned, I'm not even a mom yet and I know that it's not all raindrops and bubblegum and ponies.

Well it is but its raindrops when you're grocery shopping and you have to get your kids to the car without them screaming, "I'm getting wet!" And it's bubblegum in the hair. And it's that pony toy you told them to put away ONE THOUSAND TIMES and you've now stepped on it AGAIN.

Don't be discouraged. I do know that there are fun times though. There are midnight movies. And blanket forts. And inside jokes. And days at the pool and the park. And who can forget the epically awesome nightmare that is The Children's Museum. There are plenty of good times that will, hopefully, outweigh the bad.

That's what I'm banking on.

It's the lovely memories you will remember. Not the terrible junk. And I promise those are the things your kids will remember too.

I remember awesome things about my mom and my grandma. Two of the most important ladies in my life. Although my grandma is no longer with us, I still have wonderful memories of her and wonderful ones to make with my mom.
So I may not remember this but how can you pass up the first photo of you with your mom ever. Screaming, "Put me back! Put me back! It's cold out here!" You may not be able to see my mom's face, but those are her hands and I assure you she was there when I was born.


My grandma and I did a lot of various things together. From dancing and an annual reunion to riding the Ferris Wheel at Navy Pier. We had good times together. And I know that wherever she may be, she remembers them too.


2007 7

My mom doesn't love having her photo taken but I have these two that I do love. My wedding day is one. And the other, my mom being herself in her computer chair being adorable! (Yes mom, I know you have grey hair here but I love this photo of you!)

MTP 2319


So that's it for this Mother's Day post. Unorthodox a bit, but that's how I roll. Go spend your day with your mothers. Or at least some woman that has influenced your life somehow.

And to my own mother, I know you're probably mad that I'm posting your photos on the Internet, but just remember, "I loooooooove you!"

Keep Rockin' everyone.

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