Venice Canals Walkway and Malibu El Matador Beach Sunset Engagement Session // Anna & Zach

"I'll be here by the ocean just waiting for proof that there's sunsets in silhouette dreams." // Mayday Parade

I am so excited to finally get the chance to share this engagement session that I hopped on a plane and traveled ALL the way to California for! And trust me, it was worth every single cross country mile because this engagement session is for the books! Venice Canals Walkway and El Matador Beach are seriously TO. DIE. FOR. Throw some sunset light and one gorgeous couple and a sweet pup in there and you’ve got one killer engagement session.

Anna + Zach are freaking adorable and so stinking sweet. They met when they were working together in Chicago back in 2010. They were in the same orientation group together and then their cubicles were right next to each other! I guess it was love at first sight because they’ve been together ever since! Including moving out to California so Zach could finish school!

Seriously, you just need to keep on scrolling down and looking at these amazing photos. Because these two are pretty fabulous! I can’t wait for their wedding next year!!

Venice Canals Walkway Engagement 01

Since I didn’t know the area very well (read: at all) Anna + Zach were my little tour guides for their session. They picked two stunning locations so I cannot complain at all. We started the evening at Venice Canals Walkway. So if you haven’t been there let me just give you a quick run down.

  • Beautiful bridges
  • Gorgeous florals running along the canals
  • Stunning homes (That I’m sure cost more than I’ll ever make in a life time!)
  • Perfect light
  • Literally out of the middle of no where.

Kind of like the Indianapolis/White River canal, it just kind of shows up out of no where. You wouldn’t expect it to be where it is. It has tons of walking paths and private docks where people can canoe and such. These people who live on this canal must just have the. life. I would love to walk out my back door every evening to this place! We were unfortunately pressed for time to get to the beach. So we couldn’t spend much time here but the time we did spend was totally worth it.

Plus, let’s take a moment to recognize the REAL star of this engagement session, their sweet and excited pup Quinn! She was very happy to be there and be involved!

Venice Canals Walkway Engagement 02

Venice Canals Walkway Engagement 03

Venice Canals Bridge Engagement 04 

These flowers were making my life!



This is hands down my favorite photo from the canals. Love this shot!

Venice Canals Walkway Engagement 06

After we left the canal we made our way down to Malibu to El Matador Beach. I haven’t had much interaction with California beaches. The last time I was in California the beach didn’t look much different than what I had seen in Florida and Alabama. But this was so much different. The beach is RIGHT off of a busy highway, which is kind of crazy. And the beach is basically below a cliff drop off. But seriously, this view though...

El Matador Beach Sunset Cliff Engagment 08

Once we did a quick costume change and made it down the two staircases to the actual beach I’m pretty sure magic started to happen. Quinn made more appearances... in between attempts to eat the water.

You can definitely tell they love their dog. Especially Zach. He kept asking if we could take more photos with Quinn. Obviously I was like... “uhhh yes!?” She was just so excited to be there at the beach and attempting to eat the waves. I’m sure in her amazing dog mind she was like, “This is the best. day. ever!”





C’mon look at that face!!! I would rate this dog 13/10, would photograph again.

El Matador Beach Dog Engagement 13

I seriously have the most beautiful couples! #ModelMaterial

El Matador Beach Sunset Engagement 14

My favorite part of Cali beaches is all of the rock formations. I’m for reals obsessed. This makes me happy on the inside.

El Matador Beach Sunset Engagement 15

The beach was crazy crowded that day but we made it work. We even were able to carve out a little section just for ourselves to dig our toes in the sand, laugh in the waves, and dance at sunset.

El Matador Beach Sunset Engagement 16

Could these two be any more perfect?! I believe not! The light in this photo (and honestly in all of the photos) just makes my photographers heart beat a little happy pitter patter. These are the photos I live for.

El Matador Beach Sunset Engagement 17

Thank you so much Anna + Zach for having me out to California to document your amazing love and engagement session. It was a total blast meeting you and spending the evening with you! After spending all of the time with you guys in the car and then dinner after our session I feel like we really got to know each other. I cannot wait for your big day next June! I know we’re going to have SO much fun! It seriously can’t get here soon enough!! Until then, thank you both so much! You guys rock!

Venice + Malibu, CA

Anna + Zach

Current City | Los Angeles, CA
Anna | Project Manager
Zach | Student + Intern

The Wedding

Venue | The Mavris Arts + Event Center
Date | June 24th, 2017


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