Lookout Mountain Wine + Whiskey Inspired Wedding // Rashel & Michael

“I say Georgia, Georgia. A song of you, comes as sweet and clear as moonlight through the pines.” // Ray Charles

Rashel and Michael’s wedding day in October 2015 at a family farm and The Grandview amongst beautiful Lookout Mountain in Georgia was a day that could be stopped by nothing. It was a day filled with love, friends, family, wine, whiskey, dancing, and laughter. It was also a day that started with rain and had a few bumps along the way. But at the end of the day these two amazing people committed themselves to one another in a beautiful outdoor ceremony at the base of Lookout Mountain and then danced the night away at a gorgeous patio reception in clouds. I am absolutely thrilled to be sharing these photos with you guys. This was definitely a wedding I will never forget and I am so grateful to Rashel and Michael that they asked me to join them on their most special day.

Rashel and Michael met in 2007 through mutual friends during Purdue University’s freshman orientation program. Although they just started as friends the two of them eventually developed a connection that neither of them could deny. (Even though they tried for awhile!) In November 2008 they decided to make it official and they’ve been inseparable since. Fast forward to Christmas of 2013 when Michael insisted they take a trip to Chicago for the holidays. While it wasn’t unusual Rashel, being Rashel, tried to resist saying they needed to focus on others for the holidays. Michael booked the hotel anyways and they made the trip. While dining in the same restaurant they had dined in five years before Michael presented her with a box and under layers of tissue paper there was an iPad. Filled with pictures and text of friends and family the final picture was of their sweet pup Cinna with a sign asking her Mommy to marry Daddy. Obviously, Rashel said “yes” and now we’re here. In beautiful Georgia watching the two of them tie the knot. Like I said, it’s a day for the history books.

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