Magical Spring Wildflower Sunset Engagement Session // Cara & Aaron

“After all this time?” “Always” // Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by J.K. Rowling

There’s something to be said for couples who have stuck it out together and been together for quite some time before getting engaged. I can’t speak much on the subject because my husband and I are crazy people and got engaged only five months into dating and then married on our first anniversary. But I always admire couples who have put in three, five, ten years into their relationship before deciding to tie the knot. It shows beautiful dedication to one another that prepares each other for a lifelong commitment.

Cara and Aaron have loved each other for over five years and have known each other since 2006! They met through a mutual friend in high school and started becoming close friends during their senior year and freshman year of college. They felt the connection but with Aaron moving to IU Bloomington and Cara still at IUPUI in Indianapolis the timing just wasn’t right. Finally when the timing was right during their junior year they decided the distance was worth it and started dating and making the trip... or more, trips... to see each other weekly.

After graduation they spent many more years together until Aaron decided to plan the perfect holiday engagement while visiting Cara’s family in her hometown of Augusta, Georgia. Aaron knew of Cara’s obsession with her hometown and knew that this was the perfect place for a proposal. After getting permission from both of Cara’s moms they decided to take a stroll down memory lane visiting all of Cara’s favorite spots. Walking down the Riverwalk Canal along the Savannah River Aaron decided it was the perfect place to pop the question. And after all this time, he got down on one knee and asked her. According to Cara, “It was perfect.”

The two were absolutely amazing rockstars during their engagement session! I’ve known Cara for years since we worked together at Panera way back in 2007! And although I won’t be photographing their wedding I was absolutely thrilled to photograph their engagement session! We had a stellar sunset and gorgeous weather! Which is great because it was a reschedule from a rainy date and I’m so glad we rescheduled because it turned out absolutely perfect!

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