Indianapolis Willows on Westfield Garden Inspired Wedding // Kaitlin & Nick

“And I'm here wishing you could stay a little longer.” // Brothers Osborne

Over Fourth of July weekend I was lucky to photograph not only one, but two, weddings! Kaitlin + Nick’s garden inspired wedding at The Lodge at The Willows on Westfield was absolutely perfect. A mantle dripping in candles, candelabras, greenery, and flower crowns. I am absolutely obsessed with flower crowns, so when I walked into Kaitlin’s bridal suite and saw that her and most of her bridesmaids were wearing flower crowns I’m pretty sure I squealed a little.

Kaitlin + Nick are a delightfully fun and sweet couple that met in the recreation center while attending Ball State University. (Gotta love my fellow BSU alums! Chirp Chirp!) Over five years later the two of them can now be found at home with their cats typically binge watching television series’ on Netflix. These people, ladies and gentlemen, are my kind of people. I mean they admitted was one of their favorite things to do is pizza. Pizza is life people. LIFE!

It was wonderful to spend the day with people who are so wonderfully chill. The day was so relaxed and easy-going. Such a calm way to spend the day working! Also, did I mention they were sweet?! Cause they SO are!

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