Where I've Been, Why I've Been Gone, + What I've Been Doing :: Part 1


So the last time I posted a legitimate blog post was the Vintage Country Vineyard styled shoot and before that it was Andy + Kim's engagement session. And that was back in April!! So what happened?! I was on a perfect blogging streak. Getting blog posts taken care of. Writing up a storm. And then... all of the sudden... I stopped. What happened? Well I'll tell you what happened.

BlogPhoto-4 SP 




I didn't realize summer was going to be SUCH a freaking schedule thrower! It's like once May hit, and my step-son got out of school, I was immediately slammed with cookouts, pool parties, birthdays, carnivals, weddings, sessions, trips... ALL. THE. THINGS! So I decided now that summer is over and fall has begun (even though fall is equally busy) it's time to get back on the blogging horse. I have SO many sessions and weddings to blog for you all to see! 

Want to know what I've been doing this whole summer while I wasn't blogging?! (No? Then you should probably click to another blog because that's def what I'm about to write this entire post about....) So here's an update into my life since... April. Well two months of it at least. (Yes, this will be a two-parter!) There will be iPhone photos. Wedding day outtakes. Selfies. Pictures of my kid. Screen captures. A lot of suuuuuper classy stuff. First month up... MAY!



Of course, as usual, Beckett was as cute as ever. Since the weather was warmer we got to take some visits to the park. I wish we would have taken more. You think there are so many days to summer and you will have plenty of time but truth is the time catches up with you and the next thing you know it's October and you realize you only took your kid to the park a handful of times. I wish we would have gotten off our butts and taken him more. He was about 9-10 months in May... it's crazy to believe this was 5 months ago...

IMG 5742 summer

IMG 5810 summer


Of course, I took a couple selfies. (This is important people!) We went to see The Amazing Spider-Man 2 so I totally wore my Spidey shirt and my camera earrings cause Peter Parker is a photographer too. In other news I'm totally a dork.

IMG 5721 summer


On May 16th I photographed Chelsea + Nick's wedding. Nick is the brother of another Indy photographer, Cassie Conforti. She's pretty awesome and I felt pretty priviledged to photograph her brother-in-law's wedding. It was a great day and I was so honored to witness it!

Conforti SP-65 WEB

Conforti SP-51 WEB

During some down time at Chelsea + Nick's wedding Matt and I had a moment to take some pretty snazzy photos of each other. Cause we're cool like that.

JSP ConfortiWed-7 summer


Because I like to pack a bagillion things into one weekend... the day after Chelsea + Nick's wedding I photographed Alli + Rob's engagement session. Super excited to photograph their wedding this December!

MartinMoore Esesh SP-5 WEB


Remember how I mentioned I like to pack a lot into one weekend!? Well also that VERY SAME WEEEKEND I participated in an open house at a new venue in Fishers called Prairie Guest House. Because I'm crazy. I worked my tail off prepping everything (and yes, I took a selfie!) and I even booked a wedding for next September!

IMG 5930 summer


I finished out the month by second shooting Ashley + Josh's wedding at the Indiana Historic Society with Cassie of Conforti Photography. It was pretty awesome and I would photograph there... pretty much every day. Love the clocks hanging from the ceiling! If you'd like to see Cassie's blog post on their wedding you should definitely check it out, here!

Jashley SP-15 web

Jashley SP-68 web



In June, Beckett became another month older. And apparently gained an affinity for messy eating. 

IMG 6218 summer


He also became a fish with many visits to my mother-in-law's swimming pool. I'm so looking forward to next summer when we can do more swimming!

IMG 6404 summer


So because we live in Smalltown, USA our town puts on a carnival called June Jamboree. We took Beckett and Aldan one evening and I got to take Beckett on his first carousel ride. It was such a fun moment. As you can see, my husband is thrilled to be taking selfies. In other news, I have the greatest kids ever.

IMG 6231 summer


June also brought the super fun trip we took to Chicago to take Kim + Jame's maternity photos! (Remember their fun gender reveal in February with the colored powder?!) Finally! Their daughter Layla was born a few weeks after their session so we got there just in time. It was nice to travel and visit with friends while getting in a little work in too.  Let's also talk about how I walked waist deep into Lake Michigan. Cause I'm cool like that... or something. 

IMG 6291 summer

Not to mention their photos turned out AWESOME!! I loved photographing in Chicago and I will be MORE than happy to photograph their little family any time they want... (hint hint Kim + James!!)

RichmanLytrle Maternity SP-61 summer


And because I just LOVE booking myself solid in one weekend I photographed Jane + Sean's engagement session at the canal in downtown Indy. Like I literally had enough time driving back from Chicago to go home, drop off my husband, change clothes and then turn around and drive back to Indy to take their pictures. But totally worth it.

JaneSean SP-2 web


How could we forget that in June I turn another year older?! My 27th birthday came and went. It was lovely and fun. I spent time with my friends and I got to go to dinner with my hubs, one of my close friends, and her boyfriend. I have good people in my life.

IMG 0208 summer-2


Lastly in June I had another wonderful opportunity ot photograph with Cassie Conforti! Amanda + Leslie's wedding was absolutely incredible. I cried like a baby witnessing these two join together for life. They are amazing souls and I had more fun than I ever imagined I would helping on their wedding day. It was beyond an honorable duty. Not to mention the photos from the day are nothing short of incredible. I mean it was featured on Style Me Pretty people!! (#FanGirlScream!) If you would like to check out Cassie's full blog post on their wedding click here.

Leatherman Peeks-10 summer

Leatherman Peeks-13 summer


That was pretty much the highlights from my May + June. I, of course, have so much more for July - September. (Psst... Beckett turns one!!) Check back next week to see the second installment of this post and check out what I was doing during July - September! Thanks for sticking with me guys even though my blogging patterns are the worst! Much love!


Keep Rockin',



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