Stacey + Eric :: Tipton Country Chic Catholic Wedding

Now this is a story all about how, my wedding season got flipped turned upside down. And I'd like to take a minute, just sit right there. I'll tell you how I lost my mind before I photographed this affair.

Now that you've seen my mad rapping skills, I really will tell you a lovely little diddy (not about Jack and Diane), about the events leading up to this momentous wedding day!

So back in November of 2012, as many of you may know I found out I was pregnant with my precious baby boy Beckett. Well after doing some preggo math it was determined that he would be due just 2 weeks shy of Stacey + Eric's big day. Needless to say, I was a little frightened to say the least. I wasn't even sure if I would be able to walk, let alone photograph a 14 hour wedding day. But alas, I am dedicated to what I do and I said, "NO! I WILL do this!" So I hired a second shooter AND brought along my dear husband. And we made it work, just under 2 weeks after my sweet baby boy was born.

The day turned out BEAUTIFULLY. Their photos turned out awesome. It was a super fun day. And the 14 hours flew by like NOTHIN'! And I learned that loving what you do makes a huge difference in how a work day transpires.

Needless to say there are many amazing photos from Stacey + Eric's big day, but these two ladies and gents, are my favorite. (I couldn't pick just one.)

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Stacey decided that she wanted to get married at the same church that all of the females in her family had been married at, especially, her parents. Her parents both attended this church, her father went to school there, and of course they were married there over 30 years ago.

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Normally, I wouldn't photograph a dress in a school gym but considering the circumstances I just had to. The dress is her mother's wedding dress that she had reconstructed for an August wedding in 2013. The vintage look is still there but it looks like it fits in our era as well. I loved it. Although her shoes were not her mother's they fit right in with the dress. Her details were perfect.

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They had one lovely wedding party. Rushing in some photos in the August heat before the ceremony. Troopers I tell ya, troopers.

Some handsome gentlemen...

(Love a grey suit!)

Pilczak Wedding SP-2 WEB

And some lovely ladies...

(And I also love a navy bridesmaid's dress!)

Pilczak Wedding SP-3 WEB

Stacey was so proud to be getting married in the same church as her parents that she asked me to recreate some memorable photos of her mother and father on their wedding day. The photo of her father walking her down the aisle is almost an exact replica of the photo of Stacey's grandfather walking her mother down the aisle.

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They had a beautiful, traditional Catholic ceremony. With the worlds funniest Catholic priest, ever.

Pilczak Wedding SP-7 WEB

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Stacey really wanted a vintage car for a get away after the ceremony. Turns out their wedding was the same day as an antique car show and almost all of the antique cars available were booked or at the car show. Disappointed Stacey made peace with the fact that there would be no antique car at her wedding. That is of course until her mom surprised her at the rehearsal telling her that she was able to land a simple, white, antique car for her get away. She was so surprised she started crying. I'm glad they got it, because it made for some super cute photos!

Pilczak Blog-8 WEB

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After the get away we came back to recreate some more photos from her parent's wedding. So in conjunction with the photo of her dad walking her down the aisle, the photo of Stacey at the alter, is another replica. There's a photo just like it of her mother sitting in a photo album somewhere.

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After finishing at the church we went to an old favorite date spot of Stacey's parents. The Diana Theater. Love!

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Their reception was at Purgatory Golf Club. A golf course in Noblesville so big, the golf carts had GPS devices on them. Now this may be normal for you regular golfers out there, but to little ole' "I find putt-putting kind of difficult" me, that was huge.

Regardless of it's size the grounds were beautiful, and at sunset made for some pretty spectacular photos.

Pilczak Blog-17 WEB

Then of course once the sun went down, the party began. And oh, what a party it was. I could do a blog post on their party photos ALONE!

Pilczak Wedding SP-14 WEB

So Stacey + Eric, although I temporarily lost my mind and decided to photograph a wedding only 2 weeks after giving birth I am SO glad I did. It was so totally worth it. And although I'm sure by the end of the day my legs hurt and I was exhausted, all I remember is how amazing you two were and how much fun I had. Thank you for having me on your beautiful day. I wouldn't trade it for the world.

Tipton, IN

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Ceremony | St. John's Baptist Roman Catholic Church | Tipton, IN
Reception | Purgatory Golf Club | Noblesville, IN
Hair + Makeup | Blown Away
Flowers | The Bouquet Barn
Cake | Heavenly Sweets
Catering | Purgatory Golf Club Caterers
Dress | Mother's Dress Redesigned by Young's Dressmaker
Tux | Calvin Klein from Men's Warehouse
Paper Goods | Handmade
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