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You know how when you buy something new you suddenly start noticing tons of people have the same thing? Or when you finally are introduced to something new you finally notice you've been surrounded by said object all your life and you just never noticed?

Well the same thing goes for babies. 

Once you get pregnant and have a baby all the sudden there are babies EV-ER-Y-WHERE! All of your friends are having babies. The friends you have that already have children, suddenly their kids' photos show up in your Facebook newsfeed more, there seems to be an increase in cute babies at the local store. Your Pinterest is flooded with newborn and kid photos.


So it was no surprise that once I found out I was pregnant with Beckett several of my past clients were also pregnant with their first children. Loretta + Blake had their first little one this year. Paige + Emilio. And of course, Amanda + Tony. 

Amanda + Tony are unique clients in that they live in Ohio but drive here to Indy for me to photograph them on a regular basis. So when I was running a special it was no surpise that I had an inbox from Amanda wanting me to photograph her maternity photos. 

Of course I was super pumped because she wanted to do winter maternity photos in the snow so I was just in a winter photographer wonderland. It was so much fun photographing these two. And although being bogged down with work and taking care of my own child I didn't deliver their photos until the weekend they had little Adalyn the end result was still incredible.

Siegrist Maternity SP-8 WEB


This couple is just adorable. And as much as I could say, "I love this photo because of (INSERT AMAZING THING HERE)." I think I will just let the photos speak for themselves.

Siegrist Maternity SP-1 WEB

Siegrist Maternity SP-4 WEB

Siegrist Maternity SP-9 WEB

After some awesome photos in the snow we went on over to The Flying Cupcake and indulged in some delicious cupcakes and snapped some cute photos. 

Siegrist Maternity SP-3 WEB

Siegrist Maternity SP-11 WEB

Siegrist Maternity SP-16 WEB

Siegrist Maternity SP-12 WEB

Siegrist Maternity SP-15 WEB

Siegrist Maternity SP-14 WEB

So thank you Amanda + Tony for being the awesome loyal clients that you are! Congratulations on your adorable baby girl! I'm so excited for your guys! Now that you're part of the married club, welcome to the parent club! Enjoy it. I can tell you this, they grow up too fast!




Current City | Fort Recovery, OH

Amanda | Accountant + Proud Momma

Tony | Weld Shop Assembler + Proud Papa



Birthdate | March 11th, 2014

Gender | Girl

Name | Adalyn Renee 

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