Indianapolis Mass Ave Engagement Session // Sara & Paul

Our great city, exposed brick walls, and one shimmery pink dress...

A couple weekends ago I had the distinct pleasure of kicking off my 2016 engagement season with this fun and amazing couple! We went downtown and hung around the War Memorial and Mass Ave while taking some super sweet engagement photos! There was a chill in the air but we didn’t let it dampen our spirits. We pushed forward and had a blast with some amazing sunset light and an adorable couple snugglin’ it up.

Ever since a long night out the day after Thanksgiving in 2005, these two have been inseparable. They met on the dance floor at Indy’s own Ike and Jonesy’s bar and you can tell they still have that amazing spark they saw when first danced the night away. The two live together with their sweet cats and enjoy traveling, nights at Cancun restaurant, and watching all of the tv shows they can stream! They were definitely so much fun to spend a Friday evening with! They even let me talk their ear off at a burger joint called B Spot! (Totally legit by the way, rosemary fries for the win!) But their engagement photos were the real winner of the evening!

DoyleLambie Esesh SP 2 WEB

Paul didn’t particularly care what happened during the photo session but he did have one location request and that was the War Memorial. Which I happily obliged because with all of the stairs, gold doors, and the view of the city I’m never going to complain when someone asks to take photos there! Pair that with Sarah in a killer shimmery pink dress and I’m all about it. They were so fun and sweet, dealing with the cold air on top of the memorial. They definitely rocked it out.

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Sara had one location request as well... well technically two... she wanted to go downtown and she wanted some exposed brick. I immediately thought of Mass Ave. So before they did a costume change we made sure to get that class pink dress and their sweet love captured with some exposed brick in the background.

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Afterwards they did a costume change and we head out to walk around the Mass Ave area. The weather in Indy had been pretty dismal all week so when we not only didn’t have rain but had sunny skies and a sunset for my first engagement session of 2016 I was positively giddy! I’m sure Sara + Paul weren’t too angry about it either since the sun made the photos look fantastic!

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There was good light all around Indy that evening. But while walking Paul saw these daffodils and got pretty excited about them! I love it when my clients have suggestions or locations they want to try out. I find it’s more personal to them and adds to their experience. Plus, when they look back on their photos for years to come they will remember that their session not only was about them but it was designed by them. And that’s all I ever really want for my amazing couples! Plus, the light on these daffodils was superb!

DoyleLambie Esesh SP 12 WEB

DoyleLambie Esesh SP 11 WEB

I can’t get over this one. It’s definitely one of my faves!

DoyleLambie Esesh SP 13 WEB

Sara + Paul toughed it out for me and walked from one end of Mass Ave to the other in order to get to this specific location. I knew where I wanted to go so I could stand up above them to get this shot. And it worked out perfectly. Thank you Sara for toughing it out in those heels. I hope this photo makes it worth it! :)

DoyleLambie Esesh SP 14 WEB

That one time I held up traffic and almost got hit by a car for a photo. #WorthIt

DoyleLambie Esesh SP 15 WEB

One of the last photos I took of the night was 100% because I saw the purple neon from this salon across the street and I just couldn’t pass it up! I loved the way the windows glowed and even though I had said the session was done they managed to eek out one last photo for me! This one is definitely up there in my top faves from the session! I’m glad we stopped!

DoyleLambie Esesh SP 16 WEB

Thank you so much Sara + Paul for not only kickstarting my wedding and engagement season but for being awesome people! I so look forward to photographing your wedding this year and I know we’ll have so much fun on your big day! You two are pretty awesome! Mountain Dew lovers for LIFE!



Current City | Indianapolis, IN
Sara | Director of Financial Services
Paul |


Wedding Date | October 22nd, 2016
Wedding Venue | The Willows on Westfield

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