Sarah + Andy :: Zionsville Barn Wedding

Sarah and Andy. These two are quite possibly the cutest little couple I ever did see. Their wedding was simple and fun, which made it extra awesome. Being best friends with Cassie Conforti of Conforti Photography and the owner of her own wedding coordinating business, Cooper Events AND the owner of the venue, The Barn in Zionsville, I just knew this wedding was going to be AH-MAZING. And, it was.

Aside from having a barn wedding, which I'm in love with by the way, they had a theme of a tandem bicycle. Why a tandem bicycle you ask? Well because they live in Downtown Indianapolis and they ride it everywhere, that's why! Cause they're just that cool. I don't care how cool you are, you're not "riding a tandem bike with the love of your life" cool. Unless you're Sarah and Andy, then you are that cool.

This is quite possibly my favorite photo of the 2013 season. I mean, adorable couple, tandem bike, red lip stick, awesome locale? Swoon.

Cooper SP-7 WEB

Her dress was also one of my favorites of this year. Simple and classic.

And red pumps? C'mon Sarah! You're killin' me!

Love. Love it all.

Cooper SP-1 WEB

Cooper SP-2 WEB

Cooper SP-3 WEB

They also decided for a first look. Because they're awesome blossoms! First looks are GREAT if you're doing one location for your ceremony and reception. No need for your guests to sit around and wait while you take pictures. You get to jump right into that cocktail hour action! And honestly, who wants to miss cocktail hour?! That's right, no one.

I love this photo of Andy checkin' Sarah out at the first look.

Cooper SP-4 WEB

This was one good lookin' bridal party. Including a fairly pregnant Cassie. Also, pretty sure this bridesmaids photo is my favorite to date.

Cooper SP-5 WEB

Cooper SP-6 WEB

I'll bet you looked at that top photo and thought, "Where can I get some more Sarah + Andy riding on the tandem bike action?"

Right here friends, right here.

(C'mon Sarah, seriously, the pumps?! You're making it too easy!)

Cooper SP-9 WEB

Oh, and let's check out that awesome venue. The Barn at Zionsville.

Ah, there it is. In all of it's awesome glory!

Cooper SP-13 WEB

Cooper SP-16 WEB

There's that tandem bike coming into play again. Love me a good mason jar too!

Cooper SP-18 WEB

There ceremony was beautiful with violinist Brook Xiao workin' it out. He's pretty amazing, you should check him out. Just sayin'.

Cooper SP-19 WEB

That red lipstick is killin' it.

Cooper SP-21 WEB

A toast from the maid of honor, Cassie. Man, she looks good pregnant.

Cooper SP-25 WEB

Finally, some more Barn action! LOVED their first dance. Not only was the venue gorgeous so the first dance photos were already off to a good start, but they were stinkin' adorable! So precious I just can't handle it.

Cooper SP-28 WEB

Sarah + Andy, your wedding was absolutely superb! It was hard to believe I was working because everything was so much fun and your wedding ran so smoothly! I feel honored to have photographed your special day. I know Cassie is your best friend and main photog but I hope to photograph you sometime in the future!

Keep your eyes peeled JSP lovers + friends, Sarah and I have a few tricks up our sleeve that will be unveiling sometime after the first of the year. Ohhh yeahhh.

Zionsville, IN

[ Sarah + Andy ]

Current City | Downtown Indianapolis, IN
Sarah | Owner | Cooper Events + The Barn in Zionsville
Andy | Server | St. Elmo's

[ The Wedding ]

Ceremony + Reception | The Barn in Zionsville| Zionsville, IN
Hair + Makeup | Teddi Bickers
Flowers | Linda Batker at Accent Floral Design
Catering | Big Hoffa's BBQ
Dress | A Step Above Bridal Boutique
Tux | Men's Warehouse
Paper Goods | Designed by Self + Printed at Wedding Paper Divas
DJ + Entertainment | Lakeside DJ's


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