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These people are quite possibly the best people I've ever met. When I had a styled shoot to arrange and I needed models this lovely couple stepped up to the plate. 

Alison and Zach have been married for three years and although they had wedding photos from a dear friend they were married on a budget. Alison told me her story about two college kids so in love they just wanted to be married. Once I heard her story I knew they were the perfect couple for the styled shoot. Definitely the most deserving couple. And the best part was that Alison's real life maid of honor is my bride, Megan! So we of course had to get Megan involved in the styled shoot! It was a lovely day and such an honor for me to make more memories for this lovely couple.

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The day started lovely with a wonderful dress from Beloved Brides, a bridal consignment shop in Carmel. 

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When I presented a vintage country vineyard theme I really wanted to make sure this photo happened. A table made out of two wine barrels and a door. And I'm happy to say, that thanks to barrels provided by Violet VIntage and the door provided by the venue, Prairie Guest House it came to life exactly how I imagined it would! 

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So another thing I really had my heart set on was a naked cake! I think naked cakes are just awesome and unique and can be so beautifully organic. Unfortunately, we couldn't get a baker on board for a real cake so, with the help of a good friend I baked it myself! And of course flowers from the always amazing Linda Batker of Accent Floral Design made it look incredible! Without her flowers I don't think it would have looked anywhere near what it did!

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All of the paper goods were designed by Final Frontier Digital Design. Kim Huff pretty much rocks the house on all things paper design. She's pretty incredible. Little secret, she does all of my album design AND she designed this website. Yeah, she's amazing. 

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Inside Prairie Guest House's actual guest house there is a beautiful little staircase that I just had to get Alison on to show off that awesome dress from Beloved Brides! I'd say she's rockin' it!

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I'm telling you. Linda at Accent Floral Design is the absolute best! I gave her a general concept of what I was wanting the florals to look like for this shoot and she exceeded my expectations on anything I could possibly imagine! I never expected anything as beautiful as these! The bouquets and boutonnieres alone were mind blowingly beautiful.  

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Linda also has a ridiculous amount of things that she can bring with her flowers. From lanterns, to milk glass, to strawberry baskets she has it all! The wine crates were donated from a friend of mine, the table is from Prairie Guest House, the lace linen from Violet Vintage, and the flowers, of course, by Accent Floral Design. Between all of us we were able to make a beautiful ceremony table set up that anyoen would be honored to be married at.

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Along with our sweet ceremony set up we utilized old doors from Prairie Guest House and the wine barrels from Violet Vintage. Not to mention some of Linda's flowers and lanterns to create an amazing back drop for a ceremony. I loved it. I wish I had gotten married here!

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So I think the theme of this blog post is "Concepts I Had My Heart Set On." I really wanted this little "cocktail hour" seating area. I loved the concept of having a seating area for an outdoor wedding that was intended for cocktail hour or something of the like. Violet Vintage was able to bring this concept to life with their amazing vintage furniture!

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Fun fact, all of the pillows for the shoot were definitely from Hobby Lobby. 

Another fun fact, that's actually Alison + Zach's ring. Because Alison's ring is awesomely vintage and I loved it.

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These two rocked my socks off! They not only showed up and helped out for this day but they did it at the last minute! It was amazing! Megan was a beautiful bride for me last weekend but more than anything she's just beautiful inside and out!

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And let's not forget how much I love these two!

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Zach you are so handsome! Alison is a very lucky woman! You were such a trooper being drug into this crazy photo shoot but you rocked it out hardcore looking awesome as ever!

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Alison, you are beyond gorgeous! I mean seriously, it's not even fair. 

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Another installment of "Concepts I Had My Heart Set On!" When I approached my friend and business partner Ashley Huse about the hair and makeup for this shoot I told her, "I want a flower crown of some kind." After a trip to Hobby Lobby and a lot of hot glue I was able to make a flower crown and she was able to flawlessly incorporate it into the hair design. Because she's basically the most amazing person ever. Truth.

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So let's talk table design. To be perfectly honest I don't even know how to properly set my dinner table let alone design a reception table. I had no clue what I was doing. I only knew one thing. I wanted this ring of flowers with my wine bottle table number and a wine crate. That's something I knew I wanted. Of course, Linda being the rockstar that she is she came through and made this incredible flower ring and put it all together and made these amazing tables that I would not even known where to begin with. This whole shoot was my "concept/design" but without people like Linda there is no way this would have even been able to come to life. I owe her a lot. 

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Made some pretty sweet "B" and "G" letters out of corks for the Sweetheart Table to hang from the bride and groom's seats. Beacause I'm crafty and junk.

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Needless to say, this shoot was a complete adventure. I have never designed a wedding or a styled shoot before. (Trust me, that's a job I'll NEVER take on!) I just knew what I liked and wanted to photograph it! Everyone involved in this shoot was incredible from beginning to end. It was a tiring process planning and putting together but it was totally worth it in the end. Especially for these two. 

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HUGE thanks goes out to everyone involved in this shoot and everyone who helped out in ways that I couldn't imagine! Without any of you none of this would have been possible!


Prairie Guest House | Venue

Accent Floral Design | Florals + Other Props

Violet Vintage | Vintage Furniture

A Classic Rentals | Linens

Beloved Brides | Bridal Consignment Shop

Deliberate Media | Videographer

Ashley Huse | Hair, Makeup, Cake Baker, + General Helper

Matthew Santana | Husband, Supporter, Set up/Tear Down, Bag Schlepper








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