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“Run with a child, like a child, through a field.” // Heather Cahoon

As most of you may know, I don’t frequently photograph families and I especially don’t frequently photograph children. There are, however, a few exceptions. One is when they’re already close friends and/or family. The other, like in this situation, is when they have been clients of yours since the very beginning. Trusting their faith in your skill, even when you didn’t really have any! I’ve been photographing Amanda and Tony since they were just a couple. They got engaged and I photographed them again. And then although I didn’t photograph their wedding, they still came to me to photograph their sweet little family. I didn’t photograph their wedding because when they lived in Ohio. Which is the even better, most amazing, thing about them. THEY TRAVEL FROM OHIO TO HAVE MY PHOTOGRAPH THEM EVERY TIME! They’re absolutely the sweetest people I’ve ever met, so it was obvious when they had their little girl I was absolutely thrilled to photograph their family. So while, no, I am not a children’s and family photographer... sometimes, you make exceptions. This family is an exception.

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When I do photograph families I try to keep it to three to four people in the family. I want the photos to feel intimate and close and snuggly. Which is just too difficult to do with more than maybe five people. Three is my favorite. Two parents snuggling and loving on their little one is just my favorite. This also allows me plenty of time to get group shots, the child with each parent individually, individuals of the child, and the parents by themselves. I find these pairings are all super important and very difficult to do the more children you add to the mix. This trio though, they were the best.

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I will never, ever, ever by any means call myself a children’s photographer. There are dozens of talented family and children photographers in the Indianapolis area, I’m just not one of them. I tried that back in the beginning when I was working for Lifetouch and when I first started my own photography business. I was miserable. I was stressed. And I was delivering an inferior product to my clients. Trying to get kids to sit still and smile is not a talent I have. I can’t even do it with own child! I do, however, try to capture children individually during my few family portrait sessions. I usually find that the parents that are attracted to my family and children work have known me for a long time and know the style of work I do. I usually let the kids run around and be themselves and capture them in their element. It’s what I’ve done from the beginning and it’s what works for me.

Adalyn playing in these flowers was absolutely everything. She was completely herself and as a parent I appreciate this style of photos more because it’s exactly who my kid is today. Not a posed, perfect, smile, tilt your head, look at the camera rendition of my child. Children are wild. Children are brazen. Children have a sense of freedom and wonder with the world that adults just cannot posses. That’s what I try to capture when photographing children. And I think we did so here with Adalyn.

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This couple makes me happy on the inside. And they’re absolutely incredible parents.

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The most stylist two year old you’ve ever seen. This girl’s got sass.

I mean, c’mon, she’s killin’ me with those sunglasses and that scarf!!

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This is possibly my favorite photo from this session. I know it’s kind of weird and simple but I love it. I love the composition. I love how she’s playing and enjoying herself. It just seems so real and so perfect. It’s probably my favorite.

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Thank you Tony + Amanda for trusting in my work since the beginning. Thank you for always driving all the way to Indiana for me to photograph you and your love. It was an absolute pleasure to work with you again and meet Adalyn! I so enjoyed watching the kids play outside in the front before our session. I can’t wait until our paths cross again! I’m sure Adalyn has gotten so big since I last saw you guys! Until the next time...

Pendleton, IN

Siegrist Family
Tony, Amanda, + Adalyn

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