Pendleton Falls Park Family Session // The Richman Family


What a better way to spend Father’s Day than having first birthday photos done of your sweet little girl with your beautiful wife?! Well that’s what the Richman’s did this year on Father’s Day. It was only natural that we met up since I photographed their Gender Reveal and their Maternity Photos last year! But this time Kim, James, and Layla met me at my favorite little park in Pendleton all the way from Chicago and we captured some of them with their sweet little girl the day after her birthday. Of course their adorable little pup Chester tagged along too! It was hot, humid, and muggy but we made it out alive without a baby that was too cranky! I call this session a win!

RichmanFam SP 7 WEB

Aside from attending Ball State together (Chirp Chirp!) Kim and I have always had a bond over being Yorkie Moms. Her little Chester is kind of the greatest! When Matt + I visited them in Chicago I would wake up in the middle of the night to have Chester snuggling with me under the covers. Which was great because I had to leave my little Buddy at home with my mom when we went. Chester gives the greatest snuggles. And he’s a pretty darn good photo model!

Richman Family HL 2 WEB

Throwing a baby (safely) in the air is totally a sure fire way to beat the heat and get some adorable baby smiles.

RichmanFam SP 1 WEB

Baby in a picnic basket. Who can say no to this face?! No one. That’s who. Don’t you even dare try.

RichmanFam SP 2 WEB

RichmanFam SP 3 WEB

It may have been Father’s Day, but Momma needs little baby kisses too. I love how Layla would just shove her whole face into Kim’s in efforts to “kiss” her. It was absolutely adorable. And you know I’m right too. Don’t pretend.

RichmanFam SP-5 WEB

RichmanFam SP-8 WEB


Layla must have known it was Father’s Day because she gave her Daddy lots of love. They were pretty cute together.

RichmanFam SP-10 WEB

RichmanFam SP-11 WEB

RichmanFam SP-12 WEB

RichmanFam SP-14 WEB


We finished off the session at the falls. It was kind of muddy from a big rainfall but we still got some amazing stuff. Granted, with this trio I think they could stand anywhere and look amazing!

Thank you Kim, James, and Layla (and Chester too!) for allowing me to follow you along this big journey in your life! It’s been amazing to be your photographer but it’s been more amazing being your friend! You guys are the greatest! And, I will have to make a trip up to Chicago to come visit soon!

RichmanFam SP 9 WEB


Kim, James, Layla, and Chester

Current City | Chicago, IL
Kim | Consultant :: Burwood Group
James | Audio Tech :: Free Lance

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Guest - Kim Richman on Friday, 28 August 2015 15:55

Love this! Love YOU! So happy with the way you captured our little family. Can't wait to hang out again!

Love this! Love YOU! So happy with the way you captured our little family. Can't wait to hang out again! :D