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I write this blog post in honor of you.

Five short days after our anniversary always comes one thing...

The glorious day of your birth.

Today we celebrate as you turn 28. A mile marker on the highway of the long life I intend to spend with you.


In the four short years I've known you I have learned a lot about you.

You always clean up the dishes after dinner because you feel it's "your part" in the meal making process. Your laugh is infectious. You save the last bite of desert for me, even if you really want it. You really hate cold weather. You work your butt off every day to make sure your family is well taken care of. And sometimes, you push your dreams to the side in order to help bring others' dreams into the light.

It was not easy for me to drag you outside in 50-degree weather for portraits but you did it for me because you love me. (And you even did your hair just cause you knew I would say something if you didn't.)


In the 28 years you've been alive you have made some sacrifices in order to provide for the ones you care about. Including enduring some cold weather for your wife to take some photos of you for your birthday.

You inspire me every day to be a better person and I wish sometimes I were as super awesome as you. (I try really hard, but usually fail.)


On this day I intend to spend some time loving you and snuggling inside of one of your great hugs.

I also intend to relish in the moments I get to spend with you and not take any of it for granted.

Because although this completes one more year I have had the pleasure of spending with you, it also puts me one year closer to when we will eventually take our natural separate ways. (Until we meet again of course.)


Maybe we'll watch a movie together. Maybe we'll have some dinner together. Maybe we'll just lie around and laugh.

Who knows? It's your day, I'll let you decide.

Until then, I am just going to find peace in the fact that I still have you and you're still the wonderful man that I married four years ago.

Yeah, that photo on the right, is exactly the man I married.

I love you honey.

Happy Birthday.

Your wifey

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