Noblesville Mustard Seed Gardens Vintage Elegance Wedding // Sarah & Steffan

“Cause all of me, loves all of you. Love all your curves and all your edges. All your perfect imperfections.” // John Legend

Honestly... all of me... loves all of this wedding. Sarah + Steffan’s wedding at Mustard Seed Gardens earlier this October was a wedding I had been waiting on all year. Not to mention that I’ve been waiting for them to get engaged for like five years since I photographed them when they first started dating. But that’s another story for another day. I’m just thrilled that I was able to document their beautiful vintage elegance wedding at hands down one of the prettiest barns I’ve had the pleasure of working in! #AllTheTwinkleLights

Sarah + Steffan are the absolute sweetest. Sarah and Steffan met while attending Ball State in 2010 after Sarah returned from studying abroad in Japan. They bonded over a mutual love for Japanese culture and all things nerdy. Eventually they were engaged on a trip to the Chicago Botanic Garden to see the cherry blossoms and now here we are... wedding day! And Sarah is just like, the perfect balance of nerdy and stylish so I knew the wedding day was going to go swimmingly. She’s so stylish she has a style blog called Indy Dressed! And you should follow her on her website blog and Instagram in all of her Hoosier fashion and style adventures! As for the wedding day... it did go swimmingly, despite a little bit of rain! (Yes that was a water pun!) And we got some pretty stellar images.

ByrneWed Blog 01

Let me start off these details by saying just a few things. First... can every wedding I shoot have white marble for me to do detail photos on?! Like seriously, it’s perfect. Secondly... Mustard Seed Gardens has so many hidden treasures lying around for you to use to add to your photos. Like this cake plate and glass mirrored tray... already there. That blue scale was just sitting in the kitchen begging me to put beautiful florals by Lauren Brown of Indy Urban Acres on it. All this stuff, just there, just waiting for someone to photograph them. Just perfect.

Also, I was obsessed with this fireplace. Not really sure why... it’s not like it was the most amazing fireplace ever or something. I just really liked the light in there and I thought it was warm and inviting. Perfect place to hang Sarah’s TWO beautiful dresses! Like for reals... love.

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A bride getting dressed with her mom and maid of honor is seriously one of the best moments of the day. It somehow feels finite. You’re somehow leaving the arms of these amazing women who have helped raise and shape you into the woman you are, to be held by the arms of someone else who is going to shape you and make you become a new type of woman. It feels like the end of an era, even though all though people will still be there with you as you grow. Something feels different.

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I still have dreams about this farm house at Mustard Seed Gardens. And all of it’s beautiful vintage furniture. If I thought for one second I could legitimately take care of the stuff I would buy vintage furniture. #ToddlerMomProblems

ByrneWed Blog 14

Sarah you couldn’t have been more beautiful! This dress is everything.

ByrneWed Blog 15

I’ve known Sarah since middle school; growing up we even lived in the same neighborhood! So when I was at their wedding it was like a high school reunion! Which is kind of convenient because this year was our ten year reunion and I didn’t get to go. Sarah and two of her bridesmaids graduated with me PLUS there were two guests from our high school in attendance as well! And if you’ll notice... there’s a bridesmaid you may have seen before here! Allison was also a bridesmaid in Jane + Sean’s wedding earlier in September. Bless her heart she’s in three weddings this year! #ProfessionalBestFriend

Also can we just take one brief moment to talk about this photo?! Because Sarah with her best friend and maid of honor surrounded by all of these amazing ladies. My favorite!

ByrneWed Blog-16

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I know that every time I work with Lauren Brown I’m going to have beautiful florals. Sarah + Steffan’s wedding was absolutely no exception. These bouquets are so perfect and amazing. I was obsessed.

Can we also briefly talk about how Sarah’s maid of honor had a floral dress?! I die it’s so beautiful! And how sweet are the bridesmaids bracelets with the coordinates to where they first met the bride?!

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Just a bunch of guys hanging out celebrating their best friend about to get married.

Plus, I love how sharp a groom looks when he cleans up for his big day!

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Sarah + Steffan had a beautiful ceremony set up planned in the meadow at Mustard Seed Gardens. Unfortunately as the bridesmaids started making their way down the aisle it started to rain. So while this set up was absolutely beautiful we had to move into the barn for the ceremony. Mustard Seed was so quick to reset everything into the barn for a ceremony in front of the twinkling lights. But in case you wanted to know what their outdoor ceremony would have looked like... this is it. Plus how about that watercolor painting and those programs!?

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This group knows how to have fun! And were also big time troopers toughing it out for photos in the rain.

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ByrneWed Blog-30


Remember when I mentioned that I was in love with this house? Yeah... I meant it. I’m also in love with this couple. In a total non-creepy way of course.

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Windows are magical. These are some of my most favorite photos from their day.

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ByrneWed Blog-37


Oh. My. Glob. This garland. On that ladder. With those lights. Heart eyes for days.

ByrneWed Blog 38

Sarah’s reception decor was absolutely stunning. The backdrop of Mustard Seed’s barn and the sheer curtains and those chandeliers seriously make my heart melt. I’m also pretty obsessed with the watercolor painting menus, gold rimmed glassware, gold flatware, and the beautiful plates. Also names hand written on pieces of white marble?! Yassssss.

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I’ve been dying to have a bride use Cake Bake Shop for their cake. This one was absolutely perfect. I also love the fresh flowers at the base.

ByrneWed Blog-44

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Even though every single detail of Sarah + Steffan’s day was perfectly planned out one of my most favorite details were the escort cards. Folded into paper cranes with everyones name attached to it. I loved how they were able to bring little bits of their personality into their wedding. Including their mutual love for Japanese culture.

ByrneWed Blog 49

Wedding party tunnels for grand entrances are my favorite.

ByrneWed Blog 50

I’m such a sucker for a dad on his daughter’s wedding day. I’m also a sucker for the mom on her son’s wedding day. (I think I’m just a sucker for parents. I think it’s because I’m a parent now.) First blessings from dads are always such a wonderful moment.

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Toast reactions are always such great moments of emotion. I really love it when my brides and grooms sit right next to their friends as they give them the toast. So they can look at their friends and enjoy the moments and sweet words they’re telling them.

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Can every first dance be surrounded by twinkle lights, sheer drapery, and chandeliers with two people crazy in love?

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After all of the formalities the real partying can begin. I vividly remember tons of 90’s pop jams with a lot of ladies singing, screaming, and dancing. Everyone was droppin’ some mad dance moves on the dance floor. The night continued with dancing and singing the night away. All in all it was a pretty fantastic day, even with the rain!

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Thank you so much Sarah + Steffan for having me on your special day. We had such a fun time together and I am so happy that I was able to document these memories for you! I truly hope you enjoyed your honeymoon in Paris and London. I wish you both all of the best in the world with all of your fun endeavors along with a lifetime of happiness. Congratulations you two!

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Noblesville, IN


Sarah + Steffan

Current City | Indianapolis, IN
Sarah | Blogger + Emerging Media Specialist
Steffan | Software Engineer

The Wedding

Venue | Mustard Seed Gardens
Catering | Mills Catering
Florals | Lauren Brown :: Indy Urban Acres
Cake | Cake Bake Shop
Hair + Makeup | La Dolce Salon
Bride’s Formal Dress | David’s Bridal :: Oleg Cassini
Bride’s Reception Dress | Alfred Angelo
Bride’s Shoes | Badgley Mischka
Groom + Groomsmen Attire | Men’s Wearhouse :: Vera Wang
Entertainment | Event One DJ’s
Vintage Rentals | Violet Vintage
Calligraphy | Evey Hornbeck
Watercoloring | The Pastel Pineapple :: Elizabeth Thogerson
Second Photographer | Stephanie Duncan


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Guest - Cheryl Moreland on Thursday, 27 October 2016 15:49

Jackie, you KNOCKED YOURSELF OUT OF THE PARK (or should I say FARM 'o) with this wedding!! WOOOOOOOWZA is all this M.O.B. can say...and a HUUUUUUUUUUGE HUG from Mama Moreland to you, young lady and the oh so professional photog that you are. I am proud of your work and the passion and obvious LOVE you put into this wedding of my daughter's and her sweet beau Steffan. (Now hubs! 'o) You Done GOOD, girl!! THANK YOU BEYOND MEASURE for making this proud mom even prouder and happier. What a day/night it was, eh?

Jackie, you KNOCKED YOURSELF OUT OF THE PARK (or should I say FARM 'o) with this wedding!! WOOOOOOOWZA is all this M.O.B. can say...and a HUUUUUUUUUUGE HUG from Mama Moreland to you, young lady and the oh so professional photog that you are. I am proud of your work and the passion and obvious LOVE you put into this wedding of my daughter's and her sweet beau Steffan. (Now hubs! 'o) You Done GOOD, girl!! THANK YOU BEYOND MEASURE for making this proud mom even prouder and happier. What a day/night it was, eh?