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Either way I felt like I was going to crap my pants. For the entire two weeks up until my very first bridal show. I was so excited to finally have my brand, face, and work in front of dozens of potential brides but I was terrified because I had two weeks to prepare and I had nothing for a booth except some foam mounted prints, brochures, and business cards. And I didn't have a butt ton of money to spend on a big fancy booth. Especially considering how much the space itself cost. But I did have one thing.


I had this insane idea to turn an 8x8 square of black pipe and drape with a banquet table and two chairs into a beautiful booth. The idea was to make it homey. Make you want to come in, have a cup of tea, and sit around and chat. Kind of like my humble booth abode. And with some hard work, a lot of love, good friends and family, and a little magic my brain child came to life.


BridalShow HL 19 web

I have the best team ever!

It was a long two weeks preparing for the bridal show. Especially since Christmas AND New Years happened in the midst of those two weeks. My dad was a rock star and built me this incredible backdrop that looked like a wall in someone's home. It looks fantastic and stood up tall and straight and I was so proud to present my work on it. Not to mention, him and brother drove all all the way to the Scottish Rite to help me unload and set up this amazing backdrop.

IMG 9028 web

"Oh Dear God, I'm in a hardware store. Watch out people!" (iPhone photo)

IMG 9141 web

My brother holding up the booth while my dad puts it together. I'm tellin' ya... ROCK STARS! (iPhone photo)

My mom was also a rock star because she completed all sorts of graphic work for me including designing a whole new sample album to present in my booth along side my other sample album she created for me in the past. I'm so glad she created it too because the albums were a hit! Everyone couldn't help but leaf through them and look at my images and her amazing design work. It was hard not to smile.

BridalShow HL 5 web

Shot of the super wicked awesome albums my mom/graphic designer put together. She's kind of amazing!

My husband, Matthew, and my best friend, Ashley, were also huge players in this crazy journey. From being emotional support while I was flipping my crap. To helping me set up everything at the last minute because I was running late on Saturday. To being there, peddling my wares and selling ME for two days straight. To the tear down and loading of my mom's minivan. They were there for all of this insanity and I couldn't be more thankful. I couldn't imagine doing this without them. They're kind of some of the best people ever. (It's why I work with them!)

BridalShow HL 17 web

Test shot for lighting but I had to keep this because this is so them!

BridalShow HL 18 web

Blurry photo, throwing up gang signs but I still kept it cause it makes me laugh every time!

IMG 9190 web

iPhone photo of Matt T-Rex driving because the seat was so far forward he felt like he had nowhere to put his arms!

IMG 9191 web

Another iPhone photo (#selfie?) of me with all of the stuff loaded in the van. There was not a space in that van that wasn't being used!

I guess I can't forget the work I put into this as well. I shopped around until the very last minute finding all sorts of little things to go in my booth. Down to Target $1 section pens that were in my branding colors! (I just HAD to have them!) I also dabbled in a little spray painting. Never underestimate a creative person with a can of spray paint. Either way, it was my vision for this booth that came to life and it was really exciting to see all of these people helping me make it as incredible as it was!

IMG 9033 web

"You can call me... Goldfinger..." (iPhone photo)

BridalShow HL 20 web

"I don't know what to do with my hands!!"

BridalShow HL 21 web

There... that's better. Now I look like a responsible adult!

OH! And I also can't forget Violet Vintage coming in for me in a pinch and providing all of the vintage furniture for the booth. I refused to use a standard black table clothed banquet table. So I enlisted the help of Violet Vintage at the very last minute to get the awesome table, coffee table, dresser, and chairs for the booth. If you're ever looking for vintage ANYTHING for your event I highly recommend you checking them out. They have everything you could possibly dream of and Geralyn and Ian are absolutely incredible people to work with. I will work with them til the day I die! Without Violet Vintage this booth would not look as awesome as it did and would not have even been possible!

BridalShow HL 1 web

BridalShow HL 2 web

BridalShow HL 6 web

BridalShow HL 8 web

BridalShow HL 9 web

BridalShow HL 11 web

Let's also not forget Erica Walsh of Circle City Creations. She did some custom calligraphy for me, handwriting specific words and phrases that I could use on my website, in my inquiry packets, and in my bridal show booth. What she did was nothing short of incredible and it's exactly what I was looking for.

BridalShow HL 4 web

All in all, my booth turned out great. I met over 50 potential clients and practiced my hand at selling myself a little better. Selling myself has always been my greatest struggle and if it wasn't for that I think I would have been doing bridal shows a lot sooner. Perfect Wedding Guide was awesome to work with Tammy and Ryan were fantastic and incredibly accommodating. Several times during the weekend Tammy stopped by my booth to check on me and see how things were going. She knew this was my first show and really wanted to make sure things went well for me. I highly recommend doing a show through them. If you're thinking about doing a bridal show and you aren't sure where to start I recommend looking into the shows in your area. Talk to industry locals and ask them what they think the best one to attend is. I decided that if I was going to do one at all I was going to "go big, or go home" and went with the acclaimed biggest and best show to attend in Indianapolis. Was it intimidating? Yes. But so, so worth it. I already have brides responding to my emails and wanting to connect over some Panera soup and talk about their big day. It's so exciting! I hope this post helps anyone out there wanting to do a bridal show but not sure where to start or what to do for their booth. There are tons of ideas out there on Pinterest. This is just one of the many ways you can design your booth space. I hope you guys liked it. I definitely was pleased with how things turned out. And I hope to do another show in the future!

BridalShow HL 7 web

BridalShow HL 13 web

BridalShow HL 15 web


I would also like to say one last special thanks to all of my kick butt clients that hire and trust me with their most important images. You guys are the reason I had beautiful images to put on display in my booth and you're the reason I get to do what I love every single day. I love you all dearly.

That's it for Wedding Wednesday guys! Check back next week for Alli + Rob's December wedding post and then soon after that I will be posting the 2014 Favorite Images post! It's one of my favorites to do but I haven't had the time with the bridal show! Check back soon cause the blog will be HOPPIN'! (Do people even say that anymore? I don't know but I definitely just did!)

Keep Rockin' my friends!

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Guest - Bill Stanley on Wednesday, 07 January 2015 15:24

Very Impressive!! A great effort and a beautiful way to spotlight your talent.

I hope it brings in more customers.


Very Impressive!! A great effort and a beautiful way to spotlight your talent. I hope it brings in more customers. Love, Pappy
Guest - Margot (website) on Friday, 09 January 2015 08:45

Jackie, congratulations on a beautiful booth!


Jackie, congratulations on a beautiful booth! Margot