Indianapolis Holliday Park Engagement // Molly & Brian


Well it's not all beautiful flowers and tall green grass. Yes, that is definitely there. But there is also muddy creeks and rain. But then you get amazing people like Molly + Brian who are willing to trudge through the mud and may or may not slip and fall right before portraits begin. In. The. Mud. Yep. This happened folks. These people are legit. We had the best time walking around Holliday Park in search of greenery and all things spring. But first we happened upon this little island in the middle of the (not so) White River.

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We found this sweet little patch of greenery filled with these little yellow flowers. That I'm sure are weeds. But who cares, cause this picture is all I need to know that that little patch of weeds was beautiful in it's own right.

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So on our way to Holliday Park both Molly and I saw these beautiful magnolia trees and we thought SURELY there would be just one inside the park. Ha! Nope! There were magnolia trees in the front yard of just about every house along Spring Mill Road but not a single. dang. tree. within the park's grounds. So what did I do? That's right. I walked my happy butt up to the front door of the most beautiful magnolia tree in walking distance, introduced myself and asked if we can take pictures in front of his tree. Obviously, he said yes, because these magical, amazing, happy dance of photos took place.

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Before we even came to the park Molly had mentioned that she loved photos in tall grass. Luckily, Holliday Park had a wonderful little spot with some. So after a quick costume change we spent our last bit of sunlight at within these tall grasses makin' some magic happen. Seriously, with all the magic I do I should be in the Harry Potter books. (It's levi-OH-sa not levio-SAHHH) (Yes that just happened.) (Deal with it.)

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In other news I love the way the sun peeks through these trees. Yep. I love that sun.

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Molly + Brian, I'm so excited that you chose me to be part of your special day. It was wonderful spending the evening with you for your engagement session! I look forward to returning to The Willows on Westfield for your wedding day and getting some pretty amazing photos of you two with all of your family and friends. That being said let's hope for no mud slippage and no falling out of trees, k? k! Thank you again for being super awesome and I can't wait for October! 



Current City | Broad Ripple :: Indianapolis, IN
Molly | Accountant
Brian | Accountant


Wedding Date | 10.24.2015
Wedding Venue | The Willows on Westfield :: Broad Ripple, IN

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Guest - Susan on Thursday, 30 April 2015 17:17

So sweet! Excellent choice of backgrounds, too!

So sweet! Excellent choice of backgrounds, too!
Guest - Monica (website) on Tuesday, 05 May 2015 17:52

This is such a beautiful engagement session and an adorable couple .

This is such a beautiful engagement session and an adorable couple .
Guest - Ashley Durham (website) on Thursday, 07 May 2015 10:40

What a beautiful couple!

What a beautiful couple!
Guest - Julie Peterson (website) on Saturday, 09 May 2015 20:54

Love all of these! I especially love her outfit with the navy and gold; it looks so great in that location!

Love all of these! I especially love her outfit with the navy and gold; it looks so great in that location!