mini-christmas :: printed products

Today something came in the mail, and for me, it's like a Mini-Christmas. 

Printed Products.

For some reason, I love it when printed products come in the mail. It's like something I dreamed up in my head + designed on the computer is a reality.

Today my baby shower invites came in the mail. I used my baby gender announcement photos for my baby shower invites; and I was pretty proud of them if I do say so myself. 


I love the background. Chevron is somewhat my new obsession...


And my favorite thing about getting printed products in the mail? 

I mean besides seeing the reality of my work...

They always include a free blow pop. :)


I love it when stuff comes in the mail. If you want things to come in the mail for YOU, order your custom Save The Dates through me. I'll even give you my free blow pop! 


Keep Rockin' lovers + friends.

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