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At least, in my opinion it's not. When I help out friends or family with photography services I never feel like I'm truly working. That's not to say that I'm not being paid or working equally as hard. It just doesn't feel like real work.

When I was approached by Robert + Scott to photograph their wedding we only had a mere 90 days until the affair was to take place. And since they had just gotten married when the gay marriage ban was lifted in Indiana they felt like it was silly to do a full blown engagement session. There wasn't much time until the wedding, they'd been partners for 7 years, and they were technically already married (even if Indiana didn't choose to recognize it). But it's so hard for me to see clients go without engagement photos. Trust me, I believe your wedding photos are beyond important. I mean I AM a wedding photographer afterall. But when you look back at your wedding photos it's just going to remind you of that specific day, not necessarily the love and passion you've had for each other every day leading up to that point. I think engagement photos are so special because they're photos of the way you look and dress on an every day basis and it's just the two of you, being you.

Anyways, now that I'm off my soap box we decided to tack on a small engagement session at the last minute. I came over one weeknight after they both got home from work and we took some sweet photos of the two of them at their Historic Irvington house that they have turned into a home. In my opinion, the location was special because it's a place that's been all theirs. And that to me made it perfect.

LynnBardash Esesh SP-2 SP


We only spent a little time together but it was a great time capturing the two of them and their adorable little pup, Cody. I'm so glad we were able to get these photos.

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The leaves in Irvington had just decided to turn and fall that week so we were able to capture some awesome fall colors. Which made me happy because it was a nice contrast to the setting of their urband Downtown Indianapolis wedding.

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And, but of course, the family photo. I love this one of the two of them + Cody. So sweet. Love the puppy bow tie too! I'm sure this will go in a frame somewhere in that adorable historic home of theirs!

LynnBardash Esesh SP-1 web

Robert + Scott, thank you for allowing me to be involved in your day and photograph the love you two have. I am so happy for you two. I know your wedding has already come and gone but it was an incredible day to be part of and I can't wait to blog about your wedding on Wednesday! I have so many awesome photos to show the world! Love you both dearly. I wish you every bit of happiness I know you deserve! Love is love.




Current City | Historic Irvington, IN
Robert | Patient Visitor Representative :: IU Health
Scott | Marketing Manager :: Allisonville Nursery & Owner :: One Little Spark Travel Concierge

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