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Cowboy boots. Wide open spaces. Old barns. Covered bridges. Old Railroad Brides.

These are things Loretta asked to be in her and her fiancée, Blake's country chic Kokomo engagement session. Perfectly curated to match their wedding they had been planning for almost a year.

We met for an afternoon in early April to photograph their loveliness together. Starting at this old broken down railroad bridge. I do love old and broken down things.

lorettablake blog1

Loretta told me that she wanted to have some unique Save the Date photos to send out. So while we were at the railroad bridge I felt this was the obvious choice for a Save the Date photo. Not to mention, she loves her boots.

Carter SneekPeek-2

After the railroad bridge we did a quick costume change and moved to Downtown Kokomo. Downtown Kokomo had so many opportunities for photo locations, I really want to go back and photograph someone else soon because it was so fun and unique.

Carter Highlights-40

At the time we started the sun was bright and sunny. So we had to find places that were in the shade to photograph them. This cute little brick alley was perfect shade but unfortunately being in early April, around 11am, in the shade it was a bit cool. Loretta was a trooper in her tank top dress!

Carter SneekPeek-3

After we left Downtown Kokomo we traveled to a very important and special place for Loretta + Blake. When Blake proposed to Loretta he took her to Adam's Mill near Kokomo to go fishing. And while they were out on a little walkway fishing away, he proposed to her. Although we wanted to go out to where he proposed to her there was an infestation of bugs and we decided it wasn't for the best. But we did find this lovely covered bridge.

Carter SneekPeek-4

This one doesn't need a whole lot to speak for it, except maybe,

OW OW! Get it girrrrrl!

I love this photo and this angle though!

Carter Highlights-48

Loretta really wanted to show of their love for cowboy boots. So when we found this wagon, I just couldn't resist!! I'm pretty sure this is one of Loretta's favorites. :)

Carter Highlights-52

Last but most certainly not least we made our way back to Loretta's family's property for some awesome photos. Can anyone family barn??

Carter Highlights-70

They made just one last outfit change into something more casual.

This is just one of those photos that turned out so well I just love it more and more every time I see it.

I think it's one of Blake's favorites as well. It became his Facebook profile photo for quite some time. I'm sure it doesn't hurt to have his lovely lady sitting on his lap. ;)

Carter SneekPeek-5

Just endless options on their property for photos! I loved it! I can make a photo spot out of anything but it doesn't hurt to have some awesome locations at hand!

Carter SneekPeek-7

Can I get a heck yes for this ring shot with the nail?! I just love it.

Carter SneekPeek-8

Being a boy. And being how boys are. Blake REALLY wanted to include his truck in some of their photos. I think we did a pretty good job but you guys can tell me!

lorettablake blog2

So, we had been photographing for almost 5 hours. And I'm pretty sure Blake was just DONE with taking photos. PLUS, they had to head somewhere with their family, so Loretta's mom was kind of ready for us to finish. Understandably so. These were the last couple photos we got before we had to say our good-bye's until wedding day.

If you ask me, they don't look like they've been in front of my lens for 5 hours. I think they still look pretty happy!

lorettablake blog3

Loretta and Blake's country chic engagement session turned out wonderfully and I'm sure will tie in perfectly to their fabulously curated country chic wedding. I can't wait to see them again in September at the O-ACE-IS in Bunker Hill, IN. It's going to be GREAT!

{ Kokomo, IN }

[ Loretta + Blake ]

Wedding Date | 9.01.2012 :: Bunker Hill, IN
Together Since | 04.19.2009
Engaged Since | 08.05.2011
Current City | Kokomo, IN

[ Her ]

Occupation | Student/Book Store Employee :: IU Kokomo/Barnes + Noble
Hometown | Kokomo, IN

[ Him ]

Occupation | Nipsco Gas Company
Hometown | Flora, IN

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