Lookout Mountain Wine + Whiskey Inspired Wedding // Rashel & Michael

“I say Georgia, Georgia. A song of you, comes as sweet and clear as moonlight through the pines.” // Ray Charles

Rashel and Michael’s wedding day in October 2015 at a family farm and The Grandview amongst beautiful Lookout Mountain in Georgia was a day that could be stopped by nothing. It was a day filled with love, friends, family, wine, whiskey, dancing, and laughter. It was also a day that started with rain and had a few bumps along the way. But at the end of the day these two amazing people committed themselves to one another in a beautiful outdoor ceremony at the base of Lookout Mountain and then danced the night away at a gorgeous patio reception in clouds. I am absolutely thrilled to be sharing these photos with you guys. This was definitely a wedding I will never forget and I am so grateful to Rashel and Michael that they asked me to join them on their most special day.

Rashel and Michael met in 2007 through mutual friends during Purdue University’s freshman orientation program. Although they just started as friends the two of them eventually developed a connection that neither of them could deny. (Even though they tried for awhile!) In November 2008 they decided to make it official and they’ve been inseparable since. Fast forward to Christmas of 2013 when Michael insisted they take a trip to Chicago for the holidays. While it wasn’t unusual Rashel, being Rashel, tried to resist saying they needed to focus on others for the holidays. Michael booked the hotel anyways and they made the trip. While dining in the same restaurant they had dined in five years before Michael presented her with a box and under layers of tissue paper there was an iPad. Filled with pictures and text of friends and family the final picture was of their sweet pup Cinna with a sign asking her Mommy to marry Daddy. Obviously, Rashel said “yes” and now we’re here. In beautiful Georgia watching the two of them tie the knot. Like I said, it’s a day for the history books.

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The day began in Rashel’s suite of the Downtown Chattanooga Double Tree Inn surrounded by her bridesmaids and family while getting ready. Rashel and Michael’s details were some of my favorites all year. There was tons to photograph and honestly, if you let me I probably would have all day! All of the bridesmaids wore the same shoes and jewelry and to me there is just something so beautiful about perfectly matching bridesmaids. I appreciate all types of weddings and I’m a firm believer in doing what is best for you but there is just something so neat and perfect about all matching bridesmaids! I love it!

PLUS, the girl had two pairs of shoes, and y’all know how I feel about that. She wore cowboy boots for the ceremony since it was outdoors on a farm and then heels for the patio reception. Girl after my own heart!

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Oh. My. Goodness. These florals from May Flowers were absolutely everything. From the brides bouquet, to the corsages, to the reception flowers everything was absolutely STUNNING. I pretty much died. Died and gone to flower heaven!

Not to mention, “slap bracelet” corsages?! Why isn’t EVERYONE doing this?! It’s genius I tell you! GENIUS! I want a slap bracelet corsage. I’d wear it around the house while I edit.

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Rashel definitely had a good group of girls to help her prepare for the day. While getting dressed at The Grandview it was all hands on deck to get Rashel all ready to go. And she looked stunning!

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Rashel my dear. That dress was absolutely perfect for you and you are flipping gorgeous. There, I said it. Not to mention Angela R. Makeup Artist killed it on your look girl. 

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I told you these flowers were awesome. If you live in the Lookout Mountain/Chattanooga area and you are getting married and you HAVEN’T looked into May Flowers you need to stop what your doing and contact them. Cause seriously, these flowers are amazing.

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Double high fives to Tabitha for being my individual model of the bridesmaid look. I know it can be weird to be the one singled out so thanks for being a rockstar.

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Maybe it’s cause I’m a mom of boys but Mother and Son moments at weddings get me EVERY. FREAKING. TIME.

“No... what are you talking about? I’m not crying. It’s just dusty in here. It’s pollen season. You know... allergies... yeah.”

Plus, Michael made one handsome groom. :)

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Every location we went to for their wedding was absolutely beautiful! I loved this little boulder lined path outside of The Grandview. It was perfect for Rashel + Michael’s first look!

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I don’t know if I have told you but this wedding party was super stellar. Not to mention, if you read Andrea + Andy’s blog post from April you may recognize some familiar faces. I actually found Andrea + Andy at THIS WEDDING! Either way, these people were pretty awesome and it was so fun working with them!

Also, these bridesmaids had some sass in them! Haha!

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When it came time for the ceremony everyone was definitely ready to get things going! With cold drinks awaiting guests as they entered the ceremony it set the tone for the wonderfully fun day we were going to have! This ceremony was absolutely gorgeous at the base of this mountain on Baker Farm. The bride, who is extremely close to her grandmother, had her grandma walk her part of the way down the aisle until they reached the freestanding white double doors. Once they crossed the threshold her grandmother passed Rashel off to her father where he walked her the rest of the way to give her away to Michael. One of my favorite parts of the reception were the vintage pews for guests to sit in.

After they say their “I Do’s” they made their way back up the aisle to dig up their bourbon bottle. Southern folklore and tradition says that if you bury a full bottle of bourbon exactly one month before your wedding, upside down, at the site of the ceremony it wont rain on your wedding day. I’d say in Rashel and Michael’s case it kind of worked! It rained all morning, quite hard too, but right before pictures were set to begin the rain cleared and the weather was beautiful. After the ceremony you are to then dig it back up and I imagine drink it! Why would anyone let a perfectly good bottle of bourbon go to waste?! There was a lot of whiskey and bourbon at the wedding but this bottle was particularly perfect because of the little racing horse and jockey on the top plus the bottling date. Rashel’s grandfather, who is no longer with us, loved horse races and would frequent the track as a kid. But even more, the bottling date of July 23rd was the day he passed. Apparently the number 23 tends to pop up in Rashel’s family a lot. It must have been meant to be they would find this bottle!

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After the ceremony we followed up with a few more photos before heading to the reception venue. This white couch kind of made my life that day. But the really fun part was after we made our way back to The Grandview we had access to the neighboring property, Rock City, where we were able to get some amazing photos up in the sky. I was definitely all about this biz!

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The Grandview itself though was nothing to sneeze at! A gorgeous patio reception up in the mountains with café lights, champagne silk linens, and flowers galore. The venue itself looked like an old house and honestly if I could photograph every wedding on the side of a mountain I wouldn’t be too upset about it. Maybe it’s because I’m from Indiana and everything is as flat as a pancake but the mountains definitely thrilled me.

Everything at The Grandview was just perfect. From the aesthetic to the staff. The staff were beyond friendly and helpful, the food was DELICIOUS, and the environment was beautiful and inviting. I could live there if someone let me!

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These favors are absolutely adorable. Rashel and Michael used family recipes to make a marinara sauce and jalapeño jelly to give to their guests. So personal AND useful! I mean, who doesn’t want food as a gift?! Just me? Oh, well this is awkward... so ummm onto the pictures!

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Moments like this are why I do what I do.

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This cake by Cup A Dee cakes was not only stunning but absolutely delicious. Plus their cake cutting was adorable.

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The night finished with dancing carefree with family and friends, a super fun bouquet and garter toss, and a wonderful final dance with everyone circled together on the dance floor to “Piano Man.” The T.C. Show really knows how to put on a good party because once the music was on, food was in everyone’s bellies, and the night began all of the stress and fears from earlier in the day seemed to wash away and everyone just enjoyed themselves.

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It was a wonderful day and an even more wonderful trip for a totally amazing couple! Thank you so so much Rashel and Michael for having me at your extra special wedding day. It was truly an honor to document and be part of your special day. I wish you both many happy years of wine, whiskey, Cinna snuggles, and enjoying life together. Congratulations to you both.

Lookout Mountain, GA


Rashel + Michael

Current City | Greenwood, IN
Rashel | Director of Sales & Marketing :: Elite Management Services
Michael | Premium Auditor :: Liberty Mutual Insurance

The Wedding

Ceremony Venue | Baker Farm
Reception Venue | The Grandview
Catering | The Grandview
Cake | Cup A Dee Cakes
Florals | May Flowers
Hair + Makeup | Angela R. Makeup Artist
Bride’s Dress | Vera Wang :: David's Bridal
Bride’s Shoes | Badgley Mischka
Bridesmaids’ Dresses | Vera Wang :: David’s Bridal
Bridesmaid’s Shoes | Kelly + Katie
Groom & Groomsmen Attire | Vera Wang :: Men’s Wearhouse
Ceremony Vintage Furniture | Heirlooms Vintage Rentals
Reception Chairs | Showtime Rentals
Linens | Linen Hero: Chair Covers & Linens
Entertainment | The T.C. Show :: DJ's Gerald + Ethan
Transportation | Executive Limo


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