libby + shelby :: carmel arts + design district couples session

Okay, so I know I say this all. the. dang. time. buuuuuuut,


I know, I know. I love all of my couples! But I definitely love this one as well.

Libby and Shelby are just a super-fun and super-sweet couple that I know through Outside the Box. Libby, works for OTB's parent company Insights Consulting and Shelby owns his own food truck lovingly called The Caveman Truck that serves all paleo diet friendly foods. How cool is that?! So yeah, eclectic couple that I love quite dearly!

Libby contacted me when I was running my wicked February special. Her and Shelby just BUILT (you heard right, BUILT) a new house and she realized that the last time they had photos taken was at their wedding three years ago! So she wanted to have new photos to put up in the new house! I think we have succeeded in achieving some fun photos of the two of them, and they're still just as much in love as they were on their wedding day!

LibbyShelby couples blog-1

Okay, so I'm going to step on my soapbox for a second! This happens to couples all the time. They get their engagement photos and their wedding photos done and then don't have photos done again until their having a baby then it's all family and children photos from there! Don't skimp on professional photos of yourself and your sweetie. You can never have too many photos of yourself and the people you care about. Who knows when you're going to get pregnant (that is IF you're planning to get pregnant) and you want to make sure that you have photos of yourself pre-children! Anniversary photos, couples photos, you name it! You don't have to wait for a life-changing event to have photos taken! Okay, off soapbox and back to Libby and Shelby!

I do love how relaxed and adorable this couple was. Made them very easy to photograph! I kept telling them to stop making my job so easy!

LibbyShelby couples blog-4

LibbyShelby couples blog-6

LibbyShelby SP-1

They were even willing to do crazy things like lean back and forth just to get the right expression and positioning I was looking for. I think at every session I photograph I say to my couples or families at least once:

"Okay, so you're going to think I'm crazy, butttt..."

This phrase is usually followed with me either telling them to do something totally weird and out of the ordinary in order to achieve a certain expression or look OR me laying, standing, sitting, or climbing into some weird position in order to achieve the angle I want.

Regardless, Libby and Shelby were troopers through my weirdness.

After I had them do something weird, we completed a costume change and went for a little walk.

libbyshelby blog3

We found this super rad tree, on the other side of a fence, that we totally climbed over and sat in the wet grass in order to get these super cute shot of the two of them. LURRVE this photo!

LibbyShelby couples blog-7

Seriously, they're just the cutest! And super fun!

libbyshelby blog2

I don't know why but I really liked this bike hanging from the fence. So I was determined to use it.

Check. And. Done.

LibbyShelby SP-4

LibbyShelby SP-5

Okay, Libby, seriously.. you have to quit it with that amazing red hair and those gorgeous eyes.

Okay, don't quit they're pretty incredible!

LibbyShelby SP-8

Libby didn't believe me when I told her these photos would turn out awesome. But they did. Love this orange wall!


How cute?! Not to mention a little costume change and a little bit of spontaneous fun!!

libbyshelby blog1

Most. Fun. Couple. EVAR! Libby bought these shirts especially for the session and I LOVED them. They're hilarious and totally fit my cheesy sense of humor. I told Matt we need to get a set!

LibbyShelby SP-9

LibbyShelby SP-10

I love this couple! Part of me wishes they were getting married so I could have a chance to photograph them again at their wedding. Oh well, hopefully they will need more photos down the road and I will get the chance to photograph these beauts again! Thanks guys for rockin' this session!


{ Carmel, IN }

[ Libby + Shelby ]

Wedding Date | 06.26.2010
Current City | Fishers, IN

[ Libby ]

Occupation | Director of Finance at Insights Consulting
Hometown | Apple Valley, MN

[ Shelby ]

Occupation | Founder + Chief Caveman of Caveman Food Truck
Hometown | Lebanon, IN

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