Noblesville Potter's Bridge Sunset Engagement Session // Andrea & Andy

Adorable puppies and a beautiful sun drenched couple in love...

First of all, I’m going to start this blog post with if you have your dogs included in your engagement session your session will 100x cuter. You can’t argue with this. These are real statistics. Because dogs. And because... science. Yeah.

Secondly, if you know anything about me by now, you know that I am #OBSESSED with sunset light and a beautiful sun drenched engagement session in the middle of a field. I love urban engagement sessions. Love, love, love, them but there’s just something about an open field draped in the warm glow of a Midwestern sunset that just says “home” to me. Call it the Hoosier in me. Call it the Heartland. But it’s sunsets and sessions like this that make my little photographer heart go a pitter patter.

So now that I’ve gone on and on about how much I love Indiana let’s talk about how much I love this couple. This engagement session from last November was a bit... impromptu... I guess you could say. Andrea + Andy were in the wedding party for a wedding I shot in Georgia for Rashel + Michael (who I haven’t blogged yet... whoops). After photographing that wedding Andrea + Andy invited me out Austin, TX to photograph their wedding as well. Which is where I am right now because their wedding is TOMORROW! I wanted to make sure for today’s Portrait Session Friday post I wrote about Andrea + Andy’s engagement session before they tie the knot tomorrow!

Lang Esesh Blog 01

Remember how I mentioned that puppies make any engagement session cuter? Well here’s the proof. Andrea is a dog trainer so of course their dogs were the most well behaved dogs I’ve ever had the privilege of working with. So sweet! Plus, puppies watching over her ring? Yes.

Lang Esesh Blog-02

Lang Esesh Blog-03


They chose to have their engagement session at Potter’s Bridge park and the light was perfect! Coming through the trees with a gentle breeze blowing. Not to mention for a couple who claims to be “un-photogenic” or “doesn’t like photos” (*cough* Andy *cough*) they sure looked an awful lot like some models in love in this engagement session. Seriously, they were so easy to pose.

Lang Esesh Blog-04

Lang Esesh Blog-05

Lang Esesh Blog-06


That light though.

Lang Esesh Blog-07

Lang Esesh Blog-08

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[ Insert comment about how much I love silhouettes here ] Yes, it is a fact that I love silhouettes and if I see an opportunity for one I definitely am going to go for it. The funny thing about this photo is the park was PACKED this day. So it was difficult to get photos without people in the background. I’ll tell you right now we waited for quite awhile just to capture this silhouette. But in my opinion it was totally worth it!

Lang Esesh Blog 10

Also... this. #HeartEyes They’re such naturals, I can’t wait to photograph them tomorrow for their wedding surrounded by flowers in Texas! Plus, that light! Dancing in the sunset, more people should do it.

Lang Esesh Blog-11

Lang Esesh Blog-12


Not gonna lie. These last two photos are some of my most favorite photos not only from their session but from 2015. As a matter of fact I ranked the final photo as my number one engagement session photo of 2015. Yeah, because they’re just that great.

Lang Esesh Blog 14

Lang Esesh Blog 13

To Andrea + Andy, thank you so much for being not only amazing clients but amazing people. You were amazing wedding party members at Rashel + Michael’s wedding working your butts off for them to have an amazing day and now it’s your turn to have an amazing day! Thank you for inviting me along this amazing journey of watching you wed. Thank you for being more than hospitable than you ever had to be. And thank you for being uniquely yourselves and loving each other. Without your love and unending kindness I wouldn’t have had the pleasure to meet you and get to know you both. You two are amazing and I can’t wait for tomorrow! Have fun today prepping for your big day and I’ll see you at the altar!



Current City | Indianapolis, IN
Andrea | Dog Trainer
Andy | Purchaser for a Pharmaceutical Company


Wedding Date | April 9th, 2016
Wedding Venue | The Wildflower Barn :: Driftwood, TX

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