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Props, Props, Props.

I love me a good session with props. I just love having stuff for my couples to interact with. Things to set a scene. To tell a story. Of course an engagement session can be very lovely without props. But I do love me a good set of props. And Kim + Andy's vintage picnic themed engagement session was no exception! Kim thought of everything down to bringing food! The session was lovely and I enjoyed spending time with them on a wonderful day in April when the Indiana weather had finally decided to give us a break from the cold, long, hard, winter we had been having.


Kim + Andy were so great to work with. They really interacted with each other and despite the awkwardness of people staring at you while you set up a picnic completely for photos they busted out some pretty adorable amazingness.

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Kim spared no detail when putting together this engagement session! She took items from her home that she loved and paired them with old books and delicious food in order to create a picnic any couple would want to attend. Including the super cute raspberry tart... that she couldn't even eat!

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This vintage yellow lantern is one of my favorite things she brought. I don't know if it was the bright color or how adorable it was I just couldn't stop looking at it! I must have looked crazy wanting to photograph it left and right! 

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See?! I'm telling you that latern ended up ev-er-y-where! I just loved it.

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They're pretty much the cutest, just sayin'. I mean, c'mon, the nose snuggling!? I. Can't. Even.

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The sunflowers Kim brought really added a nice pop of color and brough the bright yellow throughout the whole session. I love me a good color story and this one definitely told the story of yellow!

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Oh! And did I mention they brought their super cute pup along too?! I love me some dogs at an engagement session! Trust me, take if from a dog mom, pups are like family. They're our fur children. They belong in engagement photos. Just sayin.' Off soapbox.

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Kim + Andy, it was a pleasure to photograph your engagement photos! I cannot wait until your wedding in November at the Fountain Square Theater! You guys are so much fun I know documenting your day will be awesome because of it. Thank you for giving me the pleasure to be with you for this journey!




Current City | Fountain Square :: Indianapolis, IN
Kim | The Damien Center
Andy | Outside The Box, Inc. 


Wedding Date | 11.08.2014
Wedding Venue |
The Fountain Square Theatre 


Vintage Country Vineyard :: Prairie Guest House St...
Feeling Lucky :: Birthday Wishes


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