Pendleton Rustic Sunset Engagement Session // Mackenzie & Casey


Mackenzie + Casey were such a wicked awesome couple. They won a complimentary engagement session at an open house I participated in back in May. I'm so glad they did because they were beyond awesome and fun! And because we did their engagement session and they thought I was totally awesome, I'll be photographing their wedding in September 2015. They were super fun, awesome, sweet, and totally up for anything. My kind of couple. We spent several hours at sunset walking around the open fields and historic downtown area of Pendleton. It was a blast and we got some awesome pictures.

KenzieCasey Esesh SP-17 SP


So this is where Mackenzie + Casey were the best. When I mentioned to them I thought it would be cool if we got some engagement photos in the creek they whipped off their shoes and said, "Where do we go?!" I warned them that the creek was typically cold and the rocks were slimey and slippery but they jumped in anyways. Casey even said, "If you would have told us that jumping and soaking ourselves would have made for a great photo we would have done it." 

See? Coolest. Couple. Ever.

KenzieCasey Esesh SP-2 SP

KenzieCasey Esesh SP-3 SP


So we went up to the top of this hill out in Pendleton. It's super cool with tall grass and corn growing. It was a bit of a hike up there and when we were up there we saw some unsavory things. Like the bones of a dead deer. (Sorry deer!) But they still rocked it out with this gorgeous sun.

KenzieCasey Esesh SP-5 SP

 C'mon guys. If you don't know me by now... I love me a good silhouette. Yum.

KenzieCasey Esesh SP-10 SP

So much fun! I love how much fun they have together. They were laughing the whole time. It was definitely a great time working together.

KenzieCasey Esesh SP-15 SP

That sun though. There is just something about this photo that I love. It may not be technically perfect by all photography standards... but I love it.

KenzieCasey Esesh SP-20 SP




Current City | Noblesville, IN
Mackenzie | Nanny
Casey | Morning Show Producer for Dave O'Brien :: Hank FM



Wedding Date | 09.19.2015
Wedding Venue | Bride's Family Property

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Indianapolis Historic Union Station Vintage Travel...


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