Downtown Indianapolis Canal Engagement Session // Jane & Sean


The place you least exepect to find someone to spend the rest of your life with has to be high school. I mean with all of the peer pressure, stress of getting into college, and body changes it's no wonder that the "high school sweetheart" is slowly becoming more and more uncommon. Let's not forget college too! With more and more students going to college and having access to college all across the world it's no wonder that flames that seemd to burn so strong in high school seem to fizzle out before we even reach our twenties.

But not Jane and Sean...

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I originally went to high school with Jane and Sean. Later they both transfered to the Indiana Academy for Science, Mathematics, and Humanities up in Muncie. (They're both going to become fancy doctors and help take care of people.) When we did attend the same school we didn't really socialize much together, we seemed to run in different circles. But her and Sean have been dating ever since I can remember. 

When Jane contacted me for engagement photos I was worried we wouldn't be able to find a time to get her in. You see, they were about to move to Kansas City in order to start their residency. I was in Chicago the weekend of their engagement session. I drove back from Chicago in just enough time to turn around and drive back down to Indy to photograph them. Which is good because we got some amazing images!

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They told me that they wanted to do their photo session on the canal because they live on the canal. They loved their little apartment on the canal so much and they wanted a way to remember it. I was happy to oblige in preserving a memory. It's kind of what I do...

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I loved how sweet they were with each other. It definitely made for some perfect photos.

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I loved this ridged wall. I mean, really. I loved it. But I think he loves her more.

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I'm not going to lie, I kinda love them.

JaneSean SP-33 web

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So the ring that Sean got Jane came in this super rad wooden box. So we definitely needed to get a photo of it in the box. Definitely.

JaneSean SP-39 web

Since they were so sad to leave their beautiful canal-side apartment with their view of the Indianapolis skyline, we had to take some photos on their balcony. I loved the view from there. I was pretty jealous.


JaneSean SP-40 web

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So Jane... Sean... whenever you're looking to finally book your wedding photographer, even if it's when your residency is all done, I hope you know I would be happy to docuement it. Please, please, please do not hesitate to contact me when that time comes. I hope you guys rock it out in Kansas City doin' ya thang savin' lives and what not. I hope our paths cross again soon.




Current City | Kansas City, MO
Jane | Medical Resident
Sean | Medical Resident

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