Intimate & Rustic DIY Hill Country Texas Wedding // Andrea & Andy

“You've got that kind of look in your eyes, as if no one knows anything but us...” // Ed Sheeran

Let me just tell you guys, I am so ridiculously excited to share this wedding with you! What a way to kick off my wedding season with a beautiful outdoor wedding at The Wildflower Barn in Driftwood, TX! I’m telling you guys, this intimate wedding was full of so much love and fun that I don’t even know where to start with this blog post! I’m going to preface this that it may be a long post. I just walked away with so many images that I loved it was hard to pare down!

Let’s start off with their story shall we? Andrea + Andy have been together for quite a long time! In fact they’ve known each other for 10 years! They met way back in sophomore year of high school in Spanish class at Noblesville High School. It was in this class Andy had decided he enjoyed sleeping more than learning Spanish. Since they were seated next to each other Andy would copy off of Andrea a lot and frequently ask for help. Once the teacher caught on to them they figured FOR SURE they would be separated or failed. Neither happened. Instead, the teacher decided to have them continue to sit next to each other for the rest of the year. Needless to say they were dating before the end of the school year. They separated for awhile when Andrea moving to Colorado for three years and then a lot of other things got in their way. But they managed to find their way back to each other for Andy to propose to Andrea on the River Walk on Marriage Island in San Antonio. Surrounded by family and even a tour boat cheering them on Andrea said “yes” that day on the little island said to bring long and loving marriages for those who are wed or engaged there.

I can’t see into the future (although that would be a cool talent to have) but from spending the time I spent with Andrea + Andy last week I can tell you superstition or not I believe they will have a long and loving marriage. They work well with each other to solve problems and take care of each other. It’s obvious they care deeply for each other and their personalities mesh so well. They are amazing people and their wedding was equally amazing. I’m so excited to share with you their pink and pewter, blue bonnet surrounded, laughter filled, fun having, DIY, rustic, wedding amazingness. I hope you’re ready because the cuteness starts now!

LangWed Blog 01

I was all about the little fashion details for Andrea + Andy’s wedding day. From Andrea’s paw print socks (she’s a dog trainer!) to the lucky penny her dad gave her the night before her wedding that was made exactly 100 years before she was born. Plus, her bridesmaids gifts of jewelry for the day had me going all *heart eyes* up in the place! Tear drop stones with rose gold! It’s like she picked them just for me! Let’s also take one brief moment for one of the coolest groomsmen gifts I’ve ever seen. Etched pint glasses with a bottle opener that looks like a bullet all personalized with their names inside an ammo case. Yep... super cool. These two were definitely winning in the details category!

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LangWed Blog-09

This ring shot gives me all the happy photographer feels. #RingGoals

LangWed Blog 10

Andrea + Andy had a family friend do their florals. She used to own a flower shop but now just does florals for friends and family here and there. In order to keep the florals looking as fresh as possible she brought all of the flowers on site to create the boutonnières, bouquets, and centerpieces. I love these little twine wrapped baby’s breath boutonnières for the groom and groomsmen! Just prepare yourself for some adorable floral photos because I definitely loved all of her flowers. I’m a sucker for mostly white florals with a dash of one color and that’s exactly what these were! Plus there were fresh flowers in the cake AND the bride’s hair. I’ve died and gone to flower heaven!

LangWed Blog 11

Hey look at that... that’s one handsome groom! Let me just say that these groomsmen were some of the most helpful and amazing groomsmen I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with! Constantly asking me if there’s anything I need, confirming when to be where, making sure the bride and bridesmaids were taken care of. They were all amazing. I guess it helps when everyone is just one big group of friends that have known each other forever. Not to mention half of them had worked with me before at the wedding I photographed in Georgia last year. Either way... I loved them all. They were rockstars.

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Check out how beautiful all of these bridesmaids are! I love their grey dresses! Also... let’s just talk about Andrea and her #ModelStatus. This woman claims she’s not photogenic... -.- I’m just gonna say THIS.

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LangWed Blog 15

LangWed Blog-16

Also... this. Because flowers... with flowers as a background makes my heart happy.

LangWed Blog 17

Their venue, The Wilflower Barn was a beautiful property in the Hill Country of Driftwood, TX filled with flowers and trees. Andrea + Andy chose the Meadow Barn tucked way back in the trees surrounded by twinkle lights. I’m telling you, I was in. love. with this place. Beautiful I tell you. Beautiful.

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Their ceremony was absolutely beautiful! Upon arrival guests signed a watercolor picture of the Austin skyline. They were asked to be fully present during their unplugged ceremony where they exchanged vows, performed a wine ceremony, a hand ceremony, and even took a moment for friends and family in the audience to renew their vows with one another. It was a beautiful and touching ceremony with a prayer led by the groom’s mother and it was officiated by his uncle. There was laughter and there were tears but ultimately the goal was achieved and these two committed their lives to one another and sealed it with a kiss!

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One of my favorite moments at a wedding, besides the first dance, is the moments just after the ceremony. Emotions are high, love is in the air, and the couple is usually just giddy and beside themselves. That’s when moments and photos like this happen.

LangWed Blog 30


For reals. These people were awesome!

LangWed Blog 31

After the ceremony and wedding party photos it was finally a chance for Andrea + Andy to breathe, drink some wine, and then have some photos taken. And seriously guys, prepare yourselves for some adorable people looking fabulous. Because that’s what they did. I could just squeeze ‘em!

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Andrea wanted her details to be simple yet romantic. I think this was achieved with her colors, flowers, and that flipping beautiful cake! Fresh flowers in a white cake is seriously my favorite thing ever! I didn’t have a chance to try some but word on the street was that it was as delicious as it was beautiful!

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Okay, I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned before that the bride and groom’s first dance is one of my favorite parts of the day. If I haven’t mentioned it before I know I mentioned it earlier in this post... so there. It’s just such a beautiful moment between the couple where it’s just the two of them. And while everyone is watching them spin in circles to chosen music it feels like they’re the only one’s in the room. These photos of Andrea + Andy during their first dance to Ed Sheeran’s “Tenerife Sea” make me happy and remind me why I love weddings so much.

LangWed Blog-42

LangWed Blog-43

After the bride and groom’s first dance and dinner we went out for what normally would be a sunset portrait session. However, we didn’t get much of a sunset especially behind all of these trees. But the sky definitely gave us some color love. Which is A-OK by me!

LangWed Blog-44

LangWed Blog-45

Okay guys... get. your. tissues. ready. Once the sun had set, speeches were made, and the twinkle lights were in full on twinkle magic mode Andrea + Andy had their first dances with their parents. Andrea and her dad danced to “I Loved Her First” by Heartland. As if that wasn’t enough of a tear jerker HE SANG IT TO HER THE WHOLE TIME! No wonder she cried like a baby the whole time! Andrew and his mom danced to “Simple Kind of Man” by Lyndard Skynard and trust me the tears were still flowing the whole time! ALL THE PARENT FEELS!

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After we all dried our eyes there was cake to be had and dancing to be done!

LangWed Blog-48

LangWed Blog-49

LangWed Blog 50

At the end of the night the couple was sent off with sparklers and amazing memories! It was definitely one wonderful evening!

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Thank you SO much Andrea + Andrew for not only having me to document your wedding day but for your unending hospitality! I am beyond ecstatic and feel honored to have been involved in your day! I can’t wait to see what the future holds for you two and I look forward to more nights hanging out and playing Cards Against Humanity and listening to awesome music! You two are amazing and beautiful people and I wish you nothing but happiness!




Current City | Indianapolis, IN
Andrea | Dog Trainer
Andrew | Purchaser for a Pharmaceutical Company


Ceremony + Reception | The Wildflower Barn
Catering | Pappas Catering
Cake | Sugar Shack Bakery
Florals | Family Friend :: Courtney Bishop
Hair + Makeup | Bellezza Salon
Bride’s Dress | Essence of Australia :: Signature Bridal Salon
Bridesmaids Dresses | David’s Bridal
Groom + Groomsmen Attire | Men’s Wearhouse
Papergoods | DIY
Entertainment | The Tall Texan :: Claude Kilpatrick
Linens | Monarch Event Rentals
Second Photographer | Alexis Coulter

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