Intimate Backyard Labor Day Wedding // Kelly & Mel

“Whatever our souls are made up, his and mine are the same.” // Emily Bronte

I love this quote by Emily Bronte, I feel like it really describes Kelly + Mel’s relationship. Two ladies who have always been on the same wavelength. Three years ago, Kelly asked me to photograph a ceremony between her and her partner Mel at their home in Fishers over Labor Day weekend. At the time, same-sex marriage was not only not legal in Indiana but not part of our foreseeable future. Kelly + Mel didn’t know when or IF same-sex marriage would become legal in the state where they reside but they did know they were raising two amazing twin boys and they wanted those boys to feel their family come together. Three years ago Kelly + Mel proclaimed their love and promises to take care of each other in an intimate ceremony for close friends and family. I was honored to photograph their union then, but I was even more honored when Kelly invited me back to photograph their legal ceremony this past Labor Day at their annual Labor Day party. It was a fun filled evening with live music by Zanna Doo, catering by Simeri’s Italian Restaurant, swimming and dancing all around. I was so happy to be there surrounded by their love and zest for life. I couldn’t have asked for a better way to spend my Labor Day weekend!

Kelly Mel Dancing 0083 WEB

Since I was really only there for the ceremony and some candids there weren’t all of the typical prep photos such as details, wedding party, getting dressed, etc. Just two people committing themselves to each other. And in my opinion that’s all that matters.

HartmanCochran Wed HL 34 WEB

When your twin boys are reading bible verses at your wedding, you stop and watch. And then the photographer cries.

HartmanCochran Wed HL 19 WEB

HartmanCochran Wed HL 27 WEB


The way these two not only tied the knot but involved all of their closest family and friends is probably my favorite I’ve ever seen. I love how they had all of their family and friends come up and touch each other while they prayed! It was perfect.

HartmanCochran Wed HL-55 WEB

HartmanCochran Wed HL-67 WEB

HartmanCochran Wed HL-74 WEB


After it was all done there was a resounding cheer and a look of pure joy from everyone there!

HartmanCochran Wed HL 12 WEB

Cochmans LegalWed SP2 1 WEB

After the ceremony the two of them shared a first dance played by Zanna Doo. It was too sweet for words.

HartmanCochran Wed HL-110 WEB

HartmanCochran Wed HL-120 WEB


We finished up the night with a family portrait and a lovely photo of the couple. Congratulations on your life together! You two are pretty damn great!

HartmanCochran Wed HL 143 WEB

Cochmans LegalWed SP2 3 WEB

Thank you both for allowing me to be present on your special day(s) X2!! It's been wonderful knowing you and you both are some of the greatest people I know!! Enjoy your amazing life together!!

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