Indianapolis Spring Golf Club Wedding // Kathleen & Andrew

"Fill my heart with song, and let me sing for ever more." // Frank Sinatra

So I’m callin’ myself out here, I’ve been slacking on the blog posts. I know. I know. I’m sorry!! Please don’t hate me y’all! But lately, with going back to work full time my work load has become between writing blog posts or spending time with that adorable ginger child of mine! I’m sure you guys understand why I’ve chosen that adorable ginger child! That being said, I’m trying to get back on the old blogging horse and get back at it! I have too many amazing weddings and too many amazing clients this year to NOT share them with everyone! So I say we start off right away with Kathleen & Andrew’s wedding from *GASP* like three months ago! (Bad Jackie! Bad!) 

Kathleen & Andrew met back in December of 2008. Well at least that’s when they had their first real conversation! They had seen each other in passing before then. Recently they’ve moved themselves, their two dogs, and big fluffy cat all the way from Missouri here to Indiana where they’ve put down roots in the Greenwood area. The sweet couple and I bonded over a mutual love of all things nerdy and binge watching on Netflix. (My two favorite things!) Kathleen even had a “From Muggle to Mrs.” Harry Potter themed bachelorette weekend at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter! Super cool, and I’m super jealous! 

It was wonderful to watch almost 10 years in the making come to life as these two tied the knot at Valle Vista Golf Club back in May. The wedding was filled with fun and laughter from all of their friends and family.

We started our day at the hotel with Kathleen and all of her ladies. Between capturing details, eating Chik-Fil-A nuggets, getting dressed, and making Harry Potter potion drinks I think the girls had a good time hanging out and relaxing before all of the pictures began! Plus they were a super fun group of gals!

This ring shot makes my heart soar! 

Seriously, if all I could photograph were nerdy girls that made alcoholic Harry Potter potions in their prep suite with their girls... well I think I'd just be the happiest photo gal on the planet!

A little open window light plus an otherwise dark room make for some killer moody prep photos. I just love the look of these.

Y'all know I love me a good silhouette! 

Best part about a second shooter? The fact that she puts me in two places at once. Groom details and prep are just as important as the bride's. So I love that we can capture these moments for our couples.

These cuff links though!! Heart eyes! It's so nice to see something different from a tux/suit rental place. They're always those same ones! I love the knotted look of these! Cause... you know... they're... tying... the... knot! BA-DUM-TISS! Damn I'm so hilarious!

After leaving the hotel we all traveled downtown to White River State Park for the couple to have their first look together under the shady trees. It was a beautiful day downtown, the sun was shining and the temperature was just perfect for a spring wedding! I always love all of the beautiful views from this park of our city and White River State Park downtown is definitely a great place to get them! It's like a little urban oasis!

Bright sun on your wedding day?! Don't worry... I GOT YOU! I love vibrant photos and as long as everyone is looking at each other and the sun is mostly overhead or behind you the sun will still work in our favor. This was a small group but they were a good one. I loved working with Kathleen and Andrew's tight knit crew!

After finishing with the Wedding Party we took some time to capture just the two of them. Sun shining, blue skies, smiling faces. You can definitely tell they were so happy to be together! And I always love a chance to photograph along the canal. I love the side of the NCAA Hall of Fame with it's cobblestone walls. It makes a  canal in downtown Indianapolis feel a little more like it belongs somewhere in Europe! 

After we finished up at White River State Park we headed back to the venue to catch a few more wedding party photos including a spunky little flower girl! Seriously, this crew was cracking me up. Every time I would ask them to do a fun/crazy photo, Kathleen's bridesmaid Michelle would straight up THROW HER BOUQUET IN THE AIR! Oh, also, she caught it every time. Because she's a baller like that.

It's been many years since I've photographed at Valle Vista. But dang, they have updated their reception space! It was nice to be back in there after so many years and see the changes. Kathleen and Andrew had a sweet reception filled with little reflective candle-liers and a scavenger hunt! I loved the love seat they had at their head table for the two of them to sit in. Not to mention the HILARIOUS Instax photos the Wedding Party left on their plates for them to see when they sat down. I'm tellin' you. This group had me crackin' up!

After dinner and toasts the real party began! Kicking it off with a sweet first dance by the bride and a, self-admitted, non-dancer groom. I don't know for someone who doesn't dance Andrew looked PRETTY natural up there to me! Maybe it was being with his sweet bride but I loved capturing these moments for them. The sunset glowing through the windows behind them didn't hurt either! I may have been able to sneak a FEW other pictures later in the night of this "Non-Dancer" groom cutting a rug with the flower girl. But I guess you'll just have to wait and see!

You have to know there was no way I was going to watch that sunset glowing through the window without asking my couple to go outside and capture some of that light. And I'm so glad I did because I think I may have captured my favorite photo from this wedding during that time! Thanks to Andrew for making Kathleen laugh! Totes worth it! And aren't you glad we went outside for those sunset photos!? Cause by the looks of these I'd say it was pretty darn worth it!

The sun slipped away from the horizon we decided to head back inside to get the party going! Remember when I said this Wedding Party was hilarious?! Well after her duties of "Money Collector" during the Money Dance Kathleen's maid of honor, Megan, decided to rub their winnings in everyone's face by makin' it RAIN up in here! Favorite. Photo. EVER. Seriously, when I was going through the photos from this wedding I was out loud laughing at this one. Just too freaking funny.

So although Kathleen and Andrew's flower girl was super spunky and ready for her close up at any given moment their ring bearer was a little more camera shy. He wanted to be close to his parents and wasn't sure about me, the photos, and all the hub-bub that was going on. But man, once the music started and Daddy put him on his shoulders to dance his face LIT UP and he was easily the most popular thing on the dance floor! But I mean, why wouldn't he be with that adorable face!! Dad looked like he was having a pretty good time too.

I remember this little guy making me miss my Beckett so much that night. The hardest part of my job is being away for the long hours of a wedding day multiple Saturdays out of the year. It's even harder now that I work a day job. So every time I see a kiddo around Beckett's age on a wedding day, especially a little boy, my heart becomes an aching puddle wishing I could squeeze my own little guy. But I love this job and even though I miss out on Saturdays with friends and family I wouldn't trade it for anything.

There's always one at every wedding. One person or couple that are the best dancers and they OWN the floor with their mad skills. Well at this wedding we had A BUNCH of dancers. They all were killing it all night long!

Remember how I said I snuck some photos of the groom dancing!? Well here they are... PROOF that the groom isn't a terrible dancer... he just needs a good partner! 

After all of the dancing, singing, laughing, and fun of the reception the bride and groom ended their night under the glow of sparklers held by their family and friends as they exited the venue as husband and wife ready to embark on their European honeymoon vacation. (Which I was super jelly of and I stalked ALL of the Facebook photos. True story: I vicariously live through all of my client's honeymoon photos because I need a vacation so bad!)

Congratulations Kathleen and Andrew! Thank you SO much for having myself and Stephanie on your big day! I had so much fun hanging out with you and all of your family and friends! Thank you for your patience on this blog post. I know it's LONG overdue but I am so glad I was able to get these photos out on my website for the world to see! Enjoy each other! Much love!!




Current City | Greenwood, IN
Kathleen | Research Associate & Project Officer
Andrew | Hospitality


Venue | Valle Vista Golf Club
Hair Stylist | Urban Euphoria // Sarah
Makeup Artist | Urban Euphoria // Brittney
Bride's Dress | Elegance Bridal Boutique // Designed by Alfred Angelo (RIP)
Bridesmaid's Dresses | Clarice's Bridal
Groom & Groomsman Tuxes | The Black Tux
Entertainment | DJ Connection
Second Photographer| Stephanie Duncan




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