Indianapolis Museum of Art Colorful Rose Gold Wedding // Sarah & Tim

“And if you have a minute, why don't we go. Talk about it somewhere only we know?” // Lilly Allen

Back in June I was lucky enough to spend the day with Sarah and Tim at their wonderful day amongst the art of the Indianapolis Art Museum with friends and family celebrating their union. It was a rainy day in Indianapolis but we did not let hat dampen the day! The beautiful natural light of the IMA plus their shining attitudes made for some pretty spectacular photos! 

Sarah and Tim met through mutual friends stealing glances from across a party. Seriously, their story sounds like the beginning of the romance movie we all wish we were in sometimes! (Minus all of the terrible scripted drama of course!) After a fun day of putt-putt at the IMA and walking through the beautiful gardens with Sarah and her daughter Ellie, Tim decided to propose to both of them. And that’s where our story began that led us to this day. Where two of the sweetest people ever decided to join together in life. I seriously couldn’t have had a cooler couple. Fun, sweet, nerdy, and all around amazing people. I’m so happy to have been there to document their special day. And even though it rained all morning, there was no way the sun could stay hidden all day for them. The sun came out in the evening for a beautiful sunset over the very putt-putt course that Tim took Sarah and Ellie to when he proposed. An all around wonderful day. Read more to see it all for yourself!

I don’t know if Sarah and I are just connected on some sort of wavelength or what but when I saw her ring for the first time I think my jaw dropped. Because if I could re-do my wedding ring (which I would never do honey, I swear! I love it!) I would do it in rose gold! All of Sarah’s jewelry and details reflected a theme of rose gold! Even Tim was down to rock the pinkish metal on his band! Cause Tim’s a baller like that! Top off the jewelry with her pink champagne dress and nude Lauren Conrad shoes and man we’re in business! Seriously, love these details! 

Side note, let’s talk for a minute about how Sarah’s earrings are rose gold safety pins! 

The ladies’ prep suite was filled with fun and laughter with Sarah’s two besties by her side plus Ellie and the whole #TeamJSP crew! We had a blast in there making everyone look beautiful! So  so much fun! I loved the moment that Sarah gave Ellie the bow ring that Tim first gave Sarah when they were dating. She put it on a chain for her to wear around her neck until she was big enough to wear it as a ring! Cue the aww’s and grab the tissues!! For reals!

Next up we spent some time with the gentlemen. Photographing Tim’s details and getting dressed. I do love me a good bow tie! Stephanie caught some good moments of Tim’s prep before we headed out to the beautiful natural light filled entry of the IMA. This room couldn’t have been better lit if I TRIED! These guys were so fun and definitely too cool for school! They whole heartedly embraced my “GQ” poses and definitely made them their own. 

After we tucked the guys away our ladies came out to our natural light haven and snuggled up for some portraits. The bridesmaids were so wonderful with Ellie making her part of the girls group the whole day through. Complete with group snuggles. 

But, for real though, you’ve gotta be kidding yourself if you think I’m not going to catch some killer wide shots of Sarah solo with her big princess gown under the cool suspended art sculpture. Like really, get outta town with all that. I had to do it!

Y’all know I love vibrant colors. They make me happy. I mean, my hair is currently blue for pete sake. Color is my jam! So when I found out that they were getting married in front of the geometric colored mural at the IMA my heart may have exploded into rainbow glitter. PLUS the IMA put their LOVE sculpture in the middle of the room!! How perfect for a wedding ceremony!! It also made a perfect divider between the ceremony space and reception space. 

Watching Sarah and Tim exchange vows was such a touching ceremony. Ellie stood next to Sarah the whole time and the three of them held hands. I’m pretty sure Sarah shed a few tears when giving her vows. 

One of my favorite part of Sarah & Tim’s reception decor are the hand folded paper origami hearts that filled the vases in the center of their tables. They picked all of the colors because they felt it mimicked the colorful mural they got married in front of. Such a cute idea! Also, rose gold wooden cake topper?! Yes please!

Also, can we give an extra high five, fist bump, and confetti toss for the delicious food by Kahn’s Catering?! Seriously all of the appetizers were sooooo good!

Once the ceremony was over we joined up the whole wedding party for one heckuva fun photo on the escalator! I loved this light up wall. Plus this crew! They were a fun group of people. Smiles, cheers, and hugs all around.

Remember how I mentioned it rained all day for Sarah & Tim’s wedding?! Well it did!! But you would never know it with the BEAUTIFUL freaking sunset we had! After we finished up photos of the two of them inside we went outside to that beautiful sunset drenched light. Seriously… this is the light I livvvvve for. 

This ring shot!! Heart eyes! Stephanie… you’re the best!

As for the rest of these sunset shots?! When I saw the sun lookin' as gorgeous as it was my heart seriously went boom!

Tim… you are legit one dapper groom!! Rockin’ those GQ-Bond moves. Also, “smizing” better than Tyra Banks herself! 

After all of the pictures were finished, we kicked off the reception with Ellie ringing the chimes to call dinner. Kahn's always tries to have a kid from the family of the couple ring the dinner chimes and it's always hands down one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen! But I think Ellie made it even cuter the way she ran to her mom for a hug right after!

After a little announcement of the happy couple and Ellie they went and immediately did every child's dream... cut the cake FIRST! Sarah and Tim wanted to serve cake first for Ellie, cause if there’s any time you get to eat cake before dinner... it’s at your mom’s wedding. Life’s short… eat cake first.

Sarah & Tim’s first dance to the Lilly Allen cover of “Somewhere Only We Know” was super sweet. But the best part was when Ellie got her own special dance. And she may or may not have been included on Sarah’s father/daughter dance. Which was also super cute. Honestly, this whole wedding was a day for Ellie to celebrate! They picked the color purple because it’s Ellie’s favorite color, cake first, special dances, special surprises. It was just an all around Ellie day!

But hands down, one of the best part of the evening was toasts and speeches. And the best part of those toasts was when Ellie got the mic and started giving all of us life advice on how to be our best selves. No, seriously. She dropped some real advice on all of us adults. It was pretty great! But the way Sarah looked at Ellie during her little speech was the absolute best.

The evening continued with dancing, drinks, and fun all around. And although Sarah is a self-admitted “non-dancer” she got down on the dance floor a couple times. Including a final dance with Tim at the end of the night. Seriously, these smiles remind me of why I do.

Thank you so much Sarah and Tim for everything! It was an absolute PLEASURE working with you both and spending your special day with you! Thank you for entrusting #TeamJSP to document your special memories and take care of your special day. Love you both so much! Congratulations! May you both always be #EverGardner





Sarah | IT Professional
Tim | Computer Repair Services
Current City | Indianapolis, IN


Venue | Indianapolis Museum of Art
Catering & Cake | Kahn’s Catering
Florals | Provided by Posh Petals // Designed by Groom’s Mother - Marcy Carlson
Hair & Makeup | Glitter & Gold // Ashley Huse & Josie Scott
Bride’s Dress | David’s Bridal // Vera Wang
Bride’s Shoes | Lauren Conrad
Bridesmaid Dresses | David’s Bridal
Groom & Groomsmen Attire | Men’s Wearhouse
Entertainment | Event One DJ’s
Second Photographer | Stephanie Duncan


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