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I'm pretty sure someone said wine? Ohh, it's a wine themed wedding you say? Complete with wine barrels, beautiful florals, and a wine mixing ceremony? Oh, and it's at the Mavris Arts + Events center in downtown Indianapolis? AND it's an amazing couple one of which is the brother-in-law of an AMAZING photographer? Why yes, of course, I'll be there. 

When Chelsea approached me back in February 2013 for her May 2014, vineyard themed wedding at the Mavris I was absolutely stoked. Champagne, burgundy, + touches of olive green colors, one of my favorite venues (that I wanted to get married at myself!), awesome vendors, and wine themed. It's like there were little angels shining down on me that day when she decided she wanted me to be the one to document her day. I was definitely honored to say the least.

Photographing their day was an absolute blast. It rained that day, but no one cared. Everyone had the best disposition. The day was definitely full of love, happy tears, laughter, and a good time had by all. 

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Chelsea's wedding was full of beautiful details but in my opinion her dress was one of the best. The intricate detailing of the little lace flowers and beading was the best part. Their rings were also pretty exquisit. I loved the wood detailing on his ring. Definitely a nice touch to the traditional white gold band that I'm used to seeing. Plus, I'm always a sucker for a two shoe bride so I couldn't complain when Chelsea handed me two shoe boxes when it came time to photograph her details. 

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As to be expected. Chelsea looked beautiful. Her make up and hair were done by none other than, Ashley Waddale. She did an excellent job. Surrounded by amazing family and friends during her prep time while listening to the Frozen soundtrack was definitely a good way to begin the day. But there were definitely the some happy tears shed when Chelsea finally donned that gorgeous dress. She definitely looked stunning.

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I'm not usually afforded the opportunity to photograph the groom before the first look. It was so nice to be able to catch some photos of Nick as he opened his gift of custom cufflinks from his bride.

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I love me a good floral arrangement. Granted, I know absolutely nothing about flowers, the different kinds, and what to put together. But I do know a good floral arrangement when I see one. And I know that when I work with Linda Batker of Accent Floral Design that's exactly what I'll get. She always puts her heart and soul into all of her work and goes above and beyond the call of duty to give her clients the florals they deserve. She's pretty much incredible. So if you're looking for good florals for your wedding I highly recommend looking towards her.

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Chelsea + Nick's first look and portraits were so cute. The weather was a little gloomy that day but we were able to eek out some good photos before the rain really started to come down! I was so glad we were able to use this stair case for the first look! 

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So my newest obsession is silhouettes! I just love them! I honestly don't know why but when I see an opportunity for a silhouette I just can't help myself. Not only did a get a great one of Chelsea + Nick, I got an even more fun one of the bridal party on the roof patio of the Mavris! They were so much fun! I loved them!

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Speaking of the fun bridal party we should definitely check out some photos of their awesomeness. With the groom's brother and his wife being part of the crew plus a slue of other awesome people it was just a good group of people to spend the day with!

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Not gonna lie guys, their ceremony photos are some of my favorite ceremony photos to date. I asked the venue to open up all of the blinds since we were going to be inside for the ceremony. With the approval of Chelsea they obliged and I managed to find myself a little corner right by the window where the light was shining on them perfectly and it just made some ceremony photo magic. Chelsea's smile throughout the whole ceremony made the time spent during it absolutely memorable. Plus with the musical violin stylings of Brook Xiao, their ceremony was beautiful and touching and I loved every single second of it.

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So let's talk cake. This cake by Classic Cakes was nothing short of a miracle. Chelsea hates fondant (as she should) and was very adamant about her whole cake frosting being butter cream. This amazing cake including a sugar peony flower made my heart flutter. Not to mention the dozens of homemade macarons that the mother of the groom made for all of the guests. Awesome I tell you... awesome.

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The reception set up was awesome as well! I loved the tall vases with baby's breath and twigs. Plus the table numbers were just stinking awesome. I wonder if Chelsea drank all of those bottles of wine herself! I wish I would have known! I would have happily came out to North Carolina to help her drink them!

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First dances are some of my favorite photos of the wedding day. I mean I love details, portraits, and the ceremony but the first dance is that moment the bride and groom have to themselves. Once all of the chaos has died down, portraits are done, and they are finally married the couple are left with nothing but an empty dancefloor, a hand picked song, and themselves. Usually there is a lot of emotion, which is probably my favorite part. 

Another time during a wedding that's growing on me is toasts. Tears or laughter. Either one makes toast time one of my favorite times. 

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So, with Indiana weather being it's normal unpredictable self the weather cleared up again in the evening right around sunset. We were able to run out before we lost all light and snag some awesome photos of Chelsea + Nick, plus her new sister-in-law, Cassie. I love how the skyline is behind them and the color of the sky. Swoon!

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Chelsea + Nick, it was an honor to be part of your day. I had the greatest time working with you and documenting your day. I wish you all of the happiness in the world and I look forward to more Facebook photos of your life together since you're so far away. Enjoy the rest of your life together. You both deserve it!





Current City | Raleigh, NC
Chelsea | Data Analyst
Nick |  IT Engineer



Ceremony + Reception | The Mavris Arts + Events Center
Hair + Make Up | Ashley Waddale
Florals | Linda Batker of Accent Floral Design
Catering | The Mavris
Cake | Classic Cakes
Bride's Dress + Shoes | David's Bridal + Nina Electra/TOMS
Bridesmaids Dresses + Shoes | David's Bridal + Mixed
Groom's Tux | Men's Warehouse
Groomsmen's Tuxes | Men's Warehouse
Entertainment | Lakeside Entertainment
Violinist | Brook Xiao
Photo Booth | Happy Snaps Photo Booth


Oh, also, just because everyone needs to see this epicness. This happened in their photobooth! Thank you Happy Snaps for having digital downloads of wedding photobooths!

Oh, and have I mentioned before that I have the best clients?! I think I have! But when I have clients that take the time to get into their photobooths with me and take ridiculous photos I've reached a whole new level of awesome clients! Thanks Chelsea for rockin' it out!

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