Indianapolis Intimate Woodland Literary Wedding // Lindsey & Eric

“Love, it’s not an emotion. Love is a promise.” // The 12th Doctor: Doctor Who

When your bride quotes Doctor Who in her wedding vows you know she’s the right bride for you. It doesn't hurt that Lindsey + Eric are also close friends of mine and my husband. My husband has known Eric since high school and I’ve known him since my husband and I started dating seven years ago. Of course when Eric started bringing Lindsey around we all immediately loved her. Because she’s just like us. So it was no surprise when Eric and Lindsey announced they were going to get married that they asked my husband and I to stand with them. But then what Lindsey said next changed everything:

“You can still photograph my wedding and be a bridesmaid right?”

And of course I said:


So let me preface this blog post by saying it’s gonna be a long one. I was so involved in the wedding it was hard not to tell every aspect of the day in this post. But if you can bear with me I promise it will be worth it! It was a crazy day of playing bridesmaid, wedding planner/designer, and photographer. But with the help of Joni Bilderback the day was pulled off with tons of fun and capturing their relationship just as it is. No frills. No excess. Just two people committing themselves to one another surrounded by family and friends in an intimate outdoor ceremony and reception followed by drinks, music, a bonfire, and camping.

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From the minute Lindsey got engaged she said she wanted to do a woodland theme wedding with cranberry, champagne, and gold colors. I suggested that since her and Eric are such avid readers that we should add in a literary theme. With the help of everyone involved we DIY’d almost the entire wedding. Including dip dying her wedding invitations!

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Lindsey is definitely not a frilly, fancy-fance girl. She likes looking pretty but it’s just not her style to spend thousands of dollars on a wedding dress she’s going to only wear once! Her beautiful beaded simple silhouette dress paired with some beaded sandals, stud earrings, and her opal engagement ring are definitely right up her alley. Eric and his groomsmen donned red bow ties (a nod to the eleventh doctor perhaps?), and wheat boutonnieres made by the bride’s mother!

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I loved how every one got ready together in the same bedroom. Lindsey and all of her bridesmaids prepped for the big day in her mom’s bedroom. I thought it was kind of intimate and sweet.

HuseWed Blog 10Photo By: Joni Bilderback

I was so excited when it was time for the two of them to have their first look and get their portraits done together. Eric thought a first look was silly but I definitely thought it was a cute moment for the two of them. The wedding was held on the property of Lindsey’s mom’s neighbor, Roger. Lindsey grew up knowing Roger and he was happy to allow them to use the property. And boy, was there lots of it! Wooded areas, a barn, big fields, a creek. There were tons of places to take photos at! I just didn’t even know where to start! It was great having time to walk around and capture the property in all of it’s beauty!

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As always, our on staff stylist Ashley rocked out Lindsey’s hair and makeup! Her gold toned eyeshadow was awesome and the loose, curly up-do was amazing! Also, it stayed up ALL. DAY!

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These guys are some of the craziest guys I know. Trying to get them to focus for two minutes to take some groomsmen and wedding party photos definitely tested my skill level as a photographer. Poor Joni didn't know what she was getting herself into when she signed up to second shoot with me! Bless her, she handled this crazy group with grace!

HuseWed Blog-14

HuseWed Blog-15Photo By: Joni Bilderback

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Photo By: Joni Bilderback

Remember when I said this property was gorgeous?! Yeah. I wasn’t kidding! I love the way Joni captured the sun shining through the trees as you walk up toward the ceremony location. Now was time for me to put my camera away and stand beside my friend as she married her best friend!

HuseWed Blog 17
Photo By: Joni Bilderback

I loved their guest book idea! A dictionary that they had people circle words and sign their name next to! Such a them thing to do!

HuseWed Blog 18
Photo By: Joni Bilderback

Lindsey took a page out of my husband’s and my book and had her dad build a box for them where they placed letters to each other and a bottle of wine to be shared on their tenth wedding anniversary. Plus, that book page heart curtain. Yeah we made that ourselves. I think if we never saw a book page heart ever again it would be too soon! ;)

HuseWed Blog 19
Left Photo By: Joni Bilderback

Cue the cutest ring bearer... ever. In a bow tie!! Doesn’t hurt that he’s our stylist, Ashley’s, son! Love this photo of him!

HuseWed Blog 20
Photo By: Joni Bilderback

I’m such a sucker for a good dad moment. This is definitely one of my faves from last year.

HuseWed Blog 21
Photo By: Joni Bilderback

This right here is probably one of my most favorite moments from their ceremony. I’ve known Eric for almost 7 years and I’ve never once seen him get emotional. But during his vows he couldn’t hold himself back. I’m so glad I was able to witness this with my eyes and take in the whole moment without my camera in front of my face. And I’m so glad Joni captured their vows exactly as they were. It was so beautiful. And there were definitely some tears shed during their vows by not only the bride and groom but bridesmaids and parents alike! I’m such a sucker for parents crying!

HuseWed Blog-22Photo By: Joni Bilderback

HuseWed Blog-23Photo By: Joni Bilderback

HuseWed Blog-24Photo By: Joni Bilderback

HuseWed Blog-25Photo By: Joni Bilderback

HuseWed Blog-26Photo By: Joni Bilderback 

After they exchanged their rings they nailed their box shut and had their first kiss! But my favorite is this adorable hug they had right after their first kiss. So sweet!

HuseWed Blog-27Photo By: Joni Bilderback

HuseWed Blog-28Photo By: Joni Bilderback

HuseWed Blog-29Photo By: Joni Bilderback

HuseWed Blog-30Photo By: Joni Bilderback 

Their tented reception was intimate and super fun. I loved all of their centerpieces and table names. Each table was either a different author, book, or book series. It was super finding the books and figuring out what each table would be. I loved all of the books, flowers, candles, and lace. Lindsey really wanted to use book flowers, but not only book flowers, she said she wanted to mix book page flowers (that we made ourselves) in with real flowers in milk glass bud vases. I thought it turned out beautifully!

HuseWed Blog-31-2Photo By: Joni Bilderback

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When the groom is a cook you know the food at his wedding is going to be awesome. Especially when he makes it himself! He had help from some friends but most of the food was prepared by himself (on his wedding day!) and the menu was entirely designed by him and his bride! You know your wedding food is good and you have mad cooking skills when the owner of Papa Roux posts their wedding meal on social media talking about how delicious it was. And I will say, it was mighty tasty! Some of the best wedding food I’ve had!

HuseWed Blog-37-2Photo By: Joni Bilderback

HuseWed Blog-37-3Photo By: Joni Bilderback

Also when your brother builds you a pallet bar out of wine barrels and wood pallets. You use it. This was the coolest custom bar I’ve ever seen. And trust me... it was sturdy!

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HuseWed Blog-38

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Also, wedding pie. I will forever vote for and eat wedding pie. Pie > Cake. There I said it. Now I expect everyone to switch to pies instead of cakes. Okay? Okay!

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Eric’s youngest brother is stationed in California for the Marine’s and wasn’t able to get leave to come to his wedding. As sad as it was he made sure to call his brother and tell him congratulations during the reception right before first dances. I thought it was a sweet moment.

HuseWed Blog-42Left Photo By: Joni Bilderback

HuseWed Blog-43Photo By: Joni Bilderback

I’m pretty sure there were tons of people in tears in the audience during Lindsey and her dad’s fun and sweet first dance. Also, Eric’s mom mentioned that this was probably the closest Eric had stood to her in years! I guess Eric isn’t very huggy with his mother!

HuseWed Blog 44Photo By: Joni Bilderback

In lieu of traditional maid of honor and best man speeches Eric + Lindsey decided to thank all of their friends and family for not only attending their special day but all of those who helped make it happen. Plus, toasting with the cutest nephew ever.

HuseWed Blog-46

HuseWed Blog-47Right Photo By: Joni Bilderback

The last thing we did was take the most wicked photo ever. The photo that I’m sure EVERYONE has seen a million times now and is super tired of but I. DON’T. CARE! It’s my favorite photo from 2015! Lindsey + Eric were super baller and allowed me to do a smoke bomb photo of them with RED SMOKE! It is by far one of the coolest things I’ve ever done! Thank you so so much to Lindsey and Eric for not only having me photograph your big day and help design it but to stand by your side while you make memories. It’s a day I will never ever forget. Thank you both for being incredible friends and I love you both dearly!

HuseWed Blog 50 2

HuseWed Blog 50

Also, this blog post wouldn’t be complete without a shout out to Joni for helping me photograph the day. I seriously couldn’t have done it without you!

Congratulations Lindsey + Eric! I look forward to seeing your relationship grow over the years! Also, have fun this September when you celebrate your honeymoon/anniversary in IRELAND! Yeah, I’m definitely jelly of that!





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Guest - Connie on Wednesday, 16 March 2016 12:00

This was an awesome blog about the wedding. It had me tearing up a time or two remembering that day. It was so special for all of us and you have captured all those special moments for a lifetime and as a side note, Eric is not very huggy with me, not his style.

This was an awesome blog about the wedding. It had me tearing up a time or two remembering that day. It was so special for all of us and you have captured all those special moments for a lifetime and as a side note, Eric is not very huggy with me, not his style.
Guest - Wendy Ruff on Thursday, 17 March 2016 13:19

Proud Mama Ruff
I relive this day with such happiness, for my beautiful daughter and her handsome husband, reading Jackie's blog! This was by far one of the happiest days of my life!

Proud Mama Ruff I relive this day with such happiness, for my beautiful daughter and her handsome husband, reading Jackie's blog! This was by far one of the happiest days of my life!