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“What Does That Make Us?” “Big Damn Lovebirds, Sir.” “Ain’t We Just?” // Firefly (modified)

What happens when you put two big damn lovebirds (tee hee), an engagement session, elephants, a gaming convention, a LARP, and a wedding all in one weekend? You get a big damn blog post of the whole shindig!

Lisa + Dave chose to wed surrounded by all of their friends and family at the local FREE gaming convention Whosyer Con at the Wyndham Indianapolis West. It’s only fitting since the two of them met in convention scene. These two have some of the biggest hearts I’ve ever seen. They volunteer their time and work incredibly hard at several conventions every year in order to support their friends, chosen family, and the fandoms they love so much. It’s no wonder that there wasn’t an empty seat in the house at their ceremony, there were even people even standing in the back just to watch them tie the knot! So buckle your seat belts kids and hold on for the ride because this blog post is going to be a long one but I promise it will be full of happiness and two people crazy in love surrounded by amazing friends and family!

LisaDave Wed Blog 01

On Thursday we took some time to take some engagement photos of the two of them. Before we took these photos we got to watch some elephants painting little canvases at the Indianapolis Zoo! Which was super cool! It was a gift to the bride and groom's mothers who are big fans of elephants and were meeting each other for the first time! But the photos of these two are pretty sweet in my opinion!

LisaDave Esesh Blog-03

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LisaDave Esesh Blog-06

See what I mean! Elephants!

LisaDave Esesh Blog-01

LisaDave Esesh Blog-02

Now... on to the wedding! Lisa + Dave decided to have their wedding at a convention that they attend every year called Whosyer Con. The convention is a free gaming convention that floods the halls of the Wyndham Indianapolis West with all walks of geek life. This is truly a fitting location for Lisa + Dave to wed because they both have been heavily involved in the convention scene for many years. Due to this, and their never ending desire to have a good laugh, Lisa + Dave decided to legally wed on April 1st during a big LARP hosted and organized by their good friend Heather Lee. (For those of you who don’t speak geek LARP stands for Live Action Role Playing.) During the LARP Lisa + Dave wed with the passing of a drink and a floral crown and sealed with a kiss. Friends and family joined in on the LARP and toasted to their love!

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After a wonderful after party on Friday night the two woke up the next day to prepare for their wedding ceremony. The amazing Ashley of our beauty division, Glitter + Gold: Beauty Rockstars, did an amazing job on Lisa’s hair and makeup. Complete with fresh flowers in her hair and a beautiful bold lipstick. It was so fitting. If there’s anyone I know that should have fresh flowers in her hair it’s Lisa. So fitting, considering she’s basically forest fairy.

LisaDave Wed Blog-07

LisaDave Wed Blog-08


The little details are some of my favorite parts of weddings. I love the thought that goes into things such as jewelry and attire. Bringing along little parts of your past and personalities to the new beginning of your future and the joining of two lives. Lisa + Dave’s details were no exception. It’s an on-going inside joke that Dave controls the snow (he really like’s snow, it’s freaky), Lisa chose to include that aspect of Dave’s personality in her earrings and his bow tie and pocket square. Plus their super awesome (and geeky) möbius strip rings and her bracelet! Extra geek points that her bracelet was made in a 3D printer!

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The couple chose to have their friends be part of their wedding as much as possible. This included their vendors as well. Their friend and fellow geek, Beth Ann Broadhurst, did all of the flowers for their day. I loved the bouquet with the tropical flowers and pops of pink. It just worked so perfectly.

LisaDave Wed Blog 15

Okay guys, this is seriously the best part of this wedding. This couple had, hands down, the. best. ceremony I’ve ever had the privilege of photographing. From entering the ceremony to Pharrell’s “Happy”; to having cue cards to allow for guest participation; to having the biggest smiles during their ring exchange; to hugging every one of their guests as they left the ceremony. This ceremony was full of so much love and happiness but my most favorite part is that it was full of laughter. I feel like more ceremonies should be full of laughter.

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After the ceremony we went to the Canal Walk at White River State Park to take some portraits. It was crazy windy on the day of their wedding so it was pretty insane being downtown trying to take pictures! It almost felt like taking photos in a tornado with all of the debris and dust flying around! I know I’m exaggerating but the wind was pretty crazy. And it was coolllllllllddddd. But they were troopers and pushed through it to get some wicked photos and we captured some sweet moments between the two of them. They were definitely rockstars through all of this!

LisaDave Wed Blog 26

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I told you Ashley did an awesome job on Lisa’s hair and makeup. It definitely shows in this photo. Absolutely stunning.

LisaDave Wed Blog 30

The couple decided to opt for a non-traditional reception. They had a large suite opened up most of the weekend for friends and family to come and go as they please, enjoy food, and socialize. After we finished with our windy portrait session we returned their suite for a cake cutting. It was decorated with fairy lanterns and friendly faces. Their cake was not only pretty but tasty as well!! Made by Christine Reynolds of Truly Your Treats it was a good way to start of my wedding season belly noms. I may have had two cupcakes myself! (Mmmm vanilla almond!!) But the best part was in true Meece-Mott style in lieu of a champagne toast they did a rum shot toast. With some really good rum.

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Unfortunately as with all wedding cakes they had to cut it. But apparently, it was worth it because it was just as delicious as it was beautiful!

LisaDave Wed Blog-39

LisaDave Wed Blog-40


They day was beautiful and full of friends and laughter. I was so lucky to be part of the day and be involved in documenting their memories. It also ended with two people, crazy in love, promising their lives together. Total win in my book.

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Thank you so much Lisa + Dave for having me not only document your memories but be so involved in all of your wedding weekend festivities. I love it when my clients become friends, but it’s even better when my friends become my clients. Thank you for trusting me with this especially important duty. And thank you for taking care of me throughout your whole weekend. Such an amazing way to start off my wedding season! You two are both just the greatest! Congratulations and I look forward to seeing many years of happiness for you two!




Current City | Carmel, IN
Lisa | Life Coach :: Learning Architect Group
Dave | Engineer :: SEP


Ceremony + Reception | Wyndham Indianapolis West
Catering | Jamaican Reggae Grill
Cake | Truly Your Treats :: Christine Reynolds
Florals | Beth Ann Broadhurst
Hair + Makeup | Ashley Huse :: Glitter + Gold: Beauty Rockstars
Bride’s Dress | David’s Bridal
Groom’s Tux | Men’s Wearhouse
Groom’s Bow Tie + Pocket Square | Etsy

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