Indianapolis Elegant Teal + Silver Omni Severin Wedding // Brittany & Cody

“I’ve got you, I don’t need nothing, more than you. I got everything, I’ve got you.” // Jack Johnson

Oh my word, this day finally arrived. A wedding, a life, a friendship, and a love; nine years in the making that it’s hard to believe it’s finally here! Although the weather was cold, the wind was blowing, and things were crazy there was warmth and calming sense of love in the way Brittany and Cody embraced on their wedding day last weekend. With a touching ceremony at Zionsville Presbyterian Church and a gorgeous reception at The Omni Severin Hotel. I was thrilled to be photographing their big day and I had an absolute blast! After photographing their engagement session last year I knew we were going to have a wonderful time on their big day, and we did. So much so that it even exceeded my expectations. I was welcomed into their day and their family with open arms. By the end of the day, I almost felt like one of Brittany’s long lost cousins! But the best part about the whole day was was watching two high school sweethearts commit themselves to one another and taking the first step of many to the rest of their lives together!

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Let me start of first by saying that the bridal suite at The Omni is absolutely stunning! I mean, there’s a spiral staircase in it! And so much natural light I didn’t know what to do with it all! Floor to ceiling (two story!) windows with a sliding glass door to a balcony overlooking Lucas Oil Stadium. Yep, it was awesome! I loved photographing details and prep photos in there with Brittany, all of her bridesmaids, and family.

Let’s also take a brief moment to recognize that Brittany’s dress was flipping awesome. Silk with a bedazzled empire waistline. Plus grey bridesmaids dresses with lace tops. Heart eyes for days!

All of her details were just stunning. Including her teal shoes and her cathedral veil that she had lace from her mom’s wedding dress put on. This girl literally thought of everything.

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Every single girl in her wedding party, and all of the ladies in Brittany’s family that were in the bridal suite had some flawless makeup. Thanks to Jacks Von Liria working for Karen Hall & Co. Which made sense Jacks won FIRST PLACE on Indy A-List for Best Wedding Makeup! (We high fived for both being top 5 Indy A-Lister’s! We bonded I’m sure of it.) Either way, in combination of Jacks’ stellar makeup, their hair stylist Cindie Quigley everyone looked absolutely stunning when it was time to walk down the aisle!

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If you’re going to do a black suit, in my opinion the best way to do it is all black. Black shoes, black tie, black vest, white shirt. Boom. You got yourself one sharp dressed groom. Cody was no exception. Him and all of his groomsmen looked super sharp thanks to their already dashing good looks and their Jos. A Bank suits!

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I love this moment of Brittany’s mom, Linda, assisting her oldest daughter getting her dress on before they walked down the aisle! I don’t know how she kept it together! I’m going to be a puddle of tears whenever my baby boy gets married. Although, I did see her glossy eyed during the ceremony.

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Speaking of ceremony. I’m just gonna say, this flower girl and ring bearer duo was absolutely the cutest thing ever. First of all, how sweet is it that the ring bearer was helping the flower girl!? Secondly, somehow they didn't get the memo that you’re supposed to disperse flowers WHILE you walk. All they knew was that flowers needed to be on the floor and they needed to make their way to the stage. So they stood at the end of the aisle pulling all of the petals out of the basket handful by handful as fast as they could! I was surprised they didn’t dump the whole thing upside down to expedite the process! Once the basket was empty they made their way up to the stage. It was adorably hilarious and just too cute!

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When Brittany entered through the doors of the church sanctuary with her arm linked tightly to her dads, making her way up the aisle to her groom who she was just seeing for the first time that day. A man she has grown to know and love over the past nine years. I could tell she was holding back the tears. I could tell they both were. I’m surprised they weren’t crying! I almost did! Brittany’s sister and Maid of Honor Deeana, however, did not fare so well on the holding back the tears. It was a beautiful and funny ceremony that ended with happy tears, kissing, and clapping by all!

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After the ceremony everyone piled into a huge limo and make their way down to Monument Circle for wedding party photos! I feel like I say this every time I shoot a wedding, and that because most of the time it’s true but, this wedding party was a group of total rockstars. It was cold and windy and less than exciting to be outside in! Especially considering that it’s MAY! (Go home Indiana weather, you’re drunk.) But they go out there, bared the cold and wind to smile and cheer next to their friends in celebration of their tying the knot and they made it look fabulous! We worked quickly! Things ran behind at the ceremony site so we had about a total of fifteen minutes to complete almost all wedding party photos and bride and groom photos. All I have to say is we did it... and boom... mic drop.

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These two are so stinkin’ cute. The cutest cuties who ever cuted. Yes. I went there. I said it. It’s not real English. I don’t care. Moving on.

I love Brittany’s face here. That’s the face of a bride who so excited that she just got married.

McFarlandWed Blog 25

Brittany, my dear, three things:

  1. You are gorgeous.
  2. You made an absolutely stunning bride
  3. Your cathedral veil made me want to weep big happy wedding photographer tears. It was everything.

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Also, in other news, Cindy Johnson of Your Glass Slipper made some exquisite floral décor. Wearable and otherwise. Plus she coordinated the whole event. Now look at this gorgeous bouquet.

McFarlandWed Blog 23

Cody, you’re one handsome dude. Enjoy it now, this is probably the sharpest you’ll dress for a long time! Haha!

McFarlandWed Blog 24

After Monument Circle we made our way back to The Omni to get some photos on their epic staircase before all of the guests made their way into the reception. I’m all about this biz right here!

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Speak of The Omni and all of their epicness, this reception was real life amazing heaven. I only wish I could have spent thirty minutes in there photographing every minute detail. I did however get to photograph all of the bride and groom’s awesome centerpieces, their adorable menus, the delicious cake, and their wonderful champagne glasses with coasters that were from Brittany’s parents’ wedding! Which made me fell happy.

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Brittany having a danced all through high school made sure that their first dance was perfect. While I’m definitely down with some holding each other tight and swaying, a little waltz never hurt nobody. Plus some spins and a dip at the end! I’m all about it!

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At the end of the night there was a cookie table full of cookies, treats, and sweets made by all different members of their families! All homemade. All family recipes! It was such a cool and unique way to share their families with everyone and by far the best wedding favor ever... mmmm... cookies!

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We ended the evening with one last photo opportunity of the bride and groom on this cool marble wall on the second floor of the venue! How sweet are they?!

McFarlandWed Blog 41

Thank you so much Brittany, Cody, and all of the Hicks and McFarland family for having me to document all of your precious memories! I know things were crazy and the weather was unexpected but it was a wonderful day and at the end of the day these two crazy kids got married and it was wonderful! Everyone was so wonderful, thank you all again so much. And to Brittany and Cody, I hope you two are enjoying your vacation in Jamaica... I’m pretty jealous!

Indianapolis, IN


Brittany + Cody

Current City | Zionsville, IN
Brittany | Occupational Therapist
Cody | Landscaping

The Wedding

Ceremony Venue | Zionsville Presbyterian Church
Reception Venue | The Omni Severin Hotel
Catering | The Omni Severin
Cake | Taylor’s Bakery
Cookies | Family Made Recipes
Coordination + Florals | Your Glass Slipper :: Cindy Johnson
Hair Styling | Cindie Quigley
Makeup Artist | Jacks Von Liria :: Karen Hall & Co.
Bride’s Dress | Lazaro :: Marie Gabriel Bridal Couture
Bride’s Shoes | Nina Shoes
Bridesmaids Attire | Nancy’s Bridal
Groom + Groomsmen Attire | Jos. A. Bank
Entertainment | Lakeside Entertainment :: Demetrius Warren
Transportation | Aadvanced Limousine
Videography | Firefly Productions
Second Photographer | Stephanie Duncan


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Want to see more photos at The Omni Severin Hotel? Click the right photo to see my 1940 Captain America Styled Wedding Shoot!

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Guest - Nicole Moore (website) on Wednesday, 18 May 2016 18:35

So pretty!! Enjoyed looking at your work!!

So pretty!! Enjoyed looking at your work!!
Guest - Christine Tustin on Wednesday, 18 May 2016 18:48

Beautiful photos! I especially love the bride and groom portrait shots with the veil! Gorgeous bride

Beautiful photos! I especially love the bride and groom portrait shots with the veil! Gorgeous bride :)
Guest - Laura Ryan (website) on Wednesday, 18 May 2016 19:06

Absolutely stunning photos and so elegant! I am in love with that lost photo especially! Congratulations to the newlyweds!

Absolutely stunning photos and so elegant! I am in love with that lost photo especially! Congratulations to the newlyweds!
Guest - Karen (website) on Wednesday, 18 May 2016 19:12

Such a beautiful job ! I love the emotions, color and light!

Such a beautiful job ! I love the emotions, color and light!