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"Where there is love, there is life." // Mahatma Ghandi

I had so much fun spending time and photographing Lindsey & Katie for their engagement/couples/family session a few weeks ago at Holcomb Gardens on the Butler University Campus! When Lindsey & Katie approached me to photograph their wedding reception they saw that all of my packages included an engagement session. When they told me they had already eloped in 2017 they weren't sure if they needed an "engagement session" per se because technically they were no longer engaged! But I explained to them the importance of a portrait session prior to the wedding day so we can get to know each other and meet up. They opted to do a family/couples session and I'm so glad they did! It was so great getting to know their little family and hanging out with them before the wedding. And despite the Indiana weather's BEST efforts we were still able to squeeze something in prior to the reception with a beautiful sunset and temperatures that somewhat resembled Spring time! 

Lindsey & Katie met at St. Francis Hospital about 4 years ago. Lindsey was working as a Physician's Assistant in Cardiac Surgery and Katie as Social Worker. Katie's Step-Father was going in for heart surgery and Lindsey assisted on his surgery... she even held his heart in her hands! While it's pretty hard to go backwards from that they started as friends. Soon enough friends grew to more and now here we are! 

Despite the fact that both Katie & Lindsey thought that getting engaged around the holidays was pretty cheesy Katie decided to switch out was was to be a fashion ring for Lindsey for Christmas to an engagement ring, Katie said she thinks it's the only time she was able to keep a secret from Lindsey! Needless to say Lindsey was shocked, obviously she said "yes", and the rest is history!

So guys, gals, and all of my non-binary pals (thanks Thomas Sanders for that one!) let me introduce to you Lindsey, Katie, Addi, & Elle... just about the cutest little family to grace my lenses. 

I told y'all they were the cutest family ever! I love this spot at Holcomb Gardens atop the giant staircase! The sun always pours in beautifully and the concrete really reflects the light and just keeps everything so beautiful. I love the way everyone fits so well together and how much of a great big sister Miss Addi is to Baby Elle.

Addi really enjoyed the whole experience of the photo session. You could really tell she was just down for all of it! I think she was just enjoying the whole wedding experience all together to be honest. She even got to have some solo photo session time. I said it was like a Pre-Teen Senior Session! Either way, in whatever setting she was in she rocked it all. Especially the photos with her baby sister.

I'm tellin' ya. They're just the cutest family ever. Plus that photo of Lindsey with Baby Elle gives me allll the Momma Feels!


I know Lindsey & Katie really wanted some Spring Vibes during their portrait session. And while Indiana had decided to finally grace us with warmer weather, we did not have any Spring-Like plant life during the session. Despite that, I think these photos on the bridge of the two of them are probably my favorite. Barren trees and all. 

Miss Addi wanted in on the bride action. Haha! I'm tellin' ya Addi, when you're a Senior in high school come back to me and we'll get you a whole solo session just to yourself! (Granted, I don't think Katie is ready to imagine her baby being that grown up yet!)

Walking photos are always some of my favorites. They allow people to let their guard down and just being themselves, with each other, in that moment, holding hands. Even if it feels kind of funny not looking at where you're going!

Addi had one request for a photo and that was a photo by the waterfall. I was happy to oblige since I love the waterfall at Holcomb Gardens. We got down there and before I could even think about getting to the waterfall she was hopping and skipping across rocks to get into a perfect spot for a photo! She was like a ninja! I wish I had that agility for all of my creek shoots!

Of course I had to get Lindsey & Katie down there by the waterfall as well! And despite being in wedged heels they both climbed on down there for me and snuggled right up by that waterfall. And probably managed to look like the cutest couple in the entirety of the park. Quit making everyone else jealous ladies! ;)

At the end of the session we went to my second favorite bridge of the park for some snuggling up amongst the trees.

One last shot of the whole gang. :)

Thank you Lindsey, Katie, and the whole Rush-Harris gang for spending time with me that evening! I know it wasn't quite as warm as we had hoped and the trees were still bare. I know it was close to bed time for Elle but she was so great! I had a blast working with you guys and I can't wait to share more of your images!



Favorite Things To Do As A Couple:

We love to travel together and take weekend getaways. A trip to Chicago to catch a Cubs game is a favorite! Once, we took a last minute trip to Boston over Memorial Day weekend. We watched the Red Sox play at Fenway and explored the city. It was definitely a trip we will always remember. 

Favorite Things To Do As A Family:

Traveling as a family has become a new favorite. We recently visited the Florida Keys with both of our girls as well as one of the Grandma's. I think the trip has given us the confidence to keep exploring even with the baby!!  

Katie In 5 Words As Told By Lindsey:

Intelligent, Confident, Caring, Honest, Beautiful....Loyal, Great mother...I could go on and on!!

Lindsey In 5 Words As Told By Katie:

Quiet, Athletic, Organized, Intelligent, Beautiful





Current City | Indianapolis, IN
Katie | Social Worker at Riley Hospital
Lindsey | Physician's Assistant at Riley Hospital


Wedding Reception Date | 04.21.2018
Wedding Reception Venue | The Fountain Square Theater



Chicago Lincoln Park Nature Boardwalk & Millennium...

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