Indianapolis Biltwell Event Center Wedding // Julia & Andrew

“And if you want, we'll share this life. Anytime you need a friend I'm gonna be by your side” // Matchbox 20

This past Saturday I spent the most amazing day with a couple, their family, and friends documenting the moment they committed their lives to one another at The Biltwell Event Center in Downtown Indianapolis.

Julia and Andrew met at a golf event the summer before their freshman year at Butler University. They spent many years as friends, but EVERYONE else knew they were perfect for each other. They just didn’t seem to see it themselves. You can see it in the way they act around each other... the way they look at each other... they really are perfect for each other. Whether it’s golfing together or Netflix binging with their pup to exploring different Indianapolis breweries together the two of them are always in it together.

Seriously, this wedding was gorgeous. You should just see for yourself!

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Before Julia knew anything about what she wanted to wear for her details... she knew what she wanted the guys to wear. She was so sure about her decision that she wanted to have the guys wear brown shoes with grey tuxes. But that doesn’t mean Julia’s details weren’t amazing! I loved her Blue by Betsey Johnson bridal flats! They were seriously so cute! Plus her grandma’s pocket watch, I was in love!

Oh and let’s not forget about Julia’s dress on that beautiful Biltwell staircase! Heart eyes for days!

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The Biltwell has this BEAUTIFUL bridal suite pouring with natural light and draped in neutral tones. It was seriously the perfect place for Julia, her mom, and her bridesmaids to get dressed together. I loved these moments of everyone helping Julia get her dress on.

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The Biltwell is just full of tons of cute little things for photo opportunities! Such as their super cool freight elevator! Some people use it as a sitting area for their guests. Julia and Andrew opted to use it for their first look! It has a big window in it too so that’s super awesome! I loved this spot for their first look!

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Earlier in the day it had rained and the forecast didn’t look good for the rest of the day. But all of the sudden while we were finishing getting the couple dressed the sun came out a bit and the rain cleared, so after the first look we made our way to White River State Park for photos. While we were standing on the bridge with the beautiful city of Indianapolis behind us we captured some great shots of Julia and Andrew’s kickass wedding party.

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Just as we finished photos of the whole group together, the rain decided to come back and hang out with us. Everyone was so great and we all hurried to hide under the bridge by the canal to keep ourselves from getting wet. But we didn’t let that stop us we kept taking photos even while we were under the bridge. But then all of the sudden it cleared and we were able to get back out there and take more photos without having to be huddled under a bridge!

Now let me preface this lovely groomsmen photo by saying that all of them are golfers. Apparently there is a very famous golf moment during the 1999 Ryder cup where Justin Leonard led America to win against Europe by sinking a 45-foot putt and just barely winning the cup. The photo happened when after he sank the putt him and his other teammates stormed the green resulting in the famous moment.

Our photo is a little bit of a different rendition of it, but imagine Andrew as Justin Leonard and his groomsmen are the other happy teammates jumping and screaming out of excitement. Only instead of winning a gold championship, Andrew won a wife.

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Now, while these ladies didn’t reenact any famous golf moments but the did all gather together, looking beautiful to stand beside their best friend and she married her other best friend on such a special day. And they all looked stunning while doing it!

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For some reason, I really loved the wind as it blew her hair right across her face in this photo. There’s something so real and beautiful about it. After I snapped the middle photo I asked her to pull her hair behind her ear. But upon looking through the photos I captured, I actually liked this one the best. It’s just so... real. It was windy, that’s what it was like. I like capturing and documenting people’s real wedding days. Just as they are.

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Also, Julia’s bouquet by JP Parker flowers is to die for. I’m obsessed with the succulents. I just love succulents so much! They never get old!

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Andrew, you made one handsome groom. And Julia... you were right the brown shoes with the grey tux were perfect-o!

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This is one of my most favorite spots along the canal. I love the brick and stone building of the NCAA Hall of Champions. It reminds me of some beautiful spot in Europe or something. It doesn’t hurt to have one adorable couple in love!

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Sitting down photos on wedding days are always great. The staircase at The Biltwell definitely lent well to this shot.

Also, remember that bridal suite? Yeah... I told you it’s gorgeous.

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But this... this one photo... this has to be my favorite portrait from the wedding. I’m pretty sure the couple thought I was crazy when I asked them to do this.... but it just turned out so perfectly. I love it so much.

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Their ceremony set up was super cool. I loved the windows hanging and the candles behind them. The ceremony itself was equally beautiful. I loved all of the light coming in from the big windows behind them!

They also did a wine ceremony where instead of sand they mixed the wine together and then drank from a community cup of mixed wine. To symbolize their lives being intertwined together. Once mixed the two types of wine will never be able to be separated.

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This has to be, hands down, my favorite first kiss shot. I love the look of shooting through the windows hanging. Wicked cool if you ask me.

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The Biltwell is beautiful all on it’s own but with Julia and Andrew’s added decor it really looked great. I loved that they named their tables different places that they have been to. It thought it was a sweet and personalized way to name their tables.

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That moment when your bride and groom enter the reception and your bride is the famous golfer and the groom is the caddy. Their make believe golf shots are better than my real life ones. (**nervously laughs** I’m so not athletic **more nervous laughter**)

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Toasts are always such a fun time for me. I get to learn more about my couples and figure out who they were before I met them. Sometimes even before they met each other. Funny stories about when they first met. It always results in one of three things:

  • Laughing
  • Crying
  • Crying from laughing

Let’s also talk about how the sunset behind them created some really cool lighting!

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Ahhh sunset photos. One of my most favorite things to do on a wedding day. Even better when we can catch a stellar sunset from the window of the venue you’re in! Thanks Biltwell for coming in clutch!

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After sunset photos the fun began at the reception. Julia and Andrew played “The Shoelywed Game.” If you haven’t seen this game it’s where the couple sits back to back and holds one of each other’s shoes. A moderator asks the bride and groom questions such as “Who is the most organized?” “Who said I love you first?” “Who’s family is crazier?” and then the bride and groom hold up the shoe of whoever they think answers the question best. It’s a fun little game.

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I’m pretty sure in every blog post I write something like... “this part of the wedding was the best.” “Oh man, this couple had this amazing thing... it was the best.” “I love this part of the wedding so much.” And the truth is... I love weddings. I love them so much. I love the whole thing. The getting ready in the morning with their friends. Fun time getting portraits done. Sharing vows. Hearing toasts from their family and best friends. Quiet moments between activities. Holding each other on the dance floor. Breaking it down with all of their friends. Every part of a wedding for me is just so much fun. But there’s something about that moment where the two of them are on the dance floor together, swaying and singing, just enjoying this moment together. Maybe it’s just something about my love of dance and music that makes me love it so much. But it truly is a moment that I wait all day for. Julia and Andrew’s first dance was no exception. I especially loved all of the ceremony lights behind them as they danced.

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Father-daughter dances are always sweet. They’re such a touching moment, but I’m always really emotional during the mother-son dance. Probably because I have a little boy. It chokes me up every time.

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After all of the formal dances the party REALLY began! Julia and Andrew came out of the dance floor and so did literally everyone else. This dance floor was seriously one of the most lively dance floors I’ve seen in a long time. EVERYONE danced. It was so lively and so much fun you’re about to see more dancing photos in one blog post than I have EVER posted before. But I couldn’t resist! Everyone was just having SO much fun!

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Possibly the best group of “Sweet Caroline” singers I’ve seen yet! This group really had it going on!

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How else do you end your evening but a traditional toast with some Sun King Weemac!

WegengWed Blog 93

Congratulations Julia + Andrew! Thank you SO much for having myself and Stephanie with you on your special day! It was so much fun hanging out with you and all of your big ol’ crew! I know it was a little crazy with the rain in the morning but we made everything work so well I barely even noticed! You two are the sweetest ever and I hope you both have had so much fun on your road trip up the Pacific Highway in California! I mean, you already had In-N-Out burger... so that’s always a good start! Congratulations and I wish you both all of the happiness in the world!

Indianapolis, IN


Julia + Andrew

Current City | Indianapolis, IN
Julia | Speech Language Pathologist
Andrew |

The Wedding

Venue | The Biltwell Event Center
Catering | The Food Guys
Florals | JP Parker Flowers
Hair + Makeup | Karen Hall & Co.
Bride’s Dress | Marie Gabriel Couture Bridal
Bride’s Shoes | Blue by Betsey Johnson
Bridesmaids Dresses | Weddington Way
Groom + Groomsmen Tuxes | Men’s Wearhouse :: Jos. A. Bank
Entertainment | Dr. Dance :: Greg Binder
Second Photographer | Stephanie Duncan


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