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Okay, for those of you "non-Hoosiers" out there. We have a common phrase here in Indiana.

"If you don't like the weather, wait 5 minutes, it will change."

And as everyone knows, it's supposed to be spring. (Or at least according to the calendars, that's what it says.)

Last year, we had record highs of 80 degrees on St. Patrick's Day. And now today we have this...


I decided to take Buddy out to potty before the snow got really bad. I also wanted to snap a few photos of him in the snow. He pottied, but he did not want to sit for pictures. 


Needless to say, he was NOT a fan of being in the snow any longer than he had to. 


It's bad when I have to wear snow boots in MARCH! Stupid Indiana weather. 

And for the record, yes, that blue blob of color at the bottom of the photo is my totally preggo stomach! Part of me feels embarrassed but the other part of my knows that it's a natural part of this time in my life and eventually it will go back to normal. Eventually.



As for the weather, I hope it warms up soon. In just a few short weeks I'm supposed to be having my maternity photos taken by the lovely Cassie Conforti of Conforti Photography. And I really don't want to be doing it in the snow. 

So until the weather warms up or something else weird in my life strikes my fancy...

Keep Rockin' boys + girls.

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