Indiana Waterfall Couples Session // Kelsey & Seth

Waterfalls, a flower crown, ankle boots, and a flowy maroon dress...

These are all the makings of a downright perfect portrait session for me! First, if you guys know anything about me I’m all for flower crowns. I love them. They're wonderful. They make everything feel more beautiful and elegant. They’re the best. One of my favorite parts about working with Kelsey is she asks me my opinion on attire, locations, and style for her sessions. She totally gets it and loves to make a super unique portrait session. When Kelsey and I first started talking about her portrait session with her boyfriend Seth we knew we wanted to do something a little different than we had done before. This time we decided to go for a waterfall. Believe it or not there are waterfalls in Indiana! Yeah! I’m just as shocked as you guys are!

So we traveled down to Cloverdale, IN to Lieber State Recreation Area to photograph this awesome duo at Cataract Falls. It was such a cool place! I highly recommend anyone to visit there! I want to do another session there but I do have one tip for anyone doing another session there. Account for travel time! Not just TO the location but WITHIN the location! Since I do all of my portrait sessions at sunset we were playing beat the clock with sundown! When I scheduled the time for their session I didn’t account for the fact that it takes forever to get to all of these cool falls. Lots of hiking and climbing to get down to where the falls are! So by the time we got down to this cool location, the sun was almost gone. Plus you’re down low and it’s innately more dark there. So I really had to push my ISO to make the photos work in such low light situations. So keep that in mind!

ALSO! Today is their two year anniversary! Which is actually a total coincidence that I just found out before I aired this post!

Now, onward with their amazing photos!

CollinsJohnson Waterfall Blog 01 

Kelsey + Seth were daredevils standing out on ledges and walking along slick falls to get some super wicked shots. But, c’mon, with views like these who wouldn’t want to walk a little on the wild side!? And I was walking right along with them with my camera!

 CollinsJohnson Waterfall Blog 02

This photo in particular they were out on a ledge below me and their feet were dangling off of the ledge. I was honestly scared for them. They totally made it work though! Even if Kelsey got dirt in her eye!

CollinsJohnson Waterfall Blog 03

CollinsJohnson Waterfall Blog 04

CollinsJohnson Waterfall Blog 05


We did a quick costume change and Kelsey busted out this awesome flower crown! Plus this maroon dress with the champagne lace bandeau! Ahhh! I love it!

CollinsJohnson Waterfall Blog 06

Seth apparently is quite the dancer and has been teaching Kelsey some of his moves. They decided to bust out some of their skills on this rock while we were walking back. I told you guys, they’re gutsy!

CollinsJohnson Waterfall Blog 07

CollinsJohnson Waterfall Blog 08


Afterwards we ventured down into the falls and got some wicked shots in front of them. I just wish it hadn’t gotten so dark yet! I would have spent so much longer down there!

CollinsJohnson Waterfall Blog 09

CollinsJohnson Waterfall Blog 10


Before we finished up I took some time with just Kelsey to photograph her with the rockin’ flower crown. She definitely brought it by even submerging herself IN the water. Because she’s awesome and she’s one of my most favorite clients.

CollinsJohnson Waterfall Blog 11

CollinsJohnson Waterfall Blog 12

CollinsJohnson Waterfall Blog 13


Thank you Kelsey + Seth for once again trusting me to document the two of you. Thank you for driving all the way to Owen County, IN and climbing up and down in the falls! (And Seth, you even cut your foot on glass and were still making it happen!) I love working with you two and I can’t wait til we get to work together again!


Kelsey + Seth

Current City | Indianapolis, IN
Kelsey | Adoptions Counselor :: Indianapolis Humane Society
Seth | Senior Lab Technician :: Dow AgroSciences

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