Indiana University Bloomington Spring Engagement Session // Miranda & Jordan

“Compassion, which I would define as unconditional love, is essential to a Jedi’s life. So you might say, that we are encouraged to love.” // Anakin Skywalker

This year’s engagement season has definitely been off to a good start! This Spring has been FULL of engagement sessions and I’ve been having an absolute ball! And the weather has actually been pretty dang good to us! And there was no exception for this Star Wars lovin’, Cream & Crimson wearin’, super fun, Hoo-hoo-HOOSIER alum couple! We had beautiful weather, a gorgeous sunset, and one wicked stunning campus to capture their love on! It was Little 5 weekend but we did not let that stop us! Miranda + Jordan rocked out some amazing photographs on the IU Bloomington campus that made even this BSU Cardinal root for the Crimson squad!

Although Miranda + Jordan are both IU Alumni they did not meet while attending school there! With an enrollment of over 40,000 students it’s no wonder they didn’t meet! While they didn’t meet on campus they did meet over some beers at The Ale Emporium in Indianapolis in 2014 watching an IU Basketball game. Miranda is an admitted huge IU Basketball fan stating that she decided in fourth grade she would attend IU based on this love. Luckily she got in because she applied no where else! Bonding over their mutual love of their alma mater Miranda and Jordan turned a losing basketball game into a winning love for them.

It was so much fun to spend time getting to know them during our session walking around the beautiful southern Indiana campus. We discovered that Jordan and I are BASICALLY the same person (Fruit punch Gatorade for the win!) and that they are one heckuva fun couple to be around!

MirandaJordan Esesh Blog 01

We started off the engagement session at Nick’s English Hut on Kirkwood playing their favorite drinking game, Sink the Biz. We didn’t play too long because you know... there were more pictures to be taken and we didn’t want anyone getting wasted. Even though it was Little 5 weekend. That being said some lucky Little 5 attendee received the rest of the beer they didn’t drink... WINNING! Plus Miranda picked the seat with the IU court behind them... so we had to get a picture. This was necessary.

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After Nick’s, Miranda really wanted to go to the Sample Gates. We couldn’t decided if we should capture them in their IU shirts or in their dressier outfits. So we decided to do both. We showed off the fun and excitement of Kirkwood Avenue (and did I mention it was Little 5 weekend?!) with their IU gear. Then we switched it up for the fancier outfits showing off the beautiful trees of campus. I felt like this was a cool way to show off the two different sides of the campus, it’s students, and the life of the two.

MirandaJordan Esesh Blog-05

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Jordan was our tour guide through the campus. While I’ve only been there for a brief moment and had NO clue where I was going, Miranda admittedly didn’t remember much of her way around the campus. Jordan led us to this cool little gazebo type thing. Regardless of anything else, the light was on point yo!

MirandaJordan Esesh Blog 07

Okay, this was seriously one of my favorite spots on the campus. And I know, it wasn’t a normal “IU” spot to take photos in. But we were walking to a fountain and I was like... “Uhh this creek... the light... the bridge... I’m all about it.” And these two, without missing a beat were like, “Alright!” and just walked all up in this damn creek with me. These two were for real legit. And these photos make my heart happy.

MirandaJordan Esesh Blog-08

MirandaJordan Esesh Blog-09

MirandaJordan Esesh Blog-10


Okay, so we did finally make it to this elusive fountain Jordan was leading us to. Although I’m sure they thought we would never make it because I kept stopping them for cool spots I would see along the way. Even though they were probably getting wet this might be a big favorite of mine because this was a 100% genuine emotion and reaction photo. I told them to sit next to each other. After that it was all them and then me clickin’ away at my shutter. Love this shot.

MirandaJordan Esesh Blog 11


Beautiful light + purple tree + adorable couple = One happy photographer with one amazing photo. I love both of these images equally but I’m always drawn to beautiful light. I also had an IU grad (and photographer) tell me she’d never seen anyone use the art sculpture n the photo on the left the way I did. That felt pretty cool!

MirandaJordan Esesh Blog-12

MirandaJordan Esesh Blog-13


Why doesn’t Ball State have an Arboretum? Just sayin’... It’s an idea.

MirandaJordan Esesh Blog-14

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The sun was about to leave us but we quickly walked back to the car and did a jiffy of a costume change on Miranda and made our way back into the buildings and lively scene of Kirkwood. Working around all of the people in the area made things tricky but they did it. I’m pretty sure they thought I was insane for these few photos but I’m so pleased to see my craziness panned out exactly how I envisioned it. Pretty sure this is how both conversations went.

Me: “Okay, ya’ll are gonna think I’m nuts but...”
Them: *nervous chuckle*
Me: “I love this VW bus and I want you to sit down in front of it.”
Miranda: “Sit down.. like how?”
Me: “On the ground.. like this.” *demonstrates how I want her to sit*
Them: “Okayyy...” *sits down and might as well be photo rockstars*
Them: (internal thoughts) “This woman is crazy. We’re sitting on the ground in front of an old ass VW bus in a parking lot on Kirkwood. I’m pretty sure I’m gonna get tetanus... this is it, this is how I die.”
Me: “Oh my god guys, this is so cute!”

5 minutes later....

Me: “Okay, sun is fading behind these buildings fast. I think we should go to the top floor of that parking garage.”
Them: “The top floor??”
Me: “Yep all the way on top. The parking garage is the unsung hero of the urban sunset engagement session!”
Them: “Okayyyyy...”
Them: (internal thoughts again..) “Yep... this solidifies it... she’s nuts.”
Them: *Having second thoughts about their wedding photographer*
**We step out of the elevator on the top floor to an empty parking lot drenched in gorgeous sunset light**
Them: “Oh wow!”
Me: “Told ya.”

MirandaJordan Esesh Blog-16

MirandaJordan Esesh Blog-17


Thank you so much Miranda + Jordan for bringing me out to Bloomington and showing me all around a place that is so important to you! It was so much fun exploring the campus and finding all of the nooks, crannies, and lesser known places to photograph in there. You guys were superstars walking all around (especially you Miranda in those shoes)! Thank, thank, THANK you for trusting me to give you amazing photos even in front of VW busses, on top of parking garages, and in little creeks. Thank you for trusting my creativity and being amazing rockstars! You guys were so awesome and I can’t wait for your wedding this October!


Bloomington, IN

Miranda + Jordan

Current City | Indianapolis, IN
Miranda | Physical Therapist
Jordan | Law Enforcement (almost!)

The Wedding

Wedding Venue | Hillview Country Club :: Franklin, IN
Wedding Date | October 8th, 2016

Downtown Indianapolis Regions Tower Fall Wedding /...
Anderson Intimate & Rustic Barn at Hawks Point Wed...

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