I Believe In... Champagne & Glitter // And You Should Too

“She is bright like glitter and bubbly like champagne." // Kate Spade

I think Kate Spade was on the right track when she said that. So I am here today to spread at little champagne and glitter around on the internet and brighten up your Monday! I just want let you all know why I love the stuff so much! 

I mean, what can go wrong when you’re sipping champagne and throwing glitter?! Okay… so… yes… glitter is impossible to clean up so maybe you shouldn’t actually throw it but c’mon! I mean champagne in itself is the glitter of beverage world! And glitter just makes everything so sparkly! I find it difficult to frown when I’m drinking champagne surrounded by sparkly things. 

Which is why I believe in living a life of champagne and glitter.


Now, I know that statement can be a little bold. And maybe a little odd. And maybe you’re sitting there thinking to yourself, “Okay, what the heck does it mean to live a life of champagne and glitter?”

Celebrating the beautiful things in life, no matter how small
Finding the sparkly side of any situation
Being your own personal cheerleader
Spreading happiness to everyone around you
Having fun
Being playful
Not letting the craziness of the world get you down
Drinking mimosas at any available opportunity
Laughing out loud until your belly hurts
Being with the people you love
Being a beacon of love and hope for the world

These are ways I like to live my life. And how I want to document your day. It’s guaranteed that on your big day if there is something sparkly… I’m going to photograph it. If there is champagne popping, I will be documenting it. But it means more than that.


But in less real and obvious ways I want to photograph your wedding with the idea of champagne and glitter in mind.I want to photograph your wedding day with vibrancy and a zest that you look back on your photos and can’t help but smile. This is why I choose to edit my photos in a style of classically bright colors. I want your images be true to life… but a little better. 



Like champagne and glitter.

I want you to look back at your images and feel happy like you’re surrounded in a room of glitter with a champagne tower flowing. (Cause who wouldn’t be happy with that?!) I love documenting laughter and fun moments throughout the wedding day. I won't throw out images that are a little silly or funny. If I laugh while culling through the images, that photo is 100% staying. 

I want you to plan your day with some champagne and glitter. Not literally obviously. (Unless you're into that which I'm always down for!) But in reality, add in some fun! Everything does not need to be so serious! Some things can be done just cause they’re fun and bubbly. And some things can be added because they’re sparkly and happy. 


So, live your life with a little extra champagne and glitter to spread around. The world needs more happy. I’m going to spread as much as I can! And you should too!


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