Pendleton Falls Park Family Session // Huse Family

“Every love story is beautiful, but ours is my favorite.”

These people are some of my favorite people ever. I love all of my clients but these people aren’t just clients, they aren’t just friends, and they aren’t really family. They’re assumed family. I don’t have any first cousins in my family. I know, it’s crazy but neither of my parents’ only siblings ever had any kids. So I grew up cousin-less. I had some second cousins here and there but they were all in different states and countries and I just didn’t get to have those experiences with them like most people have with their cousins. One day while looking on Facebook I noticed that with all of the Huse brothers, their wives, plus Connie and Andy, I am friends on Facebook with more Huses than I am Huffs (my maiden name). I told this to Ashley and jokingly said, “You guys are kind of like the cousins I never had!” So part friends, part family; this group is a group of some of my most favorite people.

Normally I don’t do big family sessions. I usually max out around five to six people, and that’s only if they have a lot of kids. But when Connie contacted me to photograph her family it was because she recently found out her youngest son, who had been living in California after enlisting in the Marine Corps, was about to be deployed. He got one trip back home before he was deployed and Connie realized they hadn’t had photos done in several years. So many so, her middle son’s wife wasn’t even part of them! Of course I was happy to document the Huse family. I knew it was going to be a challenge because when you put all three Huse brothers together in a room it usually means ridiculous and inappropriate things are going to happen. It also means taking their photos when its cold, wet, and windy is even more difficult. But we made it through and I am happy to have photographed them before the youngest Huse boy was deployed.

HuseFam SP 1 WEB

Connie had lot’s of little signs to bring along. This one was one of my favorites. Also, posing eight unruly and cold adults and one child tends to be a struggle. And when I told them to laugh, they made some pretty ridiculous faces. At least there are a few where they behaved themselves a little bit.

HuseFam SP 2 WEB
Left To Right: Cody, Alisha, Connie, Andy, Scott, Ashley, Lindsey, Eric, and little Eian in front.

HuseFam SP 3 WEB

Connie’s phrase to little Eian is always “Love you to the moon and back.” So this seemed pretty fitting. Nothing better than sitting on Grandma and Grandpa’s lap and getting some snuggles. Word on the street is Grandparent snuggles are the best.

HuseFam SP-4 WEB

HuseFamily2016 HL 31 WEB2

HuseFam SP-6 WEB


These are my people. I love these photos of each little family! Even if the family is only of two people with fur children at home!

HuseFam SP-8 WEB

HuseFam SP 10 WEB 

Connie and Andy are seriously parent couple goals for me!

HuseFam SP 11 WEB

HuseFamily2016 HL 58 WEB2

Eian with both of his uncles and his Daddy. This is kid is just the cutest. And oh so hilarious! 

HuseFamily2016 HL-68 WEB2

HuseFamily2016 HL-76 WEB2

Last but not least all the boys and their ladies together and all of the beautiful Huse boy wives! It’s nice to see my besties all together!

HuseFam SP 12 WEB

HuseFam SP 13 WEB

Thank you Connie for having me photograph your crazy but beautiful family! But more importantly thank you for raising boys who would eventually marry my best friends! You all are like family to me and I love you all so dearly. Best of luck to Cody while he’s on deployment and Alisha who will be holding down the fort with their fur children in California while he’s gone. I can’t wait to see all six of you in one room again together soon. As for Ashley and Lindsey... we need a pajama and Netflix date like pronto! Love you all!

Pendleton, IN

Huse Family 2016


And just in case you didn't believe me that the Huse boys were wild and ridiculous, here's a few outtakes from our session! Because it wouldn't be a Huse Family Photo Session without pictures like these.

HuseFam Outtake-01

HuseFam Outtake-02

HuseFam Outtake-03

HuseFam Outtake-04

HuseFam Outtake-05

HuseFam Outtake-06

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