Hippie Love // Styled Shoot

"All good things are wild & free." // Henry David Thoreau

This year I have definitely been obsessed with the boho/hippie look that has taken over wedding fashion! Which makes sense because I love vintage styles specifically the 40’s/50’s era and the 60’s/70’s era. I wanted to do a little styled shoot with a flower crown and a short, flowy, hippie dress. When my friends Lisa + Tyler offered up their time to take some photos for me they definitely did not disappoint and they brought the magic with them! With florals provided by Courtney at Violets Are Blue Floral Design and hair and makeup provided by my ever amazing Ashley Huse we created some purely wild and free photos.

HippieStyledShoot 1 WEB2

My friends really are the greatest, they offered to be part of this styled shoot even though they are not married or engaged! Which can be a little awkward when you’re just dating because it’s like... “uhhh we’re not getting married... but we look like it... this is weird.” This can be an especially weird feeling for guys due to societal pressures to propose to your girlfriend after being together for a certain amount of time. But they both did a fabulous job, even in the sweltering heat and Tyler even said afterwards that he had fun! Hopefully if and when they DO get married they’ll come to me! ;)

HippieStyledShoot 4 WEB

HippieStyledShoot 7 WEB

HippieStyledShoot 1 WEB

It was mostly cloudy that day, and we actually thought the session was going to be rained out! We were in a park that was surrounded by trees but, the sun peeked it’s beautiful glowing rays out for just a bit and we got some beautiful sun drenched images!

HippieStyledShoot 9 WEB

As always, Ashley did an amazing job on hair and makeup. And Courtney rocked out this flower crown!! I may or may not still have it hanging in my kitchen I love it so much. I don’t know what my obsession with flower crowns is but I want them all. da. time! I would absolutely squeal if I had a real wedding with a flower crown! So beautiful!

HippieStyledShoot 12 WEB

HippieStyledShoot 16 WEB

HippieStyledShoot 17 WEB

Along with the beautiful flower crown, Courtney rocked out a flipping awesome bouquet! I got to work with Courtney last November at Andy + Kim’s wedding and I get to work with her AGAIN this October at Kimmy + Matt’s wedding! Definitely check her out!

HippieStyledShoot 13 WEB

HippieStyledShoot Florals 1 web

HippieStyledShoot Florals 3 web

So since it was so hot, and so muggy, and we were by water the bugs were straight up awful. But we managed to capture this beautiful image of them in the woods. And I’m so glad we did!

HippieStyledShoot 5 WEB2

And since this couple is just too fun and totally embraced the theme...

(He kept calling her a hippie princess!)

HippieStyledShoot 18 WEB

HippieStyledShoot 2 WEB2

HippieStyledShoot 21 WEB

Lastly we went to go hang out by the water before we lost all light. Totes worth it!

HippieStyledShoot 31 WEB

HippieStyledShoot 33 WEB

HippieStyledShoot 35 WEB

HippieStyledShoot 36 WEB

Thank you again Lisa + Tyler for being wicked awesome and modeling for me! You guys will have to get more photos done where you DON’T look like you’re getting married at Woodstock! Love you both dearly and you’re both amazing and adorable!

HippieStyledShoot 6 WEB2



Florals | Violets Are Blue Floral Design :: Courtney Wiley
Hair + Makeup | Ashley Huse

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