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They say it's a small world. I'm not sure who "they" is but I think they're probably with Disney. I mean Disney did write that song after all. (Now I'll bet you're hearing, "it's a small world after all!") 

Anyways, off of my small world/Disney tangent. It's a small world because when Heather contacted me I swore her name sounded familiar to me. And I swore I went to school with her. And like any good photographer I'm a professional Facebook creeper. Err, *cough*, I mean "investigator." Yeah, that sounds much better than creeper. So I looked her up. Saw she was engaged to John. Saw her profile picutre and said, "I KNOW HER!" Next thing my husband knew I was rapidly flipping through high school yearbooks until I found her senior picture! And there it was, we went to the same high school! And to think, when she contacted me she didn't even know who I was! 

Like I said, small world!

So when we decided to do their engagement session she said she wanted something natural and earthy. So we went with the Indianapolis Art Center in Broad Ripple and then Fort Benjamin Harrison State Park.

Check out more of their earthy engagement session. It's pretty adorbs.

(And yes, I just said adorbs.)

HJ Esesh SneakPeeks web-1

 When we were at the Art Center we wanted to make sure we did some unconventional locations. When most people use the Art Center there are dozens of twisted house and other art feature photos. Heather wanted unique photos so we made sure we kept the nature without the overdone cheese!

heatherjohn blog4

After a quick drive + costume change we made our way to Fort Benjamin Harrison State Park. While the sun was still high we did some shaded photos in the wooded area.

She brought the little sign as a prop. Heather is in love with all things Disney. John actually proposed to her at Disney World while they were dressed as Beauty and the Beast! Talk about COMMITMENT! 

(See I knew mentioning Disney earlier wasn't REALLY a tangent. It just seemed like it at the time.)

I'm pretty sure the right photo with the sign is Heather's favorite.

heatherjohn blog1

Heather is my little prop queen. She came equipped with a few props. And I always come equipped with my suitcase and chalkboard. 

She also came equipped with some killer boots. Aside from me worrying she was going to trip at any second, they made for some wonderful photos!

heatherjohn blog3

See, what did I tell you, PROPS!

Props are a great way to personalize your engagement session and make it purely you! I loved this "Save the Date" idea Heather created!

HJ Esesh SneakPeeks web-5

So the sun had moved in the sky and made for some perfect positioning. So after we lost the adorable matching coats we went to this cute little dock to get some awesome lens flares.

And if anyone knows me, I love me a good lens flair. I can't resist them!

heatherjohn blog2

Okay, so for those of you who haven't been to Ft. Ben. There is this awesome hill. I highly recommend it around sunset. Golden hour?! Yes please! This is ONE of the TWO of my favorite photos from this session. (I couldn't pick just one!)

Heather just looks so beautiful and happy. And John looks so adorble snuggling with his lady!

HJ Esesh SneakPeeks web-7

Just like I love me a good lens flair, I love me a good set of stairs! I love being able to get behind my couple and create a different angle that may have been unexpected. I don't know, maybe it's entirely expected and I think I'm just being a photo ninja. Let's just pretend I'm a photo ninja for the sake of my self-esteem. Thanks guys!

And Heather, I love that I caught you right in the middle of your laugh. PERFECT natural smile! Luurrve it!

HJ Esesh SneakPeeks web-8

And after Ft. Ben we ran to this completely RANDOM park off of a busy road. Hard to even call it a park. BUT I can use anything as a photo location and we made this cute little park work. Heather did one last costume change and then BOOM this photo happened. My favorite from the day. I do not know why, but I just love it. I find it so sweet. Amazing.

HJ Esesh SneakPeeks web-10-2


I had such a fun time doing this natural outdoor engagement session with Heather + John. I cannot wait for their wedding at Valle Vista Country Club in September of 2013! It's going to be GREAT!

Check back soon for more updates of some amazing couples!

Keep rockin' my friends.

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