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All the things you need for an awesomely geeky wedding at an old ski lodge! Haly + Wes made a promise to love each other at his mom's property surrounded by family, friends, some horses, a baby goat, and maybe a little bit of rain.

Haly + Wes met through the sci-fi convention scene due to many mutual friends and a mutual love for all things geeky. From the minute they met it was a perfect match. It's said that everyone has a person and they are each other's person. Once they finally were engaged there was no doubt that their personalities and their love of sci-fi would make it into the wedding. From every wedding party member having a viking or medieval weapon to having a "cookie bearer," because, "Come to the dark side, we have cookies." This wedding was personally, 100% them.

Although it rained all morning and even into the early afternoon they didn't let it get them down. Mother Nature let up just before it was time for pictures and we were able to work out some pretty awesome photos for them! I was so happy to be part of their day!

Dearinger SP 15 web

Haly + Wes' wedding was definitely a personal one. Haly had so many great little details that definitely let her personality shine. Plus, that fur shoulder cover?! Dr. Who rings in Gallifreyan?! A Star Trek pocket watch?! I die!

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Ashley did an awesome job on hair and makeup for Haly. A braided style modeled after Lagertha from The History Channel's Vikings. Plus just an all out great job on her makeup. Haly said it was the most beautiful she had felt in a long time. And by the look on Wes' face when he saw her at their first look I would say that's pretty darn true.

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The grounds they were married on were just beautiful! I only wish had more time and it wasn't muddy and rainy that day so we could walk around the whole property just taking pictures. Ahh, but 'tis just a dream! Regardless, the greenery was plenty scenery enough to get some wicked photos.

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Did I mention the grounds were awesome!? Plus, campfire?! Hecks yes!

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Sometimes, weddings are a battle, this wedding party came prepared. Each with their own weapon. Most of them were viking or medieval inspired but there were a few frying pans and nerf guns as well. Also a hammer and a butchers knife. I think the frying pan was my favorite. Either way, this wedding party came prepared to have fun, and ward off any attackers if necessary!

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I told you Haly's hair was awesome! Not to mention the vintage number Ashley did for her bridesmaid Maegan! Love love love!! If you didn't know, I have an obsession with vintages 40's/50's hair. So when Maegan walked out with her hair done up like a vintage bombshell it's safe to say I was a little jelly. 

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The night ended with some dancing, marshmallow roasting, s'more making, and a baby goat named Stomageddon on the dance floor. It was a pretty great evening! Haly + Wes it was truly an honor to witness and be part of your day. I always say that my clients become my friends but it's even better when my friends become my clients. Thank you for choosing me to be by your side. I loved it and I love you both!

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Haly + Wes

Current City | Indianapolis, IN
Haly | Skilled Assembler :: Allison Transmission
Wes | Leather Worker :: Self Employed


Ceremony + Reception | Family Property :: Pleasant Run Ski Run
Florals | DIY
Catering | DIY :: Pig Roast!
Cake | Christine Reynolds
Hair + Makeup | Ashley Huse
Brides Attire | David's Bridal
Bridesmaids' Attire | Independently Purchased
Groom's Attire | Men's Warehouse
Groomsmen's Attire | Men's Warehouse
Entertainment | Black Jack Davey (band)
Paper Goods | Basic Invites
Tent Rental | Seward Rentals

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