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When Megan + I sat down together for the first time over some delicious Panera Bread she brought along her fianceé Greg and her best best bestest friend Alison. Sitting there across the table from them I listened to Megan + Alison discuss the concepts and details of hers + Greg's day. Megan explained to me that after seeing the remake of The Great Gatsby movie she decided then that her wedding just had to be a Gatsby affair. 

We sat and discussed her wedding for hours and bonded over a mutual love for Captain America and a bold, upbeat attitude. Needless to say, once I booked the wedding I gained not only a client, but a friend. Two friends to be exact, because Alison was just as awesome as Megan!

Being with Megan on her wedding day was no different feeling. It was wonderful to be there with her and Greg as they tied the knot at the Anderson Paramount Theatre, an old theater that was opened nearly 84 years ago. The marquee outside, all lit up, made happy like a giddy school girl.


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I loved all of her little details. Megan was resourceful when finding all of her details. Custom handmade jewelry from family, black and gold Kate Spade shoes that Greg bought her from Valentine's day, a wonderful handmade cage veil with a feather. Everything was perfect for the Gatsby theme. I loved all of it. All. Of. It.

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Megan managed to have everyone close to her help her with getting ready. Her mom laced up her dress, her best friend/maid of honor helped her with her necklace, her neice helped her with her earrings, and her other bridesmaid helped her with her shoes. It was so thoughtful and perfect. She really picked people she cared about to be part of her day and it really showed.

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I understand that people have a lot of friends and I understand that sometimes we have super close family members but I can really appreciate a small bridal party. In my opinion, 3-4 of your super closest friends and/or family is much better than 6-7 people that in 3 years you may only be close to half of them. I understand that people have lots of really close friends and family. And maybe it's because I had a small bridal party and a small group of close friends. But I really loved their close knit bridal party totalling out at 8 people including Megan and Greg. It made my heart smile.

Plus let's talk about those bridesmaids dresses! LOVE!

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Megan + Greg opted for a first look so we did all of their portraits before the ceremony. It worked out perfectly since their wedding was taking place in one location with a minimal cocktail hour. It was nice to move seemlessly into the reception from the ceremony. But I really loved the moments I had of just the two of them before the ceremony started. This is one of my favorite photos from their portrait time before the ceremony!

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Plus, Greg, your bow tie. Perfect!

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Their ceremony took place on the stage of the main theatre. Guests sat in the audience and watched as these two displayed their love for each other. During their vows Megan + Greg opted to step off to the side of the stage, into the curtains, and speak their vows to each other privately. Mostly so Megan could avoid ugly crying in front of the entire audience of guests. It was beautiful and touching to witness not only the emotions from Megan + Greg during these moments of aloneness but to also witness Megan's best friend's emotions. Seriously guys, I had feels going on. Lots and lots of feels.

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During the reception we decided to go back into the theatre and go outside for a few more last minute photos around sunset hour. Although we didn't get any warm sunset glow we did get the glowing lights of the Paramount's marquee and some warm fuzzies in the theatre. 

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Like seriously guys, this theatre made me drool. Loved the twinkling "night sky" above them as they sat where their guests sat.

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Lastly, this theatre at night makes my heart go a pitter patter.

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Megan... Greg... it was beyond wonderful to be part of your wedding day. I'm so glad that both of you walked into my life. I'm so glad that Megan, you brough Alison into my life as well. It's always great to have clients. (And I really do love all of my clients!) And it's great when your friends are your clients. But, to me, it's even better when your clients become your friends. Thank you for bestowing me the honor of not only photographing and documenting your day but to witness the union of your love. I look forward to many more hang outs, random text message pictures, and watching both yours and Alison's photography businesses grow. You ALL are wonderful people. I feel lucky to have you in my life and call you friends. Congratulations Megan + Greg. I wish you a lifetime of happiness that I know you will have.






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