Franklin Hillview Country Club Fall Wedding // Miranda & Jordan

“You and me together, we could do anything, Baby. You and me together yes, yes.” // Dave Matthews Band

A few weeks ago (gosh almost a month ago!) I was lucky enough to photograph a couple tie the knot in Franklin, IN at the Hillview Country Club. This duo have not just been a wonderful couple but I seriously feel like we’ve all become friends. We had such a wonderful time bonding during their engagement session in Bloomington on the IU campus where they both graduated from! After that I knew we would have so much fun at their wedding! Spoiler Alert: I was right. We had a flipping blast.

Miranda + Jordan met at The Ale Emporium while they were both watching a basketball game featuring their beloved IU Hoosiers. Although the team lost, they ended up winning and falling in love. Now two years later I get to show you guys all how stinkin’ adorable they are. They’re seriously the coolest. And their fall wedding filled with shades of purple, white, and orange was one heckuva good time. So come on over, pull up a chair, and check out this duo. You know you wanna...

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When your bride has a dress as this one from Watters you want to photograph it all day every day. The dress was seriously the most perfect dress for Miranda. I loved how the skirt was actually strips of sheer material instead of all one solid unit. It made it flow and move in such a spectacular way.

Also, how cute is their little ring box?! #Adorbs

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Sometimes, when you have perfect weather in October, (What’s been up with this weather in Indiana?!) you have your mom and bridesmaids do your final dressing touches and opening of gifts outside on the beautiful patio overlooking your ceremony space.

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Jordan is from Franklin which is why they chose to have their wedding there. His family has owned a garage for generations. While now it’s home to his father’s vintage car collection Jordan and his brother have many fond memories running around the garage when their grandfather owned it. It meant a lot to Jordan and his family to incorporate it into their special day. It seemed like the perfect place to do their first look. Plus, being surrounded by a bunch of vintage cars?! Oh... no... please... don’t.... I hate it... so much... (That’s my sarcasm. It was perfect!) Plus, Jordan was visibly nervous before he saw his bride which was hands down the cutest thing I’d seen at a first look all season!

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This gal is never gonna turn down an opportunity to photograph a couple with a garage full of vintage cars at my disposal. Seriously. I was in heaven! Also... did I mention that the natural light in this joint was ON. POINT?! I mean. For reals.

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After finishing up at the garage we headed out to downtown Franklin to catch a few more shots around the city and then we made our way back to Hillview for wedding party photos!

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The bride’s brother was her bridesman! Yesssss.

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Everyone looked so stinkin’ fabulous. This dress... all day... every day... heart eyes.

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This was definitely one fun group of people. I knew that we would be able to pull off a giant hug. So we surprised the bride and groom by running up and hugging them when they least expected it.

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How handsome and dapper do these gents look?! Like for reals. And I also sense some killer karate moves.

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When Miranda was scheduling things for the wedding she had contacted me and asked me when I thought the best time for the ceremony to start was. Which was totally awesome and of course my first thought was... “Umm... close to sunset as possible.” She took my advice and they had an evening ceremony in front of a big willow tree on the property. The light was absolutely exquisite.

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After the ceremony commenced we took a golf cart out to this BEAUTIFUL area on the golf course where the sun was pouring in PERFECTLY. I mean y’all... this light was killer. KIL-LER.

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How handsome does Jordan look here?! Like this is some GQ biz guys. GQ AF.

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Still can’t get over this light.

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Can this be my motto for everything?! “All you need is love... and a cupcake.” This seems to just cover about everything. Although the pumpkin cupcakes that Miranda had from SWEET. were seriously the most delicious baked good I had put in my mouth in a long time.

Also, a super big fan of all of the mini pumpkins on the tables.

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Never take advice from vodka. Vodka is a cruel bitch who just wants to watch the world burn. She also enjoys watching you fall on the dance floor.

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Toasts are such a wonderful moment during the reception. This wedding it was especially true. While Miranda’s matron of honor, Emily, spoke beautifully about her best friend; it was Jordan’s brother, Justin, who stole the toast show with a touching story about his son and the bond him and his brother share. I think everyone was in tears. Groom included.

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Can this groom be more adorable?! Seriously?! I mean, Miranda already said him and I are the same person but the first dances definitely cinched the deal. Swaying back and forth, loving on his new bride while staring at her longingly. (Y’all this was some rom-com perfectness right here.) But the best was when Jordan sang “Simple Man” to his mom while dancing with her. BAH! TEARS! BE STILL MY HEART! Seriously... I just hope my kid is as sweet as Jordan when I get my mother-son dance... someday... like 20 years from now cause my kid is only 3!! Either way... it was a beautiful moment.

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After all of the formalities the partying began. And everyone pretty much immediately jumped into action and started dancing. Once again... including the groom... who’s got some MOVES man. I don’t think I saw Jordan stop dancing all night. (Another thing we have in common... well I don’t have good moves but I like to dance.)

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Everyone else had some moves going on too. Including grandma who had a chance to dance with just about everyone!

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But the real dancing happened when the DJ played “Downtown” by Macklemore. Oh. My. Goodness. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a dance floor get this unanimously excited about one song ever. Everyone knew the words. Everyone was getting into it. It was a sight to see for. sure.

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Then the bride dedicated the song “Footloose” to her dad. So while I was fighting my urges to put down my camera and dance alongside them because Footloose is my jam I photographed some fun dancing had by all. Did I mention the groom has some moves?

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Everyone continued partying and dancing the night away. But watching these two always come back to each other on the dance floor was probably one of my favorite parts.

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Congratulations Miranda and Jordan. Thank you so flippin’ much for having me on your special day. Stephanie and I had so much fun documenting your memories and we truly enjoyed hanging out with you that day. We need to get together again for some Ale Emporium pizza! I’ll bring my hubs along this time since he has a major soft spot for deep dish! Either way, thank you again for being such rad people and having us with you on your day! I hope many amazing years of happiness for you both and I look forward to seeing you again soon! Congratulations!

Franklin, IN


Miranda + Jordan

Current City | Indianapolis, IN
Miranda | Physical Therapist
Jordan | Law Enforcement (almost!)

The Wedding

Venue + Catering | Hillview Country Club + Scotty’s Brewpub
Florals | JP Parker Flowers
Cake | SWEET. :: Tracy Uhlman
Hair Styling | Kristina Skeens
Bride’s Dress | Cincinnati Bridal & Formal :: Watters
Bride’s Shoes | Niña
Bridesmaids Attire | Cincinnati Bridal & Formal
Groom + Groomsmen Attire | Men’s Wearhouse
Entertainment | P3 Productions
Videography | CLyon Productions
Second Photographer | Stephanie Duncan


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