four years :: happy anniversary

It's hard to believe it's already been three years. Realistically four years.

Three years since I sat nervously in my hotel room, having my hair done, putting on a white dress.

Three years since I walked down that long grass aisle to meet up with your embrace I had been waiting for all day.

Three years since I married you, my best friend.

Photo By: Mike Taylor Photography

Three years ago, on our anniversary, we made a vow to stay BFF's for life.

It was the best promise I've ever made.

Photo By: Mike Taylor Photography

I still remember our sleepless nights, laughing and chatting because we never had too little to say.

And sometimes, four years later, we still catch ourselves chatting in the darkness even though we both have to be awake in only a few hours.

MJ Anniversary-3Photo By: Mike Taylor Photography

I love how we always find ways to make each and every night count.

MJ Anniversary1-2
Photo By: Mandy Soto of Jake + Jane Images

I love how we find joy in the little things in life.

Like pancakes at 2am, inside jokes that never grow old, and DIY Network until we shout, "WE HAVE TO GO TO BED!... Okay, maybe one more episode of Kitchen Crashers!"

Photo By: Mandy Soto of Jake + Jane Images

I love how we can share the same sense of humor and find something funny in everything.

Including looking like ridiculous fools in a laundromat at 5:30PM on a Sunday.
(In case anyone wasn't aware, laundromats are busy at 5:30PM on a Sunday, like crazy busy!)

Photo By: Conforti Photography

I love that you are always on board for this crazy ride that I have somehow dragged you on.

And you always do it with a smile.

(Yes, even participating in maternity photos even though you usually think they're "creepy.")

Photo By: Conforti Photography

I love that you embrace my special brand of crazy and have understood while it jacks to levels of clinical insanity while I've been pregnant.

Yes, I do actually appreciate you dealing with me in my insane moments while staring at the fridge and then yelling at you because there's no food that happens to strike my fancy at this particular moment.

I also appreciate the random runs to Arby's and Walmart for roast beef sandwiches, banana pudding ice cream, and Oreos. (Not to be consumed at the same time!)

Photo By: Conforti Photography

I love that we're about to embark on this journey together of being parents... together.

Knowing that you have my back and that you are just as scared and excited as me gives me a strange sense of security.

Photo By: Conforti Photography

If someone were to throw me in a Delorian and transport myself to four years ago when we started dating, and I were to have a conversation with my former self while walking hand-in-hand with you in Meijer...

I would tell myself, "Trust me, you're going to be happier than you could ever imagine."

So high-five to me.

High-five to you.

High-five to us.

I'm so happy that I married you.

Happy 3rd Wedding and 4th together anniversary, Mr. Matthew Santana

I love you more than air.

And look forward to many, many more anniversaries.

Your crazy but you still love her cause she's kinda cute and does nice things for you,

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