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Five. Freaking. Years.

To some people it's only five years. It doesn't seem like that long in the grand scheme of life but to me five years is quite a milestone. Ever since I realized this year was Matthew's and my five year anniversary it's been hard to fully grasp on to the fact that I have somehow convinced someone to stay with me and put up with my crap for this long.

To me, five years seems like such an achievement. Aside from the fact that this has officially been my longest relationship, outlasting the five year on-and-off relationship I had with my ex-boyfriend that preceded Matthew. Five steady years seems a little crazy to me. I mean, so much can happen in five years. Heck, so much can happen in one year, let alone multiply that by five! (And I still don't know why he puts up with me!)

Let's also not forget that in the last year, so much has happened to us. It's hard to believe we had four other ones preceding this one. I'm not so eloquent with words. There's a reason I tell my stories through photos instead of writing them. Below is a collage of several snapshot (the ones I could readily find) taken of us last year including some milestones we experienced along the way.


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But because this journey hasn't just been one year but a culmination of five, there are many things that five years means to me. So what does five years mean to me you ask? Well...

  • Five birthdays
  • Five New Years kisses
  • Five Valentine's Days
  • Five Easters
  • Five god awful tax seasons
  • Five years celebrating Aldan's birthday (and coincidentally five Halloweens)
  • Five Christmases
  • Five years of trust
  • Five years coming up with new inside jokes, even if they're terrible
  • 1,825 snuggly nights
  • 4 Wedding seasons
  • New jobs
  • Getting pregnant
  • Having Beckett
  • Watching Beckett grow (way too quickly!)
  • Buying a house
  • FINALLY booking our honeymoon (Four months until Punta Cana, WHAT WHAT?!)
  • 7 road trips (Tennesee, Cleveland x2, Chicago, Louisville x2, and Sandusky)
  • Friends coming and going
  • Late night laughter
  • Netflix nights
  • Kitchen hugs
  • Long talks over bottles of wine
  • Fancy dinners
  • Not so fancy dinners
  • More "I love you's" than I could even begin to count

Once Beckett was born I vowed to be more "in the moment" with my family. To enjoy all of the moments that life has to offer and to set aside time to spend with the people I care about most. Last year I wrote a heartfelt open letter to my husband on our anniversary. This year, I decided to let those heartfelt words stay between us. There has been much shared between Matthew and I but not much that has been private and sacred. Along with being in the moment I want to share more intimate moments with my husband that may not be available for all of social media to see.

So this may have been a late anniversary blog post. But I was busy being in the moment. Check back tomorrow for a special anniversary edition of Throw Back Thursday. Until tomorrow my friends.

Keep Rockin'.

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