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A little bit of love in little ol' Indy...

Indianapolis is one of my favorite cities. I may be a little biased since I live here but I just love it. New York is cool. And Chicago is great. But Indianapolis is one of my favorites. I love that it’s easy to walk everywhere. If I want to do a photo shoot in three different locations in Indianapolis it’s no big deal. We can easily get to three different locales in a 2 hour time period and still have time to take some wicked awesome photos. And that’s what we did with Heather + Obi for their engagement session! We had so much fun trekking around Downtown Indy it was amazing how fast the sun was gone and the session was over! But we definitely had a blast! We started the engagement session off on the patio of Capital Grille, one of their favorite restaurants, sharing laughter, smiles, and love over a glass of wine.

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Heather + Obi met while traveling on the bus from their apartment complex to campus in college. Heather described him to a friend as the cute guy with dimples. But it wasn’t until a mutual friend brought him to her apartment before they hit it off and started dating. And if you would like to see an example of this cute guy with dimples I urge you to continue reading because those dimples definitely all over this blog post! Cheers to dimples!

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We made our way over to the #LoveIndy sign... because... reasons... (Because I’m a total dork with Indy and Hoosier pride and I can’t help photographing people in our great little city!) And then over to Monument Circle!

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Heather said she wanted to get some photos capturing the Indianapolis skyline. Which, of course, I was more than happy to oblige. So as if this blog post doesn’t already sound like a love story to Indianapolis it’s about to get sappier.

Skyline she wanted, skyline she got. One of my favorite, easy spots to get the Indy skyline is the Farmer’s Market Café Terrace at the Indiana State Museum. Great views. Easy access. And along the canal so it features tons of photo locations!

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After we finished up with our beautiful downtown scenery Heather + Obi wanted to feature a more organic, outdoorsy feeling location so we ran to a small park just outside of the downtown area for their other outfit choice. Her green bomber jacket totally worked with this location! I just loved it!

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Thank you so much Heather + Obi for having me not only to photograph your engagement session but to invite me to share in your wedding day memories as well! I can’t wait to photograph your lovliness on your wedding day! We’re going to have so much fun!


Heather + Obi

Wedding Date | July 1st, 2016
Wedding Venue | The Mavris Arts + Event Center

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